Sneak Peek Episode 141: Perennial Parking Problems – plus pets!

I would say my car in the visitors’ parking
along the way. Yes. Yeah. Here’s a thing, that’s a very good point about
visitor parking because that’s really where at least in my experience the problems really
happen. Yeah. Is the vehicle obstructing the use of common
property if it’s parked in the visitor parking? Indefinitely. Indefinitely and you know this person is not
a visitor or. Exactly. I mean, I would think that it would be. I mean, I’m no lawyer that’s why I’m talking
to you but. Yeah. To me, you know, everyone owns you know. Everyone has a beneficial interest in the
common property. Yup. I mean if someone does it, they are having
an exclusive use of that area. Yes, I talked this through with a building
very recently and came to the same conclusion. But what I said to them is, “Let’s say that
in your by-laws.”

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