So… are we keeping the kitten?

this is not gonna be an easy video to make what's up guys what's up to the super Cooper Channel hopefully you guys enjoyed this week's episode of super Cooper Sunday over on tmartn – we had an update we wanted to give you guys here on this channel and it's something a lot of you guys have been asking about and that's whether or not we are gonna be keeping Bella obviously she's been a big part of the series for the past few weeks and I just I feel like the best way to do it is to just be completely honest with you guys and like I've realized some of you guys may not like it some of you guys might be a little bit sad but sometimes you just have to choose what's best for you and your family and for Bella and wait what is that hold on there's what's the box there's something inside of it what is this what's what's in the box coop what's happening Cooper relax you know her you've been hanging out with oh I should have known we had to make a dramatic intro for you all freak you guys out a little bit but I think just based off the videos and everything a lot of you guys probably had a pretty good idea of what we were gonna do we are officially keeping Bella we wanted to make the big giant announcement look at this cute little baby she is officially a new part of the family and I'm gonna be honest I never pictured myself a cat person I always like dealt with cats like I didn't mind them I like all animals so like I liked them per se but I didn't actually ever desire one but she is so sweet she is so gentle she's so fun and so well mannered I don't know I just I absolutely love her I'm excited cope you got a sister dude how exciting is that they actually love each other they've been interacting a lot Kota doesn't really trust her quite as much but maybe we can work on that over time she was a rubber gun coat of prairie coat it was like did not want anything to do with it so yes she is officially a part of the family you guys will see her in super Cooper episodes going forward now I know the series over the last few weeks has been very much focused on her I want to let you guys know that it's still super Cooper Sunday like this wild child over here along with this lazy log over here are always going to be the stars of the show we will interject her into certain episodes wouldn't make sense and like you know this week's episode with the lasers it definitely made sense we want to like to try taking her on the boat and stuff like that so she'll be added in here and there and she'll have little little spots on it but it's still mainly gonna be about the boys and it's not really gonna change anything all that much so don't worry about that the focus is still on these two crazy guys so what yeah it's gonna be fun at now as you guys can tell she is quite a bit bigger she's almost doubled in size and in weight since we first got her and we've recorded a few videos with her so far so you guys saw the kitten update not too long ago we also recorded her first walk on a harness outside and we recorded her first bath so you guys will see those videos in the near future I recently bought her like a giant six-foot tree that we're gonna build that video will probably be on this channel like I said we're gonna try out the boat we're gonna try catnip for the first time and a bunch of other stuff so if there's anything you guys want to see with her be sure to let us know but again this isn't just gonna be like a cat channel like we're also gonna upload other behind the scenes and challenges and stuff of the boys on this channel as well so make sure you guys are subscribed very exciting stuff coming a super Cooper Sunday and this channel in the near future thank you guys so much for watching drop a like if you're excited and that Bella is now a part of the family look at this cute little girl hi baby good girl alright anyway thanks for watching guys we are gonna see you all later peace out

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