Snuggle Puppy from Smart Pet Love

do you have a dog that has separation anxiety or perhaps a new puppy who's having trouble adjusting to night time well our friends at smart pet luv have a solution that might resolve your dilemma this is the snuggle puppy so for starters this is a lovely little plush toy it's very soft and lives up to its name because it is snuggly you'll notice that the snuggle puppy is designed with a built-in pouch that opens and closes with Velcro what goes inside you ask why it's a heart of course that's right the snuggle puppy comes with a real feel pulsing heartbeat heart that runs on two triple A batteries which are included simply open the heart remove the plastic from around the batteries and then switch it on and you'll have hours of soothing heart beats for your anxious pooch you can also add renewable and disposable heat packs to intensify the feeling of security the heartbeat and warmth mimic the feeling for dogs of resting with their mothers or litter mates if your pup accepts this anxiety aid it could help ease tension caused by car rides thunder and loud noises and that's my only concern with the snuggle puppy it's great if it's used as a pet companion but pet parents have to be careful that they don't let this become a chew toy in fact I'm not sure this would work with aggressive chewers at all but for those snugglers out there this could be the ticket to a more relaxed happy dog especially if you start using it when they're young smart pet love claims that the snuggle puppy is recommended by veterinarians and it comes with a 90-day replacement or money-back guarantee for more pet product reviews subscribe to our YouTube channel and for best pricing and where to buy visit us anytime at ttpm calm your web shopping source for toys tots pets and more

2 thoughts on “Snuggle Puppy from Smart Pet Love

  1. I saw this for baby kittens who miss their mother. But does an old demented cat have something about it toy ? he has gone astray said the animal doctor. He have other Cats when he sleep. But he scream alot when its night. He miss something i think? Can this help him?

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