hello everyone and welcome to my video my name is Phoebe and as you can see I'm on that you know private serve on a dot me today and we're with rich and Ambree and in today's video we're going to be having a private screening of what the pets will look like on adsorbs I'm very very excited about all the truths realized you go the wrong head shape on your boy and boys might look up no chance your mouth on your chin sign what these just straight up what's happening weird and gone this consummating my family I invited you yeah look join my family there you go let me go get a car as we can go and see what all the pets for how do I get my car again my I'm getting you guys I want this car if you ever got this car I don't want to go I've got beautiful SUV seen yeah up in the wave sky let's go you think city you have team I think it's next to what you have got babies right I know so yeah those are here do you get the baby station now you actually have the pet section how cute oh I got some new pets recently well you have you got baby Kim's baby can well I don't kiss baby yeah yeah let's go you have VIP section to their babies on this way and then Petzl we're just going straight over there baby well isn't the IPS agent even do can you do there there's a VIP baby come with sunglasses and he's on the red carpet yeah must be hey what's over here so far no yeah over there no you French my Palestine hey so it's me – I can't see anything oh you give me an egg give me an egg no I haven't gone a while I tried drinking at the fountain only pets can use this sadly yes can you see our ranks oh my gosh yeah I don't think what Star Trek I might just steal it from you no don't touch my egg I'm very protective come on Star egg no where's mine wet this Marcus egg I can buy a cracked egg oh it's got graduation hats yeah it's gonna say my egg is so advanced it's already graduating this way pick her up so fast and you hatch them it says hatch now see what one looks like 18 hurt you let me drop him wellhow Ruiz my crap yeah I can't drop an egg oh yeah I don't a doubt you could be catch now if I'm not doing it he's bobbing him weeble wobble or you can hurt you now is rope I thought you were make me spend my robots no no no that way it looks like it one I'll do it your perch is of instant hatch file because something wrong has not been charged please oh god it's been declined what God that might be true word this maybe you just can't hatch them yet maybe cuz it's a private server yeah well I was gonna be inside of it there it could be a dinosaur type Accord they had a dinosaur pair imagine that imagine a t-rex you can have oh it is a dog as a cat yes what's that he's an author on the top right there's a data chicken eating every chicken I think oh my gosh little baby rich chicken there you go got stuck to cool and I think I'm pretty sure I saw a unicorn get bunny dies up there these are cool you can scroll his loads oh you guys are that looks like a pole or there's a dragon oh oh yeah there is gonna be like a Khaleesi they're the rare ones I guess because they lock dragon unicorn that big increasing rarity of all of the common ones then class and I'm still your baby got it I own $20 for being a good parent yeah he's cute baby you make me drink is that mine yeah I sold it give it back I don't know how that should you take it okay okay so what are you going on as a song called ugh I have a huge dress as a dog it's a furry hey Amy says wolf wolf he looks at a campus I'm gonna get her for me to buy an egg I see and he's upset if I don't buy one look this is a rarity so legend everyone a dragon or a unicorn it's one in 100 chance oh my gosh I don't get that yes let me get this stroller from have you got a stroller bitch no no it's the Keynesian countryside weather I find in this is a royal one this would be in the VIP section I can buy for 995 all my own row a gonna get in you welcome nice nice nice better than yours anyway loyal display I don't know where you buy the piss from do you buy it from her no you think that's what the exile are favored because you get different chances at this ladies you you have eggy 754 look at the chances you get two and a half percent legendary cat lady right now okay you have a cat you have a cat you have a cat you be nice so this is like the cheap one for 350 and you get one percent legendary chance okay that will make it hatch soon you go have a sandwich I also have a sandwich take that little baby I came here it's like when I click on you I can name with which I cool it was a royal name was um Megan's and Harry's baby's name called is it Archie yeah Audrey yeah I'm going away Archie I'll cook you anything I have a stroller somewhere no Edward Edward no even a good one like Edward get in oh wait sir I took you one let's go see when you press hatch now it says your egg will hatch by itself if you take good care of me oh wait the pet shop here you can buy stuff for it look you can get like bed in here take water boys hungry you're hungry here hungry too food go see familiar oh yeah you guys are quick yeah no I'm falling behind that's why you need a stroller I'm all legs you see I told you I was faster than I think we go peace has not healthy and but you know what can you put on a year oh my gosh do you oh you to make your own peace serve up before no I haven't I ordered my goodies just in a pizza base I'll know hey where's my egg on that there is sorry Archie look at mine he's gone up and you see the bar look at the blue moon baby sense how do you do I just fed him I've had my longer than yours as I remember I can't want to feed my one I know I didn't but he said he's full so that's a that's a pro tip for you I'm gonna get a dragon let's say it's at a park or something yeah I remember the trampoline that was real fun I mean oh yeah it's not a park sitting down there too if one's got the eggs let's go let's go drink what do you it waltz hold it I'll do the get water back at the pet shop the adoption yeah let's go back to this is what it's like having abilities yeah you're gonna make sacrifice let's go camping now 303 I don't want water anymore then I'm taking mine camp in senior all right don't get in my car I'm gonna wait foot but now I need some sleep oh that's good because you can you can go camping and sleep there see you Dumbo it was the campsite I thought over there I think I found it Oh I was nearly hatched you'll me to pick you up yes please I'm coming back oops sorry eggs it's very exciting yes it is nice or people get the same pet hopefully I'd thanks my ones royal it's the Royal baby you guys this way I'm just did a fight bath hey hey come things back this way anyway I was clear events that I do so I can get to camp in first baby Owens almost gonna be hatch soon Sam my campaign is going up hey always a champion and sleep I'm lying in the bed we love you guys good night I see so cute start I guess Mama's gonna have a beer well then nice Maya [Applause] you're not changing pets P my egg oh it's hatching a beard he's got up a little bit now precisely what my baby's gonna be over your shower I come on then the Skyrim – I'll get the car no you won't take over this time please roots you guys in a door game you need showers oh I think I can put my health here we can come in and give it a shower here Oh No quick where is the hospital this right here is yeah did they give me an apple help so my dog is not well on the homework my baby's healthy again it's time for school I'll take my a to school see you guys yeah yeah I do Oh give me an apple where's the other thing here look in here I gave you an apple 2e oh this is about you're eating it yourself an up in the night if like feed it to it because I feed let me feed it see if I can I'm right bum left oh there we go I got one yeah yeah just press there we go oh excuse that you're hugging is always healthy again Oh your ones going on place it could be a new dude he's like yeah whoa that's so cute it's like you've gone Labrador hugger case Q alright we're all healthy now right we need to go and I mean go to school no I need mine needs a shower first okay let's go I was like there first yeah I think I can place my home for me around here yeah I can place my home here in that way we can quickly give you a shower yeah good idea here we go go go go the way mine is shower more no I'm gonna go there first wait with the shower Ares the shower I don't know this place where this is huge my nice big house look at the jump look at the jump this'll make you like pets I think I can get a royal pet but it goes with my royal egg Oh fancy so I can get a pic frame oh that's cure it's better car both people what we're i yawning Oh see it's a pizza pizza place let me play my one drink all right I'll meet you halfway I think he's gonna grow from this I've joined me on the big bridge I'm coming in mark I see you guys mind behind you but he wasn't facing that way though oh yeah well you want to open that close yet rich I want first yeah go go go what you're gonna note what I've just fed him 'junior dog jr dog Neely then I can give it a trick I need to go to the school to teach him tricks but he needs to these thirsty first hold on give my own some water you can't give the dog coffee you can't you do it is everyone else okay what else do you want Artie tell me I wanna hurt you quick mine's gotta go to school he's a smart dog my pet giving a trainer so much right here dude is this an emoji when he's looking at the sky lock [Laughter] me fever in class the moment you know a teaching our child to our use and be yours might hatch after this yeah maybe my old one I hope so he's close maybe when this school goes up it will hatch a bit more yeah no I reckon I think it's I think you need to do three things he doesn't take long does it it's not like it's hidden behind row row books I want to stick with baby because Phoebe's he's gonna hatch soon yeah gotta stick together guys because Phoebe's have you knows the raw wantin takes a little bit longer because the the one that we had to do and Phoebe's taking more I think he might be five it could be lit always gonna hopefully c'mon Oh preteen oh it's only one more left my dogs now preteen its thirst is thirsty I think I have balls in the bathroom I'll come back and I'll come back I mean already what the bathrooms are okay it's gonna be it's gonna be always so pretty and it's hungry a dragon a dragon so happy with my pet hey look how cute it is the chocolate ones here my name reaches that she go together it's gonna be like the basics like the dogs and the cats you look on the charts he says like mine was a tutorial so I guess it's the basic one oh yeah I'm comin to talk I think it's a toilet amber I think as a speeding up so fast because I was with tutorial ones we would see bad anyway I got my dogs I'm happy of mine they so cute I'm gonna play shadow baby I'm gonna get a dragon there's a plague oh my gosh it's Karl Popper yeah yeah that's me damaged I can't drive this is dangerous a ground okay anyway thing I SWAT watch you know if you guys enjoyed today's video the actual update for this will be out on June the 15th one day before Amber's birthday exactly it's an early birthday present so I hope you guys enjoy and let me know what kind of pets you guys get one up the actually comes out I got a chocolate Labrador and we've got a cat and I think rich got was it I think I sort watch it I'll see you guys next time bye bye guys

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  1. you guys a so noobs at roblox and i hate you guys and your guys did everything the long way ugh I HATE YOU GUYS DUN DUN DUN

  2. Me after Phoeberry doesn't upload for a week: OMG WHAT HAPPENED IS SHE DEAD?
    Me after Phoeberry uploads after a week: Whew she isn't dead…

  3. aha, I saw you making this! It said you were playing a game and I tried to join but it was full 🙁 x

  4. I am so lucky there’s a holiday in Wednesday and we have 3 days at Wednesday :3 OMGGGGGGG. Oh if you didn’t get it. I just started school .-. xD. Our teacher is the best :333

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