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Look! A baby kitten. He looks really young, but what’s he doing under there all alone? He’s way too little to take care of himself. He needs an animal rescuer! That’s where Josh comes in. He found the little kitten and picked him up to check on him. Josh wanted to bring him inside, where it was safe and warm, but his friends told him that he should wait because the kitten’s family might come back to look for him! If the kitten’s parents came back, he would need to go with his family. So Josh left the kitten right where he found him, but only for one night. Early the next day, Josh rushed outside to check on the kitten and he was still there! And still all alone. So, Josh took the kitten in! But, Josh had never looked after a teeny tiny kitten before. So, he took him to professional animal rescuers who showed him how to take care of the baby kitten! Like how to feed him milk with a special little bottle! “Oh yeah!” “See how the plunger’s going down?” “Yeah, it’s on its own.” Now that Josh knew what to do, he decided he would foster the kitten and look after him until it was time to find him a forever home. Adopting is when you keep them and fostering is when you’re temporarily keeping them. At first, it was hard to take care of such a young kitten. Josh had to wake up and feed the kitten milk every three hours and he wasn’t sure if he could keep up. We aren’t a cat family, but when we need to help a cat that needs help, we help it. But Josh did everything he could to help the kitten grow bigger, and stronger and sillier. But, Josh was surprised by how much he loved taking care of the kitten because he never planned to become a cat dad! “I’ve always loved pets, but I never thought that I would take the time to actually
have one on my own.” He didn’t even think he liked cats! But pretty soon, the tiny kitten changed his mind! Josh just couldn’t get enough of his little kitten pal, who had grown so much right before his eyes! When it was time to find the kitten a forever home, the best thing happened… Josh decided that he would be the kitten’s dad and take care of him forever. So, Josh adopted the strong and silly little kitten and named him Smokey! After everything Smokey had been through, like being left all alone under a house, he finally had a real home and a real family! And Josh got the best friend he never knew he needed! “It’s just really great to, like, get home and like bond with him again and just know that you guys kinda get each other in that way.” Now, Josh and Smokey have each other’s backs, no matter what. Looks like that little kitten, Smokey, is going to have a good life. Remember, if you see an animal in trouble, do not try and rescue them by yourself! Ask an adult family member for help.

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  1. Thank you Josh. You have a kind & beautiful heart. And now, you ALSO have a sweet playful beautiful best friend. Best wishes for a blessed & happy life together.???????

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