Simple life Manhattan: a 90-square-foot microstudio

I wanted to live in Manhattan but I didn't want to take all my money and I found this place through a friend and it's great location it's right you're like in Center Central Park great deal okay I'm sure there's some compromises but it's worth it it's 90 square feet I am also a professional organizer so organizing the space was a challenge but one I was happy to take on so when I first moved in the woman who was here before I had just furniture you could barely there was a strip of blank space down the center of the room but I just got rid of everything and I knew you had to go up when you organized in New York City so that's what I did and I wanted a space so this is why right and this is where I do my art my place to hang out and read there's no kitchen but I've created my own little kitchen a little fridge so I have two food shop a few times a week because it cannot hold that much stuff but in New York City most people store their laundry in their stoves anyway so toaster oven that holds the bananas storage as you know it's so important for New Yorker so there's a cabinet gotta have a hot pot you know I can make hard-boiled eggs one of the things I did was they were these sliding doors that for any apartment are hard to get into I got rid of the doors and then I put up a curtain for the most part we don't even wear half of what we own anyway so I'm always kind of going through and seeing what I can get rid of the bathroom is pretty big for you know you just got to be careful you don't hit your knee when you're sitting on the toilet I think it's actually gotten bigger since I've been in the apartment I've just gotten used to sitting you know sometimes you have to sit sideways but it can be a little you know daunting getting out of the tub and getting into the tub you just get out slowly but you're only in the shower once once a day the first night I slept in the apartment I had a panic attack when I first saw it I thought oh this is easy and when I actually went up to bed and I woke up in the middle of the night and there was the ceiling and I had a friend they over cuz I thought I would fall out of the bed when I woke up there was the ceiling here in the wall on every side and I had wanted to get out quickly and she was saying relax go slowly because you're gonna fall and so then I had put I had installed a handle on the side and a hook and then after that night I have not had another panic attack and I love it up here and at night it's cozy when you're up here at night and you just have the light on that's the only light and I've gotten my reading and I used to have so many books but I've gotten rid of a lot of books my sister gave me a Walden Pond so you've stayed in a little space got to keep that one just to remind me that it's okay to live in a small space and – right and you know he's my inspiration you know obviously I'm not in the woods I'm in the jungle here in New York City but it's just a really quiet cozy little space up here and it's enjoyable and where do you spend most your time I spend most of my time when I'm in the apartment probably at my desk so this is where I write I have a book coming out next month so here's the cover to the book what puppet told me my maternal grandfather he's a Holocaust survivor I also have a studio space downtown down at paragraph the writer studio down town in the village I'm also an artist I make shrinky dink art which is appropriate since that's the only art that can fit in this apartment the great thing about New York is you can do so many different things at once I look out my window and it's New York City I mean that's my backyard Central Park is a block away I'm going to the park I have Lincoln Center I have libraries all over the subways two blocks away you know I go to the gym I have gyms all over the place the city really has a lot to offer and sometimes I feel like I am you know you're in college and it's a huge campus and you can just take advantage of everything you want to take advantage of I mean I like to get out of the city as well and you know ride my bike hundred miles on the weekends and be in nature and it's the best of both worlds here's yoga so you know you can come down do your yoga and occasionally you'll hit your foot or your arm against something but I've had my whole family in here and I've had probably eight or nine people hanging out and I have a friend with a larger apartment two blocks away and we ended up hanging out here because it's cozier I don't feel stressed about rent I don't feel a huge overhead my father's a bankruptcy attorney I think we learned early on you don't acquire what you don't but you can't afford so he kind of instilled that it in us I said I was going to come live here for a year it kind of has turned into three years and Counting but it's I'm able to work and live here and travel and not be concerned that I have this huge space I have to come back and take care of

36 thoughts on “Simple life Manhattan: a 90-square-foot microstudio

  1. All of these toxic people in the comment section, don't you all realize sardine cans are our future? It's hip and artsy

  2. Surprising she is a professional organizer, u should look at some Hong kong smaller sq ft apartments the way it has been designed…….this womans place looked more like a bachelors den for me?

  3. No sweetie – I've lived in Manhattan for fifty years and most New Yorkers DON'T keep their laundry in the stove. You just happen to be a delusional lunatic. But whatever. You do you.

  4. How does she have sex up there tho, I can’t even stand the bottom of my bunk bed and it’s bigger then that

  5. "bathroom is pretty big"…..
    i live in texas, and my bathroom is bigger than your appt girl…LOL

  6. I like it but I think I could do a better job. It is really all you need but won’t be getting much action in that bed.

  7. There is something truly psychotic about a society that normalizes paying hundreds for a non-functional shit hole space. The size, design, & price of this place just scream “f**k you, suckers.” I’m sure this apartment rents for over $1200/mo now with no updates! ?

  8. Hello all. Id like to start a small home community in the north west area of the US, centered around simple living, peace and old world trades , im a stone sculptor, builder,stone mason and farmer, im extremely motivated and love creating but I need a bit of help finding the right people

  9. It s not so nice, and could be better organized , l lived you video though ❤️ you seem really nice ?

  10. This just strikes me as a sad way to live. But I appreciate her motto of not acquiring what you can’t afford. Those are wise words. I’m sure more and more Americans are priced out of the reasonable bare minimum of living space and necessities these days. Saddest thing ever to have no kitchen in a place you call home.

  11. Have any of you ever lived in a student apartment? That room is relatively big. Especially because the room is so tall.

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