42 thoughts on “Sims 4 Cats and Dogs: Making Our Pets!

  1. I like how you can name mixed breeds. I bred my German Shepherd with a Giant Schnauzer and called the breed a ' Giant Shepzer.' My irl dog is a 'Pompoochon.' Pomeranian, Poodle and Bichon Frise 😀

  2. Bruh… there's a selection for an elder dog age right in the whole gender selection thing. -_- this is gonna drive me crazy.

  3. I'm going to make my Husky Rottie mix and my mustache cat on November 9th or 10th when I get the game 🙂 depends on my work schedule of that week

  4. I can't believe she just assumed mirror mode couldn't be turned off. The pets would look so much better without those weirdly symmetrical patterns she made.

  5. The forehead is so big bc of the furr, isnt it? That could be changed.. idk if they have one like your dog has but yeah

  6. I cant believe you actually spent £35 on this… i know you are a somewhat big company but still… £35…

  7. I was hoping this would be a video of everyone from IGN making there pets and showing them next to pictures of real pets.

  8. Looks good. But I have to say wait a couple of months 'cause someone will probably made a mod to refine the sculpting process.

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