Skunk Admirers Celebrate Their Unique Pets In The Annual Skunk Festival

welcome to skunkfest one of America's strangest days out the annual event is a chance to skunk owners to show off their pets and organize a deficit Brioni hopes it will change our perceptions of the animal with a reputation for causing a stink Deb lives in Ohio one of the few US states where it's legal to keep skunks as pets why people think we're weird they always say why do you want a pet skunk and I asked him why do you want a pet dog same reason skunks can be lovable devoted animals but she doesn't just have one she lives with a staggering 50 in her 5 bedroom home since the year 2000 she set up America's only rescue center for domesticated skunks and looking after so many animals is no easy task I get up at 4:30 every morning and I start my daily routine of feeding and cleaning every single skunk in the house I'm get down about 7:30 in the morning wash everybody's dishes I made their food for the nighttime and then I go to work and then I get home about 7:30 the routine just starts all over again guys we do have a lot of skunks in the house all different personalities some nice some not someone asleep we become don't no matter what their issue is we treat them all like family today Debbie's us manicures ever preparing for skunkfest the skunk Fest is awesome what I hope to accomplish is when the public comes in and sees these skunks they're gonna go home and see the skunk's in a different light since it began in 2006 it's becoming unlikely here oh they're crossed between a dog and a cat pretty cool they're low-maintenance something different I have nine skunks that are mine I chose them because they're just cool different intelligent sometimes I say they're like chips you can't have just one ah and I noticed that with a lot of gone people well I don't have any human children so this skunk is like my son to me she may have her work cut out but Deb is determined to change perceptions about the misunderstood skunk skunks have a bad reputation because of their smell people don't like the smell is very strong odor and what we're trying to do is change the public's eye the way they look at skunks because they're not the smelly little creatures that people think they are they're wonderful beautiful animals they may not be everyone's idea of a perfect pair but nothing will my dead give up her furry friends I feel that I was chosen to help the skunk's so I will keep doing this and have it skunk until I die

32 thoughts on “Skunk Admirers Celebrate Their Unique Pets In The Annual Skunk Festival

  1. Props to this woman, I have nothing but respect for her selfless attitude and devotion to these animals. God bless her

  2. I'd love to have a pet skunk, but they're illegal to own as pets here in NY. Plus all my landlords told me the same thing when I asked them if I could get one, "Absolutely not!"

  3. Best of luck with your rescue program! I am amazed to learn skunks are kept as pets. I love their personality. Thanks for sharing…. After seeing this video I would rescue a baby skunk for sure…

  4. omg..They are super cute. They only spray when they are scared right? I'm curious. Are the ones you get as a pet wont spray?

  5. ppl gotta stop acting like a skunk is so much different than a damn ferret and from what i hear ferrets can be very nasty temper wise too so i say ifits ok to keep rats and ferrets y not raccoons and skunks….but no possums ewww

  6. I have pet skunks, because I am allergic to cat, dogs, and birds, while reptiles and fish now bore me. I don't have a large number, but we cope, and when they feel like it, they will come to bed with me.

  7. If l lived in a skunk vacinity I would get one definitely cause they are similar to cats and a bit like dogs but a cute manageable size. Their fur looks amazing texture and get it deskunked incase it sprays as I heard the smell lingers for months

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