Silly Cat Auditions for “Cats” (feat. @Brandon Rogers)

– All right, next! – Ohh, my name is Clifton and I’m here to
audition for Cats! – Great, great, do you
have any experience acting? – Oh, I can act silly! – Fantastic, why don’t you
do something silly for us? – All right, I– (farts) – [Both] Uggh! – Hey!
– What the (bleep) was that!? – I did a Spray and Hey. – Are there any
other cat abilities you can bring to the screen? – I, hmm, I go… I do drugs.
– Does your cat do that? – I don’t think
any cats do that. Do you have any
other cat abilities? – I take the bus.
– Not a cat thing. – I watch pornos. – That’s a human thing.
– That’s people. – I hit kids in the face. – Hmm, well, I guess
cats do that, yeah. – Oh! I don’t hit kids, but to get
this part, I might start. – Well, I think we’ve
seen what we need to see. – Yup, thank you so
much for your time. – Oh, no, you can
have more of my time. Let’s cut to a video clip that showcases my kitty skills. – [Both] Oh, no, no,
that’s okay! (hisses) – Hello! And if you’re watching
this right now, that means I probably didn’t
do a very good audition. Please come with me
while I prove to you why I’m the best cat. People like me for
my carefree attitude. I don’t care. If I have eight nipples,
why do I drink so much milk? – [Man] How come you’re
wearing a collar? – Because I’m not a nudist! Look how good of a mood
I’m in while I fece! (bleep) turds! What is furry and why do these little Chinese children
keep calling me this? This one was a praline! They’re always good
for an extra round. Oooh, I love cat people. They like to get hurt. – [Man] Do you ever
talk to your family? – Oh, they can talk to each
other during their next orgy. – [Man] Orgy? – Where multiple
people have sex. – [Man] No, I know
what an orgy is. I didn’t realize your family– – I don’t usually
watch pornography but that movie with
the talking lions nearly made me (bleep)
– Watch out, watch out! – In conclusion, it’s
time to stop the video and talk about how
much you like me! So what did you think? – We couldn’t hear or see
any of that from here. (bleep)! (whispering) – Actually, we are
casting another role. – Are you twisting my tits? I play the lead
role as the janitor, but the jokes on them because they don’t know
I’ve been snacking.

43 thoughts on “Silly Cat Auditions for “Cats” (feat. @Brandon Rogers)

  1. Great sketch by Mr. Roger's as always but how does Brandon Roger's own channel have better cameras and editing than Comedy Central?

  2. Last night, I mentioned that I hope Brandon Rogers would do more Comedy Central originals. I guess god…uhm Google answers my thoughts and prayers

  3. Don't know who this guy is, but this was pretty funny. My favorite part is when he's rolling around and somersaults right into the camera. Also, his exposed penis is never mentioned? Seems like a missed opportunity

  4. In the words of the great lesbian, “The baby’s coming, quick! Put on comedy central! Great, it’s going back in.”

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