Size Doesn’t Matter | Animal

>>Dom Harington: Hi, I’m Dom Harington and we’re here on the 2015 Animal shoot in the world’s biggest super pipe in Laax, Switzerland. I’m just about to be joined by Murray Buchan who is our new skier on the Animal team.>>Interview: Oh yeah, what’s Murray like then?>>Dom Harington: Yeah, he’s really six gear. Just don’t mention his size.>>Interviewer: Er, why?>>Dom Harington: I don’t know. If there’s any way you can make him look bigger on the footage or anything?>>Interview: Yeah, I can do that. [Music] [Beep]>>Murray Buchan: This is absolutely [beep]. Jonno, why am I stuck in this tiny little half pipe when there is the world’s biggest half pipe, just over there?>>Interviewer: Yeah but, we’re just trying to make you look bigger in the footage>>Murray Buchan: You’re [beep]ing joking me? You [beep] [Beep] you And [beep] you I’m going to ski this one.>>Dom Harington: Oh, we shouldn’t have mentioned that.>>Murray Buchan: You know what, this has been an amazing trip. We’ve had such good weather, we’ve had a perfect half pipe It’s just been the best couple of days.>>Dom Harington: Jonno, you know like you use camera angles to make stuff look bigger? Well Could you make this look longer?>>All: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

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