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PD : Do you really have to do this? Owner : It’s no joke Thriller night.. A cat turns to a beast..! Wanna taste my meowy punch! Tigerish cat ‘Yeenu’ Meowve the way!!! Owner : I have no idea why she’s like that The owner has to get dressed up in skiing outfits during summertime.. Get inside, Yeenu Argh! Owner: How do I lock it.. Don’t you dare +_+ Owner : Ah, it’s okay now PD : Hallo~ Get the f [email protected]#[email protected]$# PD : Think her owner is the only target Owner : She’s aggressive to any hoomans.. Particularly attacks me though.. You. Better. Not. Owner : Can I see your kittens~ Nawww!!!! Dayum.. Mi mama is loco.. Help..! Owner : She wasn’t like this, she used to be very calm.. But after we moved.. She’s been angry for 24/7 PD : How many clothes are you wearing right now? Owner : I’m wearing 2 winter clothes already, so my inner clothes are all soaked Unexpected sauna experience Owner : Yeenu, smell, food, water, and her toilet.. Everything is all messed up Move away, a butler is on the way! You. Better. Not Come. Close. To. Meow ATTACC MEOWY PUNCH Owner : Even though I wear gloves.. This is why I can’t feed her, srsly.. We were happy together But now.. It all changed to horror.. Owner : Omg.. It’s a mess Owner : Hope Yeenu goes back to how she used to be.. But it doesn’t work.. ATTACC Vet : Hello~ Who dis. No hi back Vet : Oh, I’m sorry.. She’s angry and scurred.. Seems like she’s very exhausted Vet : She had to move and gave birth to kittens That’s why she’s become more defensive as it made her more anxious Sudden changes in her surroundings triggered anxiety and sensitiveness after her first delivery On top of that, The owner couldn’t understand her properly They need to restore relationship! Approaches her with cats’ kiss Hmmm.. Accepted. Vet : Think as ‘I really want to get along with you’ And blink your eyes to say hi Owner : Yeenu, hello~ Hai How many times to I have to say hi? Hope is growing up, little by little.. Aromatherapist : Ths scent relaxes your mind To relieve stress Receives aromatherapy treatments WOAH After a while Ahem.. She sits next to her owner..! Sowie for being rude for the past few days Owner : Yeenu, are you okay? Purrfect~♥ You may pet me now Owner : I can touch her for the first time in a month It’s amazing that I can touch her again Owner : We’ll put a lot of efforts to go back to how we used to be Yeenu, you must’ve gone through a lot.. But for now on Hope you are happy with your family

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  2. I know how to get them to stop you just have to make them used to u. At least stare at them for a few minuted a day and after a month this method works

  3. Reminds me of my former feral cat I took care of,she had a litter and one day she moved them from the spot where she gave birth and it was raining hard and after she moved all the kittens there was one she would not bring into the new location and I decided to put them back where she gave birth and she watched me as I did this and when I went to put the one back that she ignored is when she nailed me good so from the moment on I knew I had to get rid of her so I contacted a feral cat rescue and they trapped her along with her babies but the one she ignored went into foster care because it turned out it was sickly but today that baby is doing really good.

  4. Sie ist ein muttertier, sie verteidigt ihre kinder. Wie ist sie ohne kinder, wie ist sie wenn ihre kinder groß sind? Ich denke wieder voll relext. Lg. Ff.

  5. I don't care what the problem was I would not have put up with a cat that acted like that. It would have been booted out the nearest window.

  6. Я люблю кошек, но такой по заднице нахреначил бы, и за шкирку потрепал.

  7. Thank you for being patient with this kitty. She obviously is traumatized over something. Check out Jackson Galaxy's videos. He usually has some great advice regarding situations like this. Also, this cat might need to be evaluated by a vet to see if she needs to be put on kitty prozac to help with aggressive mood swings. Good luck with this kitty. Her babies are so adorable!

  8. Лол, кошка похожа на сестру моей кошки, такая же злая была, кормили ее, запирая в комнате, у дверей еду ставили и убегали хдд

  9. Whatever what was in that bottle got that cat high on the next level did yall see them eyes open up when she took the smell in .?

  10. Dalam 25 ekor kucing peliharaan, ada seekor yg sangat garang, suka cari gaduh, bukan hanya pada kucing tetapi pada orang juga ..

  11. Это очень сложно, ждать и верить, что все восстановится …

  12. Bu kediye fazla güvenmeyin bu vahşi Rusya kedisinin kirmasindan oluşan bir tür benimde vardı aynı böyle yaptı önce sakin tatlı pozlar veriyor sonra birden saldırıyor hamileyken birde dogurunca daha vahsilesiyor çok iyi takipçi saldirmadan önce koltuğun altına saklanıyor birden üstüne hoplayıp yırtıp kaçıyor sanki içine birden şeytan giriyor bu kedi türü sokak kedileri gibi özgürlüğü seviyor evde yaşamak bunlar için iyi değil ne kadar iyi davranirsan davran seni fırsat bulunca gene yirtacak emin ol

  13. あんな狭いケージで飼う事が間違い

  14. If that happens to me i will slap that cat with a bamboo stick so whenever she sees me she will not be that wild I will never be controlled by stupud animals if he or she still like that will abandoned it..

  15. Easy way to fix that cats attitude. Tie small rope to top of cage. Lift cage by rope and dunk into the nearest pond, wait till bubbles stop, remove cage from pond, remove cat from cage, feed fish in pond…. nice kittu

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