Sixth Street Vet: Keeping your pet safe during the 4th of July

this edition of rib first city pets is happening in mcclenney from 6th street vet with dr. mike and superstar mojo who thinks he’s camouflage but i can still see him why is he all dressed well you know what we have coming up here pretty soon is the 4th of July which means fireworks we’ve talked about it before mojo he likes to sport his thunder shirt for such occurrences um this is a anxiety wrap and there are several different types but it just helps to calm them and having pets scared of fireworks is no joke you know a lot of people even lose their pets the pets get so scared that they’ve run out of the yard and disappear so we need to pay attention and think about our little furry friends what’s fun for us is sometimes pretty scary for them imagine so and so one of the things I know like for our Sophie our wrought labra hound we do the thunder shirt but then we actually actually have to resort to some medication sure and there’s a couple different ways you can go you know if you’re kind of unnatural or more homeopathic there are a number of a number of herbal supplements that you can try talk to your vet about those to make sure it’s not gonna be anything conflict with any other meds your dogs take and then there are several prescription medications you know we use a lot of trazadone these days and also we use a lot of drug drugs in a class called benzodiazepines which is stuff like diazepam or alprazolam and all of those can be hugely helpful you know in helping your pet have a safe and anxiety free fourth of July what else can you do to help your pet feel safe and secure I know that once you mentioned exercising your pet in advance so they’re kind of smooth us a nice sleepy tired pet is gonna net be more relaxed and have less adrenaline the other thing too I can tell you what not to do because we all do this right when your pet starts looking anxious try to resist the urge to run over and hug them and tell them it’s going to be ok because I’m kind of like kids the more you give them the idea that there’s something to worry about the more worried they’re gonna get and in dogs any behavior that you reward by petting them and telling them good boy it’s going to be ok they will actually be teaching them to display anxiety to you in order to get attention which is crazy but true as it is your first instinct to go to them and see look it’s all right exactly totally comforting a good thing to do in advance is work with your pet and establish what I call like a subtle command when the pet lays down and is just chilling that’s when you go over give them lots of attention and treats you can actually teach them to relax on command and then you can use that so when your pet starts to look a little amped up give them a subtle command and if anytime that they’re showing relaxation and comfort in a stressful situation you can reward that and you’ll see more of that relaxed behavior so wishing you and your pets a very safe and happy 4th saying hello to Gloria because we can’t do that and what is the phone number to reach you here at 6 Street it’s nine oh four two five nine two two zero zero or or six Street vet calm [Music]

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