Snatched from the Jaws of Death – Fostering Judy Garland

Hi, My name is Beth and this month we’re going to talk about Judy my next foster for the Here she is here we go she’s been working on a little bone isn’t she a cutie?! look at the camera honey she’s got some really interesting markings
on her back neck It’s got kind of a thing that goes around I dunno if you can see it and then it’s just a white spot on this side it goes nearly all the way around the neck and she also has little paws that look like thay’ve been dipped in paint Don’t they Honey? Yeah Awww! Ha! She’s a sweetie, she really is She’s got this bone she wants to work on here Yeah, you wanna work on that bone? Yeah? She really really likes that a lot She likes the bones She will spend a lot of time Um either chewing on them – or wandering around the house trying to find
a place to bury it and what happens is that my other dog will
find it and take off with it So that she has to find it and bury it again
– but this has to be the cuddliest dog I have ever
ever seen her favorite thing is to sit in your lap um she loves to curl up in your lap and just
fall right to sleep um and she would do that all day if you let
her um she also likes to burrow under a nice blanket and uh a nice big comforter or just curl up with you if you’re taking
a nap Watching tv – or – just sitting at the computer here honey This – um – this girl is going to be going to Minnesota at the end
of the month of – April 2013 – um Tracys Dogs is going to be taking uh a transport
of dogs up there and Judy will be on that transport She is named Judy after Judy Garland because – ah – Tracys dogs decided to name all of their Minnesota transports after
famous Minnesota people and she got Judy Garlands name Isn’t she cute – Yeah – You like being called
Judy? Yeah – ok – Awwwww She’s a little shy, but not overly so and she does get along with other dogs very
very well In fact for Easter my kids brought over their
dogs and – including Judy we had 6 dogs out in
the yard all running around – she got along just fine
with all of them before long she was out there running around
and playing hey let’s get you settled into a more comfortable
position See she’s wanting to snuggle already aren’t you honey – yeah ok – Well – um She is about 12 pounds – or so ah she was picked up as a stray and um was pregnant at the time but is now spayed and um she is maybe 10 – 11 months She’s just under a year old which means she’s basically still just a puppy and so even tho she can um go to the bathroom outside in the yard she’s not 100% um housetrained yet Um so you kind of have to let her know where
you want her to go and what you want her to do and not to do
it in the house so you may have to work with her a little
on that But not too bad Um – she – oh boy she likes playing with her foster brother
and sister and like I said she likes taking naps in your
lap and um she likes spending time with you now she took to my Son very very quickly for some reason she took one look at him and decided he was the lap she wanted to lay
in and they’ve been pretty much inseparable ever
since um she’s very sweet tempered – um she’s nice to other animals She’s nice to people She doesn’t bark very much she only barks when she is startled Uh some people have sometimes asked me about
cats Whether they get along with cats we don’t have any cats so I have really never seen her with another
cat Now the people behind us have birds with birdhouses attracting all the birds in
the neighborhood I’ve seen her startled occassionally by a
bird that’s landing on our fence So I’m guessing she doesn’t get to interact too
much with birds or anything – um hey! Judy let’s look at the camera say hello to everybody Yeah! You’re a sweet girl Want to go to Minnesota? You have a good time there. Yeah – and she is really really sweet a lovely little dog – good tempered gets along with everyone and um curls up! into your lap! say goodbye now thank you for listening Bye bye

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