Snarky Puppy: How to Make Music for Both Brain and Booty

my name is Bob Speer I'm 62 years old and I live in support Oklahoma Seattle go Hawks yeah we took a two-hour road trip down here honestly I gave a public service announcement about snarky puppies performance here and a guy in the next class walked in and he just shouts snarky puppy and so I think that's the basic reaction to their presence I don't know they've just found ways to to mix in all these different genres together and it just blends and it just touches every single person with this and still it self excited this is my first narky puppy concert on three everybody yeah we love sorry puppy why I don't know if anyone's chanting my name on the street like that before who are these cats I don't know you're watching jazz night in America I'm Christian McBride snarky puppy just won the second Grammy Award but the band has been touring for nearly a decade these guys got their start here in North Texas so tonight a sort of a home game and the first night of yet another world tour Starkey puppy says its music is for your brain and you boo let's see what they're all about you you you from Austin Texas please welcome Chris McQueen on the electric guitar you this will compete Oh you Chris McQueen on the electric guitar go ahead snarky puppy that's a lot of cats to fit on one stage and a lot of that started to come together about 40 minutes north at the University of North Texas they're famous for their jazz program and that's why bassist Mike League showed up in 2002 Michael gaudy shinned for us in the early 2000s I believe showed his talent right off the bat I can remember hearing Mike play bass with the big band that he was a member of on campus and a club in the Student Union and I remember being struck even then by how much fun he appeared to be having when he was at North Texas Mike got some of his classmates together and started a band called snarky puppy he was a solid jazz player but he was also in the Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin I'm he's one of the most eager sponges about everything life people and most definitely music I was struck by his ability to generate enthusiasm among his fellow students for projects that were extracurricular and beyond the norm and then when he moved to Dallas he got that gospel connection you Mike eventually landed a gig in the house band at st. John's Baptist Church in Dallas and he started bringing some of his fellow band members to check out the services then then and then I start seeing that changes as I seen those changes in the members that he brought into Starkey puppy and the way that he started writing as well no amano you know the slow demon no there that's Shawn Martin he plays keys for snarky puppy but he's also rub shoulders with R&B superstar Erykah Badu and gospel legend Kirk Franklin Shawn here's a lot of gospel and with Mike writes for the band no that's that's Church no SS as a straight-up old-school Walter Hawkins groove we don't know that church that's a felt like that's a foundation of us you know it really is you know that that's that's that's part of our makeup it's part of our it's part of our build you know Mike writes the song called thing ago like seems like I said here ice-t songs with these strong strong melodies that you know in the midst of all the improvisation that goes on you can still sing the melody you know and I mean you know and that that's the characteristic of a great songwriter simple melody it's like everything is kind of go everything's kind of grows from there you know you know it's exactly that that mean any surgeon you know that's church you know you know you know everything has that that resolved you know it's beautiful things church tithe envelopes everything at all Jack got it up you know yeah it's in there all right in fact Kirk Franklin himself came to the gig Mike sat in for a couple of trips that had to do and I went to Jamaica and Canada and he set in it's like whoa wait a minute this way boys bad boy both better best cuz you know you know when you carry the bottom you got to be funky and Michaels doggone frickin funky and I didn't know he could be that dope so you know man I bet the fan since then well let's go to church then here's thing of gold from the door in Dallas Texas go ahead you can sing alone released or someone is on already now to play the song you maybe see you you ah you by you Oh you let's Shawn Martin on keyboards from Dallas Texas ladies and gentlemen got some serious jobs but you know snarky puppy works just as hard off the stage you got to give it up for Mike League who handles so much of the band's business himself the day before the show we scooped Mike from the airport and took him straight to a studio it's cool that we swing by and crash your party for a little bit okay cool man we'll probably they're about 35 minutes he just come from teaching a master class in Mexico it's kind of like my I guess my version of a vacation tanake puppies newest project as a concert film designer for movie theaters so Mike went to check out a surround sound mix from the recording Mike's busy all the time he has been since day one logging gear coordinating video shoots designing the website running their own record label producing side projects for band members booking tours you get the idea flew in and there's some things that need to be done so we're gonna do I mean I definitely yeah if somebody said do you work hard I would say yes I work very hard and also I'm a perfectionist so that means that you have to work even harder and in between all that he's constantly writing music this is an unnamed studio the wall says studios at 2909 but it's it's just a little space just outside of downtown Dallas where we've mixed the last I think for sake poppy albums Mike made time to show us about how he puts together some snarky puppies music for instance one of their most popular songs chauffeured car I know for me personally a lot of the time when I go to hear jazz I'm like kind of inundated with information you know like like overwhelmed like someone's hitting me on the head with so much information and I just like I want I want to hear stuff that I'm familiar with you know and I think that that's something that I try to do as a composer because I love composers who do it just trying to get the most mileage out of the smallest amount of information and I think it's true that anything that I that I write or that any human being writes is just a combination of the things that they've heard leading up to that point in their life and and one of my favorite things to do is kind of like walk through a department store or something and when I hear pop music playing really quietly it's sometimes it's difficult to hear like where beat one is and I'll hear a rhythm in the music incorrectly but it's really interesting to me so I I'll just record it you know hearing things wrong can end up being a moment of opportunity I think so this is the Tunis Tunisia song that I that I stole this grew from and heard in the wrong place I'm here I heard the group 2 beats off so here's the here it is so the group is actually one two three four buh buh pump but dip own to tone to get it done take it down two tones a good throw to that but I was hearing it three four dong-joo tone to get it to dent de toe to toe it's crazy because it's so folkloric you know I mean the people who created these rhythms aren't thinking about it in this academic mathematical way that we love to do in the u.s. they they're it's just going on feel alone and and that's I think just a really important thing about me that I feel about music in general is that if it feels good it's right closing out the set here's the full version of shofu con let's try to pick out that Tunisian part you Oh you thank you you you you singers Alice two parts Oh one more time thank you guys good night I got to get that sing-along thing happening you can hear more music from this concert on our radio show check your local listings of this slash jazz night I'm Christian McBride thanks for watching you guys get inside if I were you and and I were hungry I would get one of each I do the tour five tacos is not it's five tacos just like normal most I've ever done in the city is nine can I get one pica Oh one beef fajita and two chicken please Michael yeah that's me thanks man I could eat this three times a day every day and I'd probably be dead in about a year but I would be the happiest year of my life next time I swing through Dallas you can find me at that taco joint oh my god filled with spirit spirit is win

43 thoughts on “Snarky Puppy: How to Make Music for Both Brain and Booty

  1. 22 band members is cool….until it comes to the end of the gig. Then you need a calculator to figure out how to split the $300.


  3. I was listening to Jazz Night in America on station WCLK on Saturday morning, February 9, 2019 and. Christian McBride's featured artist was Snarky Puppy, but i am not quite sure of a song that was played was by this group. The song was 'Up and Running' and I think Christian said it was performed by "someone" and the Reftones. Can anyone help me? Who was the artist or what was the correct group's name?

  4. This band is absolutely incredible. I love the different sounds and themes they put into their music. Jazz fusion pioneers for sure. I’ll be seeing them in June! 2019! Already have my ticket, getting some weather report vibes!

  5. Ohhh man! You are such an unbelievable blessing and gift for all! During some of the most profane and darkest times, Mike League is here to save the day! Love you, dude! You're an amazing spirit, I would LOVE to jam with you! Keep rocking, brother! We're gonna be here listening, I promise! 😉

  6. Snarky Park? Not New!!! This is George Duke, Stanley Clark, and many more!!!,

  7. Ahh, I see OK. Don't allow video downloads on this wonderful docu, OK. I bow out peacefully, But I sick 1000 Fleas on your ancestors armpits.

  8. yu known… yu known… yu known… yu known… yu known… yu known… yu known… yu known… yu known… yu known… yu known…

  9. I can totally relate to his writing style. I love hearing popular music from the last few decades and adding or subtracting beats from the measures or accenting the chords at different moments, adds a totally different feel to a recognizable progression or melody.

  10. Cory Henry still can't be replaced , greatest musician ever
    Non can fit into his shoes , mike a great composer too … This concert is totally Amazing the atmosphere was lit

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