38 thoughts on “SHOWING YOU ALL MY SECRET PETS (never before seen, FINALLY)


    Thank you all so much for the sweet messages, love, and support during my break.

    I decided to do a GIVEAWAY in my next video because yall are the best c:
    Stay tuned!

    and thank you <3

  2. It makes me sad that someone would offer to rehome only one guinea. They can get super depressed by themselves, so i'm glad you have your lil herd :')

  3. First off who tf puts baby kittens in a tied up plastic bag. Like that’s just basically killing them cause they are cutting off their oxygen.
    Secondly I love ur videos u really inspire me to care more for animals.

  4. Hey there steff ! Unfortunately i noticed you have a very unsafe and inadequate cage for your guinea pigs , they need the grids that are 9 cubes instead of the large ones you have for them especially for babies , they can jump out and hurt then selfs very badly ! please take this info consideration ? 17:26 is a example of what im talking about

    Thanks – Kaitlyn

  5. How the hell can someone dump poor defenceless animals ? boils my blood, good job there's people like steff.?

  6. Hi luv ur vids, but quik question, we have quinea pigs and they poop and pee soooooooo much, so we use wood chips, i noticed u have padding dwn, and looks geeat but what about all the poop and pee??????

  7. I love all your pets, such a big cage must be hard to clean, as well as that your bird got your work your work cut out for you

  8. do you live in america or spain? cause u obvs have an american accent but the names sound spanish and when u go out and about the locations are written in spanish?

  9. GIRL I MISSED U ???????? I hope you feel better! You’re awesome and inspiring. So so glad you’re back.

  10. I love you so much steff! Guvasto is just the cutest! I love him so much already! I cant wait to see more of him! I have a little green cheeked conure, he knows lots of tricks. Like wave, shake, roll over, play dead, recall, stationing, touch training, spin around, flip around his perch, fetch and a few others. I got him in April. Hes a smart little bird. I love the kiss trick that you taught guvasto and i think that will be the next trick i will teach my birdie!!!! Love your vids! Im so glad your back! But of course, you needed that break, so im very glad you took it!❤❤

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