Simple Ways to Fend Off Fruit Flies – Orkin Pest Control

You know there’s just something inviting about a bowl of fresh fruit set out on the counter. Problem is, as tasty as it looks to you, it can be even more attractive to fruit flies. And once they’re in, they can be tough to get rid of. That’s because despite their name, they’re attracted to more than just fruit. They’ll set up shop in your drains, your garbage can, heck they can even find a home right here in a wet mop! Now fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help take down a swarm. Okay, let’s start with the fruit bowl. Now, fruit flies like to lay their eggs in a place where the larvae will have access to plenty of decaying food when they hatch. So remove any rotten or overripe fruit immediately. As a general rule, if you won’t eat it, they will. So throw it out. While we’re at it, a trash can with a tight-fitting lid can also help keep fruit flies out. Regularly emptying and cleaning the can will also make sure that any flies that do find their way inside won’t be able to set up shop. Another place fruit flies like to hang out is in your garbage disposal and drains. They love to eat the grime that builds up on the inside. So, to clean it, you’re going to use plenty of hot water and a good, stiff-bristled brush to scrub away any build-up on the inside. Now, if you want, you can grab some bleach, pour it down the drain, and this will help with bacteria and odor. Now, all of this will help get rid of the eggs and larvae, but what about all those flies that are, you know, flying around? Well you can create your very own, homemade fruit fly trap. All you need is a bowl, some apple cider vinegar, and some plastic wrap. All you do is pour some of the apple cider vinegar into the bowl and cover it tightly with the plastic wrap. Your next step is to take a toothpick and put four or five small holes in the top of the plastic. Now we’re going to set this in an area where we’ve noticed a lot of flies and voilà! Your very own homemade fruit fly trap. The flies will follow the smell of the vinegar right through the holes and get trapped. Now, if you’ve been trying to get rid of fruit flies, and you’re not having any luck, you can always give me a call. I’ll treat the source of the infestation, so you can have your fruit and eat it too.

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