Slightly Odd Conversations You Have With Your Dog

– What did we feed you that’s
making you fart like this? Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your
feelings, but it’s true. (barking) I know, Bean, Games of Thrones isn’t real even though we all wish it was. Oh, hello. Is this hangout time? We having a chat? Beanie, you don’t wanna sleep in your bed? What, this isn’t good enough for you? Can you shut the door? Is this what you wanted, Bean? Yeah? This what you, this what you like? Do you think you’d hump
yourself if you could? You ever think about how
you’re not wearing any clothes? Wearing a collar is like
the only clothing you have. Dang. Gettin’ more action than I am. I’m sorry. That’s rude. When you get excited everyone can see it. At least I have pants on. I hear you.
(barking) Thank you for protecting the house, Bean. If ever a murderer came in
here, we would all be dead. Okay, all right. You’re gonna be a party animal! Look at you, you party, yeah, no. I don’t like hats either. Bean, you are not a guard dog.
(barking) You’re not scary enough. Can we just find a place
to sit and sit there? Not, oh, okay. Hit my crotch. I’m afraid of thunder too. Your haircuts cost more than mine do. That’s not right. Bean, did you fart? Oh, God, you little gross puppy. I know it’s scary, life is scary. Just kidding, you’re not gross! You’re not gross, you’re adorable. Oh, God, you are actually quite smelly. Quite smelly. Gettin’ some action, huh? All the cuddles. You’re a good cuddler. You’re a good cuddler, Bean. I can just snuggle up next to you.

100 thoughts on “Slightly Odd Conversations You Have With Your Dog

  1. Bean is so cute!! Every day me and Oakley go to the pet store she’s always looking at these labradoodle puppies, but she always stares at one of the blackish brownish puppies. (Don’t tell her that I’m getting a puppy, and I won’t tell her who.?)

  2. My 2 ur old puppy is the opposite of bean. She is a horrible guard dog all she does is lay in her bed and and fat a lot

  3. it's not that odd for me ? dogs don't question their master's intelligence capacity of anything and all, most loyal adorable creature ???♥️

  4. Beans beans good for the heart
    The more you eat the more you fart,
    The more you fart the better you feel
    So eat beans for every meal

    Coincidence? I think not

  5. I can so relate. When my mom says "can you please wash the dishes?" I always tell my dog (burberry) "hey Burberry, can you believe my mom told me to wash the dishes?!" Lol always

  6. That’s what I love about dogs, not matter how weird the conversation between them
    And the owner is, they’re always good listeners…this is gonna sound hella random but I remember my great grandma always used to tell the most entertaining stories to us when we visited her a lot when I was younger, I remember one story…somewhere along the line of when she was little her trying to whistle for the first time but instead she kept on sneezing…don’t know how but seemed funny to listen to…even the dogs were looking at her like “wtf?!!” But they were making these weird snorting noises indicating they were laughing with her…plus, every time she farted or someone played annoying music or someone said squirrelthey always move away, just actually like goofballs…I love dogs, it breaks my heart how someone can buy them and just abandon them…they’re not trash, they’re this special gem to treasure…their These loveable, goofy, amazing and unique dogs that deserve someone to love them

  7. OMG that is so weird!
    I’m only in middle school and that is exactly the dog I want when I’m older and I want to name it bean!!

  8. Aww. I wish I had a Ned to cuddle me and tell me thunderstorms are scary.

    I don’t even want a boyfriend. Just a thunderstorm Ned. See – they had the wrong idea when they made real dolls. Men don’t buy dolls.

    They need to make heated human robots that hug girls and will nod and blink while we expound upon our many problems. Now THAT would sell!

  9. Oh please… Dogs think farts are the best things in the world.

    That dog looks like a sweater I used to own. Lol. He is gorgeous chocolate brown ???.

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  11. Is that a havenese miniature poodle since that is what my dog is and looks exactly like that and he has a red collar so cute!!

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