Single Girl Raises Her First Child In The Sims 4 | Part 2

we’re here again and we’re just as uncomfortable as last time let us begin everybody we’re doing this again I’m Kelsey and I’m single and we thought it was really funny to make me do the hunter baby charlie oh this is the moment Chelsea is in labor last time I assured a challenge to all of you to make baby daddies for Chelsea who’s going to have to have a hundred children in this baby challenge but since last time I met so many eligible men that I’m gonna hold that so you got extra time we’ll be checking out your baby submissions next video we’re back in Chelsea’s home it is night on the town night which i think means New Year’s it looks like olives birthday is tomorrow well it’s gonna be a toddler all it’s gonna need a bed olives gonna need like a highchair like a lot of stuff so we really need to start hustling with the with the writing I guess she’s writing a romance novel good job Chelsea York freshing bass whoo level five she’s really oh no all of his upset trees that diaper huh paws don’t do that maybe first will we finish writing a book okay we got published that oh no I love this sad again little rock you bunk bunk bunk bunk and she’s got a baby certificate oh my god should we place that somewhere we totally should but this is gonna be our baby wall and hopefully we’ll have a hundred baby certificates on here by the end oh so the publisher yes body language yeah yeah what star celebrity cuz we’ve read so many books we’re gonna be a famous mom can we use our fan points to do something cool networking the social prowess to deal with fellow celebrities we should have this one so she can talk to that famous guy more feeling good feeling fine [Music] baby I think this also means it’s our baby’s birthday it’s a baby’s birthday yeah it’s a quiet house starts thinking that Oh life of I imaginary numbers in you sure our baby’s upset again every time we sit down it’s kinda like my dog does that we’re like I can’t believe I’m comparing a baby to a dog but technically this is a sim baby so it’s kind of better my dog does that where every time I sit down to eat he needs something so either he needs food too or he needs to go outside and what’s worse it’s like it’ll be bright as I finished cooking so like everything’s hot and ready and I put it down and then he’s like can I go outside and I’m like it’s gonna get cold but I love him so I guess it’s fine no our computer just started Fritzing and that’s our livelihood I guess we’ll have to learn how to fix a computer why don’t you try to fix this now I hope she doesn’t die about fixing this computer otherwise we’re gonna have to have a very short challenge or all of us gonna have to take up the mantle oh my gosh please don’t die please don’t die please don’t die yes our handy Queen she doesn’t need a repairman mostly because repair meds are expensive I think she did it Hey okay you left a bunch of trash oh we just got a hundred and fifty six dollars whoa body language made so much money Oh is she having she’s having an accident she just peed herself Oh toga snobs clearly there was too much going on and I didn’t properly take care of myself Oh je Huntington is asking us to go over to his house but we shouldn’t leave the baby so sorry we can’t go over you can go over here we just beat ourselves so we might need to clean up and then we need to eat if this sim survives me I’m gonna be so proud of her go take care of your baby I know you’re embarrassed because you peed yourself I’m embarrassed too I keep trying to let her eat and she just really hasn’t had time we don’t watch New Year’s Eve TV how cute oh the baby’s crying again or you’re gonna be aged up today okay here we go all of that toddlers okay so we got to do a random one we’re not allowed to choose their trades take a random number between 1 and 8 it’s too great this baby is angelic how nice how convenient for us all it is so – she’s got her mom you’re gonna be expensive aren’t you that means it’s time for a makeover of the house welcome to Kelsey’s Extreme Home Makeover but not that extreme because we don’t really have that much money okay this one looks good we’ll get a cute color for her or color this oh that’s cute we’ll put it under the window that’s pretty cute one of the things doesn’t all learning dollar needs a highchair I really like this yellow theme for our baby she is a toilet that’s real I think I could just put it in the bathroom with ours yeah it’s so cute maybe we’ll get like a little toy for her all the lies only imagination skill creativity’s feel cute it’s a little cat all right I think we got it all this what kids need right a toy food peeing I want to change the wallpaper a little bit all right we made her a little room it’s very simple but you got to start from somewhere okay Wow now what do we do can we put her to bed here we go you’re going to bed now Oh her bedtime poles are so cute good thank my sweet love she’s got all these values oh my gosh we could really mess up our children just like in real life their New Year’s Eve was awful what do you mean you’re a great New Year’s Eve your daughter aged up oh all it needs to pee she doesn’t know how to potty on her own though so I guess I gotta wake up and help olive to go potty all right all of you ready now is the important time in a child’s life where you got a potty in a potty she just waved like you can’t get to the potty so I guess I got to move the potty to like a better location is it weird to have the child’s body in their room or is it fine I guess it doesn’t matter all right here we go oh she’s so imbalanced but she acquired the potty skill we are parents as heck are you not going go why aren’t you going on the potty it’s spring now your tomato the like toilet noises now our baby’s hungry so I guess we got a food food our baby she says I’m hungry and I say okay I’m gonna take you there the food down celebrity level aw sting no me she’s just taking some time off of her high level celebrity status to be a good mother she’s gonna take a nap while the baby’s eating now the baby once out let out the baby she has no energy oh that was so cute all right now she’s got a good fit and baby will baby needs fun so we’re gonna play oh my gosh look how cute this is great she is adorable Wow I never really knew that this is what it would feel like to have your first child I’m enamoured I just got olive but already I would kill for all this oh my gosh Chelsea’s in labor this is not a drill Chelsea’s in labor it’s time does she go back to bed no Chelsea you have to wake up and have your baby Dominic this is not the time to ask me on a date okay I am busy but thank you for your interest it’s a girl it’s another girl Lola Brielle Brielle’s kind of cute for ya let’s go home with BRE oh no time to waste I got pregnant again baby making a clock Jay come on over there’s some great performers playing Santa is asking us to hang out not the time Santa I love that Chelsea’s two best friends are Santa Claus and Nancy lein crap and also of course all of her lover’s slash fathers oh my god we should do it like a Father’s Day and just invite all the fathers over for a party that’d be fun that is so cute all right let’s have a baby oh you said yes that’s good Oh No where you going olive all I’m just walking outside I love no no no no I live go here we need more toys for our baby boom toys meanwhile Chelsea’s you know working on baby number three now we’re at pregnancy test if not we’ll have to just go back into the bedroom eating for two yay tell him the good news he’ll probably be a little surprised as you know anyone would be in his situation a little bit excited okay well good for you all of these men I feel like she tells him at the top right okay I’ve got this girl wait we got our second baby birth certificate baby number two with the parenting yes let’s teach to say please and thank you very good parenting what a good parent and she’s pregnant now so we can move on to our next man I think we want to try a four thorn but we got to get a little bit more I feel like if we were a little bit more of a celebrity maybe that would help we feed the baby I’m apparently a little hungry too so maybe I’m gonna I mean she’s a little hungry too she’s smelling her cereals that have a nice bouquet Oh our baby’s cranky we went too far no well she’s crying we’re a horrible or she’s cranky I understand children we can’t ask thorn to Wow he’s just too cool for us forget everything baby’s upset oh no baby woke up our other baby no no no go back to bed okay but oh she’s feeling nauseous who’s that outside he’s wearing the cool sunglasses and Christmas hat Sergio bag bag bag the sheikah bears captain no oh she really needs to go maybe this is the time and the baby’s crying well Elise we met him oh wow Sergio just came into our house so maybe he really is gonna be our nice friend he’s gonna talk to her baby cuz our baby’s upset I changed that dirty diaper you can make a little flirtatious joke lalala you’re in my house at midnight I found you walking by the front of my house with your sunglasses on and a Santa hat and I knew you had to be mind the compliment is outfit be like Sergio you got a fashion sense she needs to sleep though Sergio left Oh is she coming into her bedroom this is so cute she’s gonna wake her up it at night oh no she’s waking her up by crying that’s not the best news Oh perfect get get less sad my darling you needed the potty it’s very convenient this toddler all you have to do is check the toddler and this is know how to look tells you what it’s me [Music] it’s taking a while why is she sad Oh does she miss up she had an accident man shoot no other baby is crying they’re both hungry at 5:00 a.m. Oh parenting man I really wanted to be a parent but now this just seems like a lot or it’s almost Brielle’s birthday wait what our baby’s already aging up we’ll have two toddlers oh okay the babies are up and they’re doing stuff all of us coming into the bathroom while she’s showering okay we got a feed all of here or I mean Brielle we haven’t even properly seduced our next man yet but I think we got a little bit of a head start on Sergio so maybe we’ll invite him over Opie’s here okay ooh double task I love this get to know always so we could write and we can’t ah oh she smelly can she take a bath without me no she needs me you know you should just keep playing until you get really smelly and then you’ll be fine yeah just keep playing got we got to write a book and seduce a man we can’t also give our child a bath oh we need to ask Sergio fees single we haven’t done that yet and that’s an important step I’ve learned he is single good who’s she finished writing her book okay good sell that to the publisher oh wait is he leaving Sergio Sergio dang it oh gosh the baby’s crying again why is everyone sad I can all I only have one at a time time oh my god Sergio came back and Sergio scared the crap out of me I was like a stranger is in my home but I appreciate you Sergio for trying to help oh my god why does she still cry we’ve done everything I need to pee Sergio a total angel has just stuck it through your garbage oh I have never had a boyfriend take out my carpet oh no all I was really hungry I’ve hardly enough time to keep up with Chelsea’s needs let alone all these kids needs oh she’s tired okay go to sleep good girl all of it such a good girl she’s taking care of herself a lot so I feel like all of his death only gonna be one of those like kids that oh no that helps take care of the other kids Brielle is very fussy olive was never this fussy all I was going to bed on her own like a flippin champion you asleep sleep while your kids are sleeping we still need to seduce this guy oh no a baby’s awake and she’s hungry and tired oh no she’s crying oh she’s so hungry Oh No remember when her life was fun she’s just a single gal ah and our toilet our toilet – are you kidding me our toilet just broke and is spouting water everywhere our baby is crying our other toddler was is very sad because it was very hungry I meanwhile have not no fun in ages we still have it to do Sergio cool our baby’s crying and needs aid but like we don’t we’re all so hungry gonna die oh no she’s losing relevance as a celebrity everything’s going wrong it’s Brielle’s birthday okay I think we should just a joke Brielle so that we can we don’t have to take care of her crying anymore really stuff okay now we gotta take a treat for Brielle pick a number between one and eight it’s three so this toddler is clingy great and we’re gonna sell this or you know yet a toddler bed for Brielle Brielle’s taking herself on a walk outside with her little red boots – Brielle is honestly so cute I would argue Brielle might be beuter than all of which I would hate to say cuz you know as a parent you’re not supposed to compare your kids she is so flippin cute she just fell asleep in the bath I think I’m gonna sell the bathtub because I think the bathtub takes longer than a shower would Brielle no no bad girl reprimand her discipline firm expressed disappointment you got a parent this girl right here she is making a mess realice is not how we do it in our house PG a family does not condone making giant mess learn your responsibility I’m gonna clean up oh she needs to go the bathroom I’m a level 5 parent I’m hardcore I had now a new appreciation for my own parents one time when I was a kid I drew on their couch with my chapstick I’m really sorry mom and dad she is not feeling well I think we might accidentally kill Chelsea wait I don’t think we can wash all of in this in a shower we can’t Oh flap okay we got delete the shower all right we got to give all of a bath okay she’s tired of blocks all right we got to get this kid of something else to do why are used to hope needy okay we’ll get her my dollhouse that’s pretty big though it’s kind of expensive but I feel like it might be a good investment you love it all I’ve know now all I was making a mess no I got to teach all of responsibility everyone’s going to bed everyone’s in bed we did it no we did it one of them’s up and she’s sad No is this how it’s gonna be with a hundred I’m gonna slowly go insane oh my god Chelsea just passed out from pure exhaustion she was taking yourself to bed fall our daughter poops she’s sad because she’s tired go to sleep put yourself to sleep don’t wake your sister up go to no hole think what a bet she made a big mess I don’t care they’re all asleep everybody sleep it’s fine yeah eat and watch TV get those two birds one stone hopefully your fun will go up a little bit you know what will be fine Sergio come on over come on over Sergio hey what’s up Berthe guess amongst all of her children’s paint splatters Sergio he’s already a little cute outfit oh wait we can work whoo-hooo with Sergio let’s move in with Sergio because honestly she needs some fun go have fun girlfriend your kids are sleeping the time is right well I’m in labor oh my gosh she’s in labor okay well I guess you’re gonna have the baby at the hospital we’re gonna send her alone baby number three I’m not good with baby one in two it’s a boy our first boy Cory Cory is kind of fine Landon I went on a date with a boy named Landon with Josh berry keep Keith came up randomly I can’t have baby Keith Jamie Jamie’s cute I like Jamie cuz it reminds me of whoa whoa Sergio oh you’re just destroying my house while I’m gone know what Sergio we already invested a lot of time and effort so we’re gonna try for baby with you but I’m real mad this house looks horrendous great okay everything’s terrible everything’s terrible if we don’t feed Jamie Jamie’s gonna be taken away my mom just passed out ah this is bad this is bad this is bad go feed Jamie Jamie is the most important right now I’ve never felt like I want to use cheats more in my entire life okay I’m putting Jamie in my bedroom because I don’t want Jamie to keep the girls up we’re gonna fight over Sergio who is dead to us because he ruined our child flippin home like a monster I’m really trying to take care of her needs that’s like the worst part but I just really want to win this challenge in his little episodes as possible all right now one of my children is playing in the dirty toilet whoa waiting for two he’s got in our bathtub this guy she was pregnant with baby number four we have three children I’m gonna leave this here because I think I need a break for motherhood it’s clearly too much for me I can’t wait to look at all the eligible bachelors you guys are gonna send me thank you for watching [Music]

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