Simon’s Cat in ‘Off to the Vet’ – Vet Visit

Well, I’ve got four cats, so as you can imagine,
I go to the vet quite a lot. and it’s these experiences in real life, that inspired me to start work
on a new film and a new book. I am off down to Sussex to the Cat’s Protection headquarters to ask the professionals there, what a cat owner can expect in a typical
vet visit and how to minimize stress for the poor old cat. In the film ‘Off to the Vet’
Simon does lot of things wrong, obviously the cat
is getting more and more stressed, what would you suggest to Simon
to reduce that stress of the poor old cat getting so angry. So what we would recommend is having the cat basket out all the time
and making it like a nice safe den. So put a soft blanket inside play with the fishing rod toy,
put some treats around it to make it a nice positive association
and that will help the cat feel safer in that little den when they go to the vet,
so it won’t be that big scary thing. So once you arrive at the waiting room, keep the cat up, nice and high
off the floor either on your lap or on the table
and keep the cat still covered with a blanket to keep it nice and dark. Try and discourage any dog owners from letting their dog say hello to your cat because that will obviously
stress them out and also try not stroke the cat or open the cat basket
because it does pose the escape risk and actually won’t make the cat
feel that much better. So here we have the prep room or
we sometimes use it for consultations and so the cats will come in here
from us to examine them. I am Emily Billings, I am a vet here,
at the National Cat Center. It’s very important to take your cat
for an annual checkup, because cats are masters of disguise
and they can’t tell us when something’s wrong so things will often be picked up that
you haven’t noticed at home Here we go, and then popping
a towel over the basket, so that Yoda still has a place to hide, though he seems pretty happy to be
out and about at the moment. it’s important that you make
the vet know about any changes at all in your cat’s habits or
behavior, because that can guide the vet to look for any
particular problems they might be suffering from. So we generally check cats over,
by looking from head to tail so starting off looking at its eyes
and its ears having a look in its mouth and at its teeth. I then have a listen to their
chest with a stethoscope, so checking their heart and lungs. And then palpating his abdomen to have a feel of his organs and see
whether they’re all the right shape and size any problems there at all and then just generaly checking all over his coat
checking down his legs to feel if there’re any skin lumps
or any wounds or anything like that. So we just pop Yoda on the scales and it’s important to weight cat regularly
because sometimes even a a tiny change in weight
can be quite dramatic for a cat, so if you’re monitoring it every year, then it
means you can sometimes pick up on the early signs of diseases through weight changes. I learned a lot from the visit today and
I met loads and loads of lovely cats too and I’d like to add a big thank you,
to all the great people at Cat’s Protection they do amazing work and they
made me very very welcome!

100 thoughts on “Simon’s Cat in ‘Off to the Vet’ – Vet Visit

  1. All our cats have been from our local branch of Cats Protection, or they have been hurt or ill in some way and managed to make their way to our house. We try to reunite cats and owners but sometimes that is really hard. The people who work with rescues are so dedicated, it must be so difficult to have to say goodbye to those animals you get closest to, even if you know they are going to a good home.

  2. All 4 of our fuzz butts are rescues. Monkey kitty has a cute, but slightly annoying habit of purring every time the vet tries to listen to her heart. They try to annoy her enough to get her to stop, but she just loves people. She has an incredibly loud purr, so I can't imagine how loud it is thru the stethoscope! 🙂

  3. We use a big plastic bin for one of ours, with a vented lid. Easy to get them in and out, and the lid latches so they can't escape, but we cut little holes in the lid so they can breathe, and the tub is normally just out with some of their favorite blankets inside when it's not vet time. Vets also have pheromone wipes that you can use to wipe down your carrier that help put your kitty at ease, it certainly helps when our cat's anxiety flares up and he has to go to the vet after a bad episode.

  4. does anyone have any updates about the off to the vet film? It says in the description, the film will be released in 2015 and now it's 2016… :/

  5. Would you recommend 1: talking to your cat when in a carrier/through the experience? 2:if yes, would you recommend a certain pitch/tone?

  6. Of course I would have four cats too and then have an excuse to go see the pretty doctor. 😀

  7. That real cat they were monitoring,it looks much like my old pet cat.Still alive on the streets being fed by our neighbors who like hanging out in front of their house.

  8. Really annoyed this was never released to the general public. I did not have the money at the time of the fundraiser. Why on earth was this never posted as a paid download or something? When I funded a game a while back I got a free copy but other people were still able to buy it when it came out.

  9. Simon's Cat was that your beautiful white cat I love his eyes. I want to see if I can get the book do you sell it here in America? Thank you. Pkease keep those cute videos coming! 🙂

  10. I have a cat the exact same breed as the white one. The only thing is, she's really old and skittish. She hides most of the time.

  11. It's really a lot different from my experiences with keeping cat calm – my cats hate being covered and most of the time I keep them on my lap when waiting for the vet. They don't have tendency to run off there, rather hide near me.

  12. Yep, aha,..its a week now since I returned from the vet and I am still recovering. My cat spat and peed at all three of us from inside the box,attacked us through the bars so fiercefully that no one dared to touch her including the vet!. Why?Because my cat can and got away with it all her lifetime. Off I went without any treatment on her and without 48€ nevertheless. All I'm looking for now is a vet with a blowtube.

  13. Simon's voice is really amazing, and it's a pleasure to hear him telling stories. The work you do is great. I'm glad to know your channel, so that I can laugh at every episode. The best.

  14. It is true my cat never made a noise in the house but the battle with the cat carrier set him of a treat .but he was fine when got there perhaps it was my driving

  15. Well, we have arrived ourselves to the idea of trying to link the carrier with happy associations for our cats; it has turned out, that they're perfectly able to distinguish between ordinary days, when they enjoy chilling out in the carrier, playing or eating there, and the V day, when they disappear or make a bloodbath to save their lives. We don't even dare use the V word, rather substitute it with "library" or "ice cream parlour", but the cats still catch on, so we always need to find some new term. And our black Maxa, an israeli sabra cat, an issue of Caucasian wild cats, huge and occasionally quite wild, needs some liquid tranquilliser two hours prior being put into the carrier – it's still a bloody affair, he's incredibly smart and very hard to surprise.

  16. i just got a feral cat parcelled off to Cat Protection. Sweety's story is at the start of "I Need an Exorcism" and there is a You Tube video of me reading his story out loud

  17. LOL and than you went home after this and all of yours sniffed you. Than gave you the, "Daddy you cheated on me," look.

  18. Before I go to the Vet, I leave the carry case one week out before she goes. This makes it a positive experience.

  19. I have a great deal of respect for cats protection and the RSPCA, they do have some funny rules about who can adopt but their work is difficult and often very stressful especially when rescuing cats from neglect or abuse which can be particularly harrowing. Respect to you all

  20. The real answer is to get a cage that opens from the top, not the front. You can plop them in to it before they know whats going on.

  21. my cat would never let the vet handle her like that. so far she's been banned from every grooming place and veterinarian in town.

  22. Throughout my life I have had 14 cats..all gone now. I miss them all so very much. Such characters. Gave me so much happiness. Too ill now to care for any more. I have just discovered Simon's cat and having lots of fun watching the cartoons. Thank you Simon.

  23. I think it's wonderful that you are using your success to educate the public about proper cat care. And I just LOVE your cat videos, they are so real and make me happy!

  24. I lucked out with my cats. They like to take naps in the cat carrier. But when I try to put them in there (mainly when they get out and I have to walk them 3 acres back to the house!) they put up a fight. But this does remained me that I need to get a larger cat carrier, one of my cats is too fat to fit in it so she'll get her own fat cat carrier lol

  25. i absolutely love your work! i'm finally having a kitten and the videos you make are the perfect portrait of cat's behaviour! i've already had your books but the animations are even awesome! keep up with the fabulous work!

  26. I have eight cats and am also allergic but I don't have the heart to give them away ?❤️I love them too much. They keep coming out of no where we found all of them scattered through the years ?

  27. why does your white cat have two different coloured eyes because if I'm wrong about it it looks like he's got green and blue eyes so coming to me if they're actually the same colour or or not and I love you I wish I could actually meet you one day and I could just get a really good hug off you bye bye I am called Maisie X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

  28. my cat is a rescue. his name is sylver or sweeny as his nickname. I found him in a park . his first sign was gobbling up my picnic and jumping into the car. soon enough his brother came out too. he ate and went back to his nook. i adopted them both

  29. i had 3 cats and 2 kittens and i thought that was enough but 3 days ago my auntie's friend told me that she couldnt afford to take care of her four FLUFFY cats.
    So now i have 7 cats and 2 kittens 🙂

  30. One of the cats I have dreamt of keeping as a pet, that white vet cat with the beautiful,different coloured eyes! She or he is really a beauty of god's creation

  31. жаль что нет внизу хотя бы русского перевода , хотелось узнать что именно говорят.^.^
    it is a pity that there is no below at least a Russian translation, I wanted to know what exactly they say.^.^

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