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45 thoughts on “Simon Cowell's FAVOURITE Dog Auditions On Got Talent! | Got Talent Global

  1. Whites are so humble u can’t ask a black man to kneel n they do…especially wen they know they at the top of the world ?

  2. Finn’s story made me cry because I love dogs and I have a dog and I could never imagine anything bad happening to my dog

  3. this won't be a popular comment, but i just don't enjoy performing animals. i realize it's amazing, and it's a joint effort of connection between trainer and animal. i understand it's about connection and that aspect is beautiful. but i just can't find it endearing in any way. i don't find it sweet or cute when animals act in ways that someone has taught them to. but i do respect and admire the patience and the companionship is lovely.

  4. A man that can feel that much compassion towards an animal he doesn't even know is a true kind human being!

  5. Simon, this gal has the most amazing voice. According to Burnett, Elsie is totally blind, never went to school, and never learned English. She just listens to the radio and learned the songs by heart. Everyone is hoping that someone in the music industry, either in the Philippines or abroad, will finally discover Elsie Balawing and her golden voice and help make her dreams come true. There is a video of her singing I will always love you, without the music, and her voice is just like Whitney Houston.

  6. 12:26

    "Okay. Sarah. You have a yes from Howie, a yes from Heidi, a no from Mel BOO! But Sarah, Hero, you have a yes from me."

    My favorite part from when Simon said this is "A no from Mel BOO!" I ALWAYS LAUGH AT THAT! XD

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