SNN: Red tide affecting pets

red tide blooms seem to be looming on the Suncoast but does it have any effect on our pets FN ends linen Blake has that if a dog more than barking to the beach it could be a sign red tide is affecting our four-legged friends Mote Marine Laboratory tailee Rucker said it's common for red tide to cause people to cough and sneeze and likewise for our pets they can have some similar impact especially if a dog suffers from asthma you may want to keep them off the beach during red tide and be vigilant about any medication your bed has provided red tide is often indicated by dead fish on the beach but the blooms are still present even when the dead fish aren't I didn't think it would be a father today but I see my dog's music Harvick's means about 50 times and it doesn't look like a stock broker says always wash her dogs after a dip in the Gulf and make sure they never ingest fish or sea foam when recti blooms are present the dog were to consume those toxins it's possible they could get very sick maybe gastrointestinal distress but not every dog is affected by red tide we met Duke at south brevard beach and his owner said he's doing just fine doesn't sneeze he doesn't appear to have any kind of reaction from the red tie the record says keep an eye out for any red tide symptoms so if you see it your dog doing anything funny seeming shaky or stick like it has diarrhea or something after the beach you may just want to consult your vet and see you know if this could be part of it reporting in Sarasota County Lyndon Blake as an end son close news network you can check out fnn TV com for websites with red tide bloom reports

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