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I’ve never seen a dog bedroom like that before! This is Buster, and this is Buster’s doggy bedroom! He has a bed, a few of his favorite plants and a TV! He’s got a pretty good setup. Buster’s dad built this bedroom to help Buster feel safe. Because Buster used to be a really shy dog, who was really scared of people. He would run and hide whenever anyone got too close to him. Even from his own dad! He was a very loving dog, but there was just something which
was making him very, very nervous. Whenever his dad came downstairs, Buster went upstairs. And when his dad went upstairs, Buster ran downstairs! He just wanted to stay out of the way. But Buster’s dad loved him so much and really wanted to help, so he did the best thing for his nervous little guy. Buster’s dad measured and cut. And made the frame out of wood. Then he put in a window and a warm, soft bed. He even added cool lights and decorations for Buster, too! And the minute Buster saw his new room, he LOVED it. Like, he really loved it. He started spending a ton of time in there. ‘Cause it was cozy and safe and just for him! And just like his dad hoped, Buster started to change. He started to play with his dad more. And run around the house more! Basically, he was a happy dog who loved his dad. He just seems far more relaxed around me now, and it’s great to see. He’s just a really cute dog. Now that Buster was feeling good, his dad thought that he could help other people feel better, too. So, that’s when Buster started school to become a therapy dog! Buster’s job is to visit people in hospitals and nursing homes and anywhere people need help, to cheer them up and make them happy. Kinda like how Buster’s little bedroom makes him happy. Buster’s dad was a real animal rescuer! I think the dad would do anything for Buster. Sometimes it just takes a big heart and a little doggy bedroom to be a hero. It means a lot to rescue animals. It makes a big change in the world.

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