Oh hey Lana! Lana? Your hair looks amazing!
Pink is so your color! Yep that’s some real rocker chick hair!
Way to go Lana! Wow why am I suddenly fading my boring brown hair yo I got you
girl check out this super easy hair hat just
spray some color on a brush and boom you’re in for an exciting color
explosion brace yourself Lily here it comes whoa
your hair’s turning blue before our very eyes well welcome to the fabulous hair
club Lily oh I gotta find a place to put all these clothes away
let’s just open my closet here there we go there is not much room in there for
much else well I guess that’s one way to put your clothes away Bella you may want
to move oh that hurt now you have a clothing Avalanche coming your way okay
I definitely have to find a better system here and I know exactly what to
do for this hack you’ll need a big slab of wood and a toy dinosaur like this one
with a blade cut the toy right down the middle oh just kidding separate the
halves and put the bottom half aside with a hot glue gun put glue along the
edge you just cut on the front end of the Dino before it dries press it against the
wood on the far left side now you can add some more Dino friends to the plane
ah aren’t they cute hang this thing in any room and use it as a rack for your
clothes purses or whatever you like so now when you run out of room to hang
your clothes in the closet don’t stress because now you have other options like
these little dinosaur helpers see look how easy that is and now you have a less
dangerous closet situation right Bella nothing’s worse than going about your
day and stepping on a random Lego that looked pretty bad if only there was
something useful we could do with these darn things oh we feel your pain Bella
oh what’s that are we honey earthquake or did Bella
accidentally step on one of my Legos again that’s it this torture ends today
you think what on earth can I do with these things
hey that so could work something tells me things are about to get really crafty
unscrew a bottle of clear liquid soap carefully play some Legos inside using
tweezers feel free to use different shapes and configure them any way you’d
like it’s starting to look pretty interesting right when you’re done
you’ll have a fun little scene right there in your sub dispenser once you’re
finished screw the cap back on and enjoy your masterpiece see Bella turn a bad situation into a
great looking one there you go hey Kevin notice anything different in
here huh what’s going on with a soap holy cow
that looks so awesome how’d they all even get in there well hopefully Kevin
wasn’t playing with these because they’re gonna be covered in soap from
now on Hey ladies what’s up – wait a second
isn’t it cleaning day well technically you guys are cleaning right all right
time to buckle down and study for that test next week 20 minutes I totally
forgot any plans with Sophia step number one shower hey no peeking
why isn’t any water coming out look at all that mineral buildup so gross
now am I gonna do mrs. Applebee talk about vinegar working as a cleaning
agent in chemistry class last week yep she poured the vinegar into that beaker
of well something and it bubbled and I think that’ll work today to get rid of
crusty calcium buildup on your showerhead or faucet just pour a plastic
bag full with vinegar and secure it in place with some rubber bands see it’s working already after just five
minutes your showerhead should be working as good as new nothing like a
hot shower am i right don’t be too long though you’ve got plans remember hey
Lana having some trouble there okay are these trick laces or something why can’t
I tiny star neighs whoa that’s one crazy not you out there who taught you how to
tie your shoes oops better time I do whoa look at that
fancy finger work can you show us how it’s done Vicky simply take the strings
in your pinkies twist them around your pointer and thumb pull and bam you’re
done see that’s the thing about fashion packs
don’t worry Lana we’ve got a whole bunch of new DIY tricks coming right at you
Wow Lana you look extra spiffy this afternoon meeting for your lunch date
huh oh hey I’m over here hey girl nice to see you
ha ed you brought the pup he’s so cute oh I just can’t get over how handsome
your dog is in his little shirt is adorable
can you can say hi hi good boy oh you’re so cute yes you are you’re the cutest
boy in the world yes you are um Lana you may want to put the dog down
hey what’s that foul smell oh my gosh he literally peed all down my shirt this
is so disgusting Lana I’m so sorry he’s never done that before I swear
Lana you’d better go to the bathroom and wash that off before the other patrons
start to smell you picnic what on earth can I do to fix this Oh stink hey you
can turn this scarf into something more useful to make a quick shirt out of a
scarf tied to of its corners together in a double knot like this then twist it
around and put your head through the hole you’ve made now use the extra
material to cover up the front of your shirt don’t forget to pull the rest of
your hair out wow Lana this thing looks better as a cover-up in a scarf
okay where were we Wow how do you make that so quickly and how can I get my
hands on one I guess I can let you in on my secret one day whoo looks like we’re partying tonight
and wit parties comes having fun and chatting with your friends but word to
the wise don’t take a sip of soda before your
friend gives the punchline to a joke oh my gosh thank you I’m so sorry it’s all
good I’m just gonna run to the bathroom real
quick if you’re ever the victim of an
embarrassing spill at a party don’t freak out just think outside of the box
if you happen to have on pants similar to these simply take your shoes off and
place both of your legs into one of the pant holes be careful not to fall now
pull the waist all the way up covering your chest what about the remaining leg
you ask simply put your arm through it and voila you’re rockin a fabulous
asymmetrical look yep no one’s gonna remember your unfortunate spill once you
walk out in this number oh did you go shopping back there you look amazing
wait a sec orthos your pants it’ll be our little secret
well let’s raise a glass to happy accidents shall we
Cheers hey let this sharp bobby pin on a couch
like this oh that had to hurt Oh something just stabbed me right in
the foot I see you you little sucker okay I have a few short minutes to get
myself together before class Oh can’t forget these oh I can use a little
makeup touch-up these lashes needs of help let’s see if my mascara is in here
where is it another evil bobby pin strikes again are these things
conspiring against me or something if you’re a girl there’s no doubt you
understand the plight of stray bobby pins seriously
empty any purse or backpack and you’re likely to find an arsenal of bobby pins
you’d completely forgotten about see case in point if only there was a way to
keep them all together instead of just throwing them around everywhere oh I
forgot I had tic tacs I think I have a solution to my bobby pin debacle before
you throw away an old myth dispenser like this one consider repurposing it
can do a pin holder simply put those bad boys in there and you’re all set
you can even bedazzle it while you’re at it why not now whenever you need a quick
pin it’ll be in here not in the sole of your foot super cute Lana okay now I
really need to get to class but not without this handy little guy
ain’t she gorgeous

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