Slow Motion Pest Control De Plagas Part 1

hello friends on this videos we’re gonna be doing some pest control we’ve been authorized to enter in this private land were sage rats are destroying the land and crops and they want us to lower the number they are overpopulated — here is the video ok guys here we have a porcupine this animal are too big during winter they don’t have enough food that’s why they eat the cortex as you can see the cortex of that branch is gone the branch to the right also has the cortex gone ok people let’s start with the video let’s get to the action hit him really good! good shot! good shot! great shot!

100 thoughts on “Slow Motion Pest Control De Plagas Part 1

  1. caza y pesca parte 2 y parte 3 ya estan disponibles
    Pesca De Truchas en HD
    Parte 2
    Parte 3

  2. Ah wey no mames este vato tira con aire y yo con solo 11 años tiro con fuego y mira abierta y tengo mejor punteria si quiero me hago 30 tiros de esos

  3. Đồ khốn..loài vật có làm gì tỗn hại đến mày khg..mà nở lén núp để tiêu diệt chúng bằng vũ khí hiện đại..đồ khốn có ngon mà ra chiến trường đánh giặc..chấm dứt ngay thú vui đê hèn này cảm ơn

  4. Este maje buen tiro buen tiro y te tiembla asta el culo. Segun tu te dieron permiso pero bueno eres un pendejo.

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