SNN: Pet-friendly restaurants bring your pets out of the house

if you have pets you may feel guilty sometimes leading them alone but in Sarasota some places let you bring your pet with you here's more on the growing trend where not only you and your friends can dine out but your canine friends as well rocky the incredible is just one of thousands of dogs in Sarasota and thanks to his owner Julie fidalgo he's out the doghouse and exploring the city she says people who no longer treat their dogs as just pet they've become part of our family that's why fidalgo believes businesses should do more to target pet owners there's one dog for every four Americans you know there's 70 million households with dogs if people if businesses target pet owners I think that they can really flourish just looking at sarasota dogs are everywhere outside downtown say Lavine or Patrick complete their own doggy menus no I have a customer you know you're a question because his dog loved the classroom so you know once a week he comes and the other question for the dogs fidalgo degree Sarasota is extremely pet friendly one hope other cities were embraced this trend I mean who also stay at home by themselves you know they're so human-like you know what I mean they really are and I noticed that with rocky and he's like my buddy you know he was with me all the time I spend more time with him than most people in her eyes as a win-win situation offering pet friendly services allows the business to attract the pet owner because they appeals their dog and it gives the pet owner a good reason to bring hither her dog out of the house people love their dogs and I mean how can they not you know

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