27 thoughts on “Snippet: Cats wearing cameras

  1. Wow, what a difference from the sweet little kit kats they are indoors. (Well, at least mine.) It's a whole other world outside.??

  2. Did you edit out that parts where they meet with the other heads of the nation—all cats—who runs this world?

  3. The cat is my spirit animal. At heart i feel like i have the soul of a cat. Maybe this is why i get along with them so well and why i consider them all as close friends

  4. I wish someone would narrate my life like this.


    Manipulate object
    Manipulate object
    Manipulate object

    Retrospectively: defecating

  5. Yeah, you could have given me the money for the cameras and I could have told you all of this and a lot more. Anyone who owns a cat could have told you all of this and a lot more for sure. If you want to know what a cats thinking, watch their tail and eyes. They are a lot of fun and I love that they kill anything that crawls or flies int he house. Best mosquito killer there is, LOL. Best Wishes & Blessings. Keith Noneya

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