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  1. Talking in my sleep again.
    Wonder how many here actually find this as close to the bone after trauma as can be? This was not ever a let us get to the top 40 nor let us relate approach the ppl to obtain validation.

  2. this is one of the best songs of skinny puppy! it has a hidden magic, revealing a great beauty – like many of puppy songs. very best albums: all from "Bites" till "Rabies" and "Brap" (what a huge discover of never before released old stuff!) – and watch out for puppy side projects!! shows the wide spectrum of genius they had (specially Rudolph Goettel R.I.P.): Hilt, Doubting Thomas

  3. I think she'd like to retire, but her privious plan has been to move to Mexico with a Sociopath to grow olg with. I would rather send her back to Covina or to her Granddaughter in Hollond. If My fucking Sister would talk to Me about it…

  4. Skinny Puppy is so dark and nasty, it's like being really high and pissing razor blades out your dick hole. I had no idea what I was listening to when I was 14… my parents would of died knowing this is what I was zoned out listening to in my bedroom.

  5. Love my Skinny Puppy. Growing up on the West Coast Canada, they were huge here. I've had their music on loop for days. Just picked up The Process again. Been years, but I am rebuilding my collection of my favourite music, and I want Skinny Puppy's entire discography.

    I had a friend named Dave, and his girlfriend Amanda who were the two who introduced me to SP back in the early 90's. I can't stop listening to them. This music has always been ahead of the electro-industrial-metal curve.

  6. Skinny Puppy, Killing Joke, NIN, KMFDM, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Apex Twins…???

    Skinny Puppy created dark industrial rock.

  7. "I wa s a cynder bodied soul in my dream" is this partially based on Behind The Wall Of Sleep By Hp Lovecraft

  8. Although I’ve pleasant memories about this album, it’s not their best. Maybe their most succesfull though in the sense that it established their name as one of the leading acts in the genre.
    Best album imo are Bites and Mind. But I love the disco esque atmo of Remission as well
    Great band, hate the noise bullshit from later period in which they obviously sufferd from a major creative anaemie.

  9. i was 17 when this came out, I was in Vancouver at a record store and asked the guy at the counter what kind of music wasn't selling that people hated, he told me "you look like you need skinny puppy"… I brought the cassette to the Island and pirated tapes for some friends and that's pretty much how we found industrial music in Port Alberni back then… we used to be into Day-Glo Abortions and GBH, a lot of Canadian punk back then and local area gigs in Nanaimo and Victoria… this was embraced with glee

  10. I love skinny puppy… they make more sense when it comes to psychiatries who just won’t listen to reason. :3

  11. I used to skateboard to school with a cassette player and headphones when I first got to Port Alberni on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. I was the first "alternative" that town had ever seen… a few metalheads wanted to know what a skateboard was and we became the pariahs of that town until we all graduated a couple years later… showed them what a tag was, we taught kids how to skate, we even dared each other and I did coffin skated on a road under semi trucks that would freak out … you had to turn your head sideays not to get your face ripped off from the axles

  12. #206-291-7047 2:38 pm 159 min afr nun …6/13/2018 …. thinking about writing down what's in bus ticket's and stuff in my bag afr coffee ….may need to quit eating without the twinzzz afr all …it's brooke and brandi's birthday tda an I miss them very much ….am @ 4812 5p W ave. Ensley , jeff state college's address is 35215 33.652375,-86.709216 2601 carson Rd. 35215 #205-853-1200

  13. Arguably one of the best industrial songs ever made just because it's effectively epitome of everything the genre represents before and after in its rawest, purest form.

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