21 thoughts on “Simon Draws: Persian Cats – Simon's Cat | CREATIVE

  1. Back in the late 90's an across the street neighbor had a snow white Persian named Pepper. He used to lie in the street and make u drive slowly around him. When we parked, he would come over to say hi and let us pet him. His coat was always matted because he spent so much time outside. Many years later, the next door neighbors' cat used to hang out on my porch be ause they didn't pay him mu ch attention. I kept a kitty bed out there for him, water in warm weather, and a blanket in tbe bed in cold weather. I kept enough of the blanket sticking out to cover him up at night, and he would sleep there all night☺. One of the friendliest cats i ever saw. He is the thing i miss the most about my old neighborhood

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