Small Pet Hamster Cage Review Many Cages Connected Together for hamsters or mice

so what you’ve just been looking at are
the nighttime sequences of our Habitrail village and what do we have in it we
have Robo hamsters Robo short for the Roborovski hamster which is the
smallest and fastest of all hamster species and we’re looking at a little
female here there are three females in this Habitrail village eventually we’re
going to see which of the three does not get along with the other two and I’ll be
giving that one away so we’re gonna end up with ultimately two hamsters in the
system now they have the choice of several habitats there are four habitats
shown in this village and they’re all by Habitrail and it’s the loft the
studio the dwarf hamster habitat and Habitrail cristal so seeing them all
together in the system you can compare them size-wise and we’re watching and
learning which areas the hamsters prefer and again these are Robo hamsters so
they are the smallest and some of these cages aren’t great for them and I’ll
explain why as we watch because hamsters are nocturnal they’re not going to be
active during the day this sequence is being filmed at 5:30 in the morning and
what we’re looking at is the cristal cage which is where we’re feeding and
watering them that way they’re drawn out from the other cages to converge here
and we can see them take food and drink water and make sure that they’re getting
what they need it’s also where one of the exercise wheels is that they seem to
use the most and again their activity is at night so in the daytime you’re not
going to be able to watch your hamsters too much because all they’re doing is
sleeping unless one sleeps in plain view you’re not going to notice it but I’ll
share with you how they’re using the habitats the way they’ve been made by
Habitrail and which ones they prefer these wheels are lubricated with olive
oil so that they are quiet this is being kept in our living room
and these hamsters are for my wife so they’re not in a bedroom where we would
be bothered by their activity at night so you need to think about that
when you’re setting up your hamster habitat and because they’re tiny and
because they’re lightning fast it’s probably not a great idea to have
hamsters like this for little people you have to have patience and even taming
them takes a long time I’ve been hand feeding them myself and one came right
up took the food out of my fingers and then of course bit me so you need to be
ready for a nibble and not react so I don’t flick it away don’t make any
sudden movements because if you scare or startle your hamster then you’ll have to
start that confidence training all over again
and if you notice they’re carrying around food in their pouches so they’ll
go to the food dishes fill up and then they’ll run away and eat their food
somewhere else now what you’re looking at here on the right is the Habitrail
ovo dwarf habitat for dwarf hamsters so what you’re looking at is
the cristal habitat and this little guy is filling up on seeds and it seems like
he’s eating really fast but he’s not watch the pouches grow on the sides of
her head and then if you see that big nut right in front just keep an eye on
it in a second she’s gonna pull it in and run away so they are filling their
pouches and they’re harvesting as they would in the wild and then they take it
and they store or they hoard their food in hidden away places just as they would
in the wild so there goes that big nut and now she’s off now we’re looking at
the tubes and the components of the dwarf designed habitat there are other
species of dwarf hamster but these are the robos and the ones that we decided
to go with you don’t need to handle them all the time in fact there’s some
discussion about whether or not they actually do better if you’re not
handling them so if you have a nice habitat where they can pick their
sleeping quarters and establish their territories
they actually may do much better not being handled by their owners so you
just keep their cages clean keep the food and water fresh and you just have
hamsters to observe that’s not saying that you can’t handle them but if you do
you probably want to be pretty close to the floor because they’re nearsighted
because they can only see things a few inches from their face they may have no
sense of space so if you held one in your hand for example it would just leap
out not realizing that it’s four or five feet off the ground and could be injured
so if you’re going to handle these you probably want to cup your hands around
them and sit pretty close to the ground in case they jump off so that they’re
not injured and we’re looking close where is this hamster getting the food
that it’s eating well from its pouches now these are the normal sized Habitrail
tubes that it’s sitting in so you can really see there’s a lot of extra space
and as you continue watching I want you to notice that some of the tubes are
really small and that’s difficult for the hamsters now that’s a National Geographic Chew
house we will put in we have things inside the cages right now for them to
chew on this little grass Hut is also completely edible it’s composed of
alfalfa and other materials that are digestible for hamsters so they’re just
cute ways to give them something to chew on and provide more habitation choices
for them inside the cages now if you look at these setups some people have
concerns about the square inches for example what we’re looking at in the
foreground is the Habitrail OVO Loft setup that is the largest one and it has
three hundred twenty-four square inches of floor space in it so because these
Robo hamsters don’t necessarily climb up we’re not going to count the little
nesting sites and the carry pod and things like that in the square inches
but when you add this whole system together it’s around seven hundred and
forty nine point forty six square inches of surface area and that’s on the ground
level so this is great space for two of the robo hamsters and remember we’re
going to give away the third eventually when we figure out which one is not
getting along with the others if they all get along we’ll have to expand the
system of course now these are the upper pods of the Robo habitat or the dwarf
hamster habitat and so far they’re not really making a lot of use of those
upper pods and you’re going to see in a minute how hard it is for them to climb
up in there now you’re looking at the ovo studio
here and the tubes for the ovo studio that rise above it are actually too
large for Robo hamsters they can’t climb up because they can’t push their bodies
against the tube to get traction to climb so this upper level for the OVO
studio is not going to be something that Robo hamster is going to be able
occupy and again this little dog with holes in
it is also composed completely of edible materials so the hamsters can chew away
on it and ultimately they can digest the components and it’s a full-service tool
there the other thing is now here’s a five inch exercise ball based on what
I’ve read I’m gonna decide probably against using this ball to exercise the
Robo hamsters they really are nearsighted they hear very well and they
smell very well but there’s some discussion that they may just be
completely panicked when they’re inside those balls as they roll around trying
to get back to their familiar habitat where the scent is familiar and where
they feel safe and secure so I may not be using an exercise ball now again all of the robos that we have
in here are females they were all purchased together from the same breeder
and they’re all from the same litter so right now they aren’t all getting along now these drinkers I’m not a big fan of
the Habitrail OVO style drinker system and if you look in the basin here you’ll
see why and that’s because they drip down frequently and it was completely
dry and when the hamster went and started to lake at the bottom to get a
drink a whole bunch of water came out all over the hamster and then collected
here in the basin so and I’ve wiped it out here so it’s nice and clean but I’m
not a big fan of this design of drinker and I think that Habitrail needs to take
another look at it I understand design wise it’s compatible with that spherical
look of all those cages but because it does leak I’m going to empty these and
only use the old spout style which as the two ball bearings in it and of course here’s another of the
robos that’s in the end there where it was leaking before and today this is
where she’s actually sleeping so we definitely want these spaces dry now
look at the effort that this Robo hamster has to exert to get up through
this tube these tubes are designed for dwarf hamsters but I can’t imagine a
hamster being even slightly larger than this one making it through these tubes
so this is highly specialized and only the smallest hamsters are going to be
able to fit through it now she has been setting up her bedding area here in this
upper pod which is also an escape or travelpod as you’re supposed to be able
to disconnect and carry your hamster with you
we won’t be using it for that they’re gonna stay stationary but she is the
only one of the three who goes up into this upper level the other thing is the style of bedding
that you choose I’m going to show you the packages later which show the
bedding that we are using in these Habitrails we also have the National
Geographic bedding which actually is kind of hard and not that that’s bad for
the hamsters but if you’re trying to have peace and quiet at night soft
bedding makes all the difference they burrow in and they kick the bedding
around particularly in the Habitrail loft which is where a lot of them are
choosing to sleep underneath that maze they call it and they are kicking the
bedding around all the time and when the bedding flicks against the plastic sides
that is a noise that you hear from quite a distance so this white bedding which
again will show you the package later but it’s soft and quiet so it’s composed
of paper material so think about the bedding choices that you’re gonna make
because they’re gonna be active through the night and during the daytime they’ll
just be sleeping these Robo hamsters max out at like 3 inches in length so
they’re very tiny throughout their lives these are adults that you’re looking at
this is not a baby hamster and this is the food that we’re offering them we
have National Geographic hamster and gerbil entree on the right and then we
have the Vita smart complete nutrition on the left the one on the left actually
has nuts and stuff in it and the one on the right has some oats and everything and it
looks like they prefer the oats there are even bits of leaves and twigs
in there too so it’s pretty interesting and this is the kind of forage that they
would find when they go out during times of harvest in their natural environment
this is why hamsters spend so much time running in the real world they would be
running out of their den and scampering as fast as they could at night usually
early evening and early morning and they would be harvesting and recovering and
cashing all of their resources for the nighttime and of course large resource
stashes so that they could get through winter and times when there is not seed
available and this is the bedding notice it says
odor stop if you can stick your head in your hamster cage and get it close to
the bedding and sniff everything if you can smell it things are dirty and you
need to clean it there are a lot of recommendations that I have for
components and stuff that you might want to stock up on one would be extra
linkages for that so the connectors for the different tubes get some extra 90s
here’s a 180 what they call a u-turn and that way you can connect your cages to
each other in creative ways now keep in mind though that the hamsters are going
to get accustomed away the cages are set up and the way all of the food is placed
in the water is placed and where their bedding is so even when you clean a cage
you might think you want to change and want to alter things around but remember
that that’s a stressor for your hamster they want things to stay the same
because they want to know where everything is they also want to know
where they can run and hide and if you’re constantly changing it up then
they’re adapting and getting into new territory which again is a stresser
just like when they were originally moved into your tanks when you bought or
adopted your pets in the first place here’s the whole setup layout you can
see a little Robo Hamster down there in that left-hand corner right next to
that pink connector so this is the way we’ve got it all set we have it in the
living room and that’s so that we can constantly see what they’re doing and
that we’re aware of any potential problems and here we are in the daytime
and of course what’s the hamster doing? sleeping the fact that they sleep
throughout the day would be very frustrating if this were a pet for a
child if you’ve looked at my other videos and you may have seen our gerbil
habitat about gerbils are active through the day and they are easily handled by
children and kids interact with them and they come running to you Robo hamsters
are actually very reclusive and are again very active early morning and
early evening on into the night time so if you’re looking for a pet to interact
with and hold and walk around with I would say that dwarf hamsters in
particular the Robo hamsters would not be a great choice for you they’re
perfectly fine on their own in the habitats that you set up and it might
just be enough for you to observe and enjoy them here again is the top of the Habitrail
ovo studio there is no robo that’s gonna make it to the top of that so that
maze at the very top is basically not going to be used at all and we
calculated the square footage of space for them squared inches based on the
bottom units alone now another thing I want you to notice
is that this is a cage by Havahart it’s a live catch animal cage and it is the
smallest one they make if you have a hamster escape you’re going to want to
have a cage ready to go to collect it if you have more than one hamster in your
collection you’re not going to be able to leave their cage is open and hope
that that hamster finds its way back at night and again if you look at the bases
of these Habitrail units a robo hamster isn’t gonna be able to get back in there if
they’ve fallen out and because they’re so lightning-fast they could take off
and hide so get a cage like this one and then you want to put it on the ground on
the floor right next to where your cages are hamsters are gonna follow their own
scent trail back to where they originated they have excellent smell
they have excellent hearing and it’s likely that they’re gonna come right
back to their cages at night so if you set this up on the floor and put their
normal food in it on both sides of the trigger plate your hamster is gonna
wander in there because they’re not wild they are pet hamsters and it’s gonna go
right in and rip that and then you’re gonna have them in a live catch cage
then you can just take this thing put it right inside for example the Habitrail
off to turn it upside down and let the two ends open and leave it upside down
and let the answer walk out on its own you want to make sure it’s not
traumatized thanks for watching this video I hope you enjoyed seeing the
Habitrail systems and I hope you enjoy your small pets thanks for watching as

42 thoughts on “Small Pet Hamster Cage Review Many Cages Connected Together for hamsters or mice

  1. Awwww! They are so cute!! The little girl on the top looked frustrated on how to get back down. I agree, that doesn't seem easy to climb straight up and try to not fall flat on your face on the way down. Posted a video on a special cage for hamsters, you may have seen it, but, don't let your wife see it. She might start another project for you!

  2. Our robo Shelby took a while to tame, shes still more open to my wife than me though. Love this setup, tunnel cleaning must be a chore.

  3. My mice had issues with that style tube. I changed to the more ridged habitrail tubes (interlock just fine) and they climb them with ease. Maybe try those?

  4. The hamsters are probably thinking they are inside a gigant spaceship where from time to time a huge alien with tentacules provide them food and water.

  5. you can tilt the dwarf hamster tubes into different angle then 90 degrees and they will climbed them just fine. mine do enjoy them. 🙂

  6. I heard that a setup like this is bad for a hamster since they need UNBROKEN floor space. What are your thoughts? (Note: I do not disapprove on your setup, in fact, I find it better than many others, I would just like your opinion as I am trying to settle on a hamster cage, thanks!) 🙂

  7. What a great cage! I've owned dwarf hamsters almost my whole life and I recommend added a 40 gallon tank/diy bin cage so they can get the space for them to have deep bedding and an open area.
    You hear that dwarf hamsters like open spaces and you hear that dwarf hamsters like small spaces, in my experience they're at their happiest when they have access to both 🙂

  8. Hi, Thanks for the review of the Habitrail Ovo. With regards to the water bottle, it will not leak if you create the proper vacuum seal. To fill the water bottle, remove the stainless steel nozzle and fill the reservoir full with water. Replace the stainless steel nozzle, turn upside down over the sink and rotate the bottle in an up/down motion 3 times to allow vacuum to form, and then insert into the water bottle support. It seems that the rotating back/forth up/down motion increase the speed at which the vacuum forms.

  9. Also note that some of the tubes you are using in your setup are not designed for dawrf hamsters. They are forlarger hamsters. You can learn about the different tube sizes here:

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  12. It's a great sight seeing them into different dens but may I ask washing so many of these tunnels, is it very time consuming. It's the time taken that prevent me from using these habitats. Otherwise they are lovely to have actually.

  13. When I had an Ovo set up I always kept the upright tubes no higher than a 45° angle and it was much easier for the hamsters to climb them, although still a bit of a tight fit!

  14. We have one robo dwarf hamster. He's been in a aquarium type setup since we got him. I want to switch to the Habitrail system. Could you recommend the two you think would be best?

  15. Love your set up, thank you so much for your video
    Some very helpful hints too 😉

  16. Very nice to look at but in all honesty what looks like a mansion to us isn’t to them – they would much rather love a simple 40 gallon aquarium. I never recommend to keep a pair of dwarf hamsters in cages like this because they will end up fighting 90% of the time due to sleeping in different spots etc and all the different cages as they get territorial. Great vid though!!

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