Show Grooming Spaniels, Springers & Setters with Eric Salas

okay so here what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and brush this hair down and I'm going to use two of the different tools to create the finish that I need here now as I'm going with the direction of the hair I can kind of see where we need to do some work then I'm going to go 90 degrees and you can see where it lifts that hair up so the first thing I'm going to do is come in with the metal stone and I'm going to take just the tips and I don't want to try to fix this completely in one session I just want to do one time each week I'll do this like on a Thursday and then next week I'll do it on a Thursday again and I'm just taking the little hairs that are sticking out then I'm going to brush this back down again and you'll see that that started to lay nicer after about four to six weeks we'll have lots of layers coming in and this will lay down perfect so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to take my finishing tool in a right hand or left hand you can see that it has a deeper cut here and not as deep a cut on this side so this is my medium side this is my fine side and then it has a tip right there too so what I'm going to do is I always start off with a medium and I'm going to just pull this through like a like I have a squeegee and I'm trying to work the water off and what this is doing is this is allowing me to get the longest hairs into my finished work and I'm gonna take this coat and all the hair blending this way into this neck I don't want it to stick up like this with length of hair I want it to get to the point where it's just a beautiful line right there and because of this tip and the way this tool is designed I'm allowed to allows me to get into really tight difficult areas compared to some of the other tools in the market and it's going to allow me to put a finish on this dog that looks so natural and so beautiful you can see all I'm getting is this stuff I'm not cutting any of the burners and then now watch what happens is I brush this down see how that's starting to lay down nicer now now I could do this in one session if I wanted to but I don't want to because I want to create layers I want to I want to have like let's say I groom on this for 20 weeks that means I'm going to have 20 weeks of hair underneath here so the judges are gonna feel beautiful density and also we won't have to worry about any coat blowing and each time I go to this show I'm just taking off that top layer and now I've got 19 more layers underneath that so this dog is going to be in pristine shape where everybody else has been using thinning shears and now they only have one layer on that now a little secret to this part here the first thing I want you to kind of notice here is that when we take our cone and we divided this dog in half wherever this comes out should be your furthest point sticking out so when you look at that that's actually needs to come up just a little bit a lot of people will take their clippers and they'll say okay two fingers above this start your Clipper work but don't do that take your dog divide your dog in half and wherever this furthest point sticking out is that should be where your pro sternum is this should be where the hair is the furthest forward so to do that the best way to do that is I'm going to take my comb and I'm going to pull everything over to one side like this now when I do this you're going to see that there's short hair here longer hair here and longer hair there but what I want to do all this hair and I'm going to take my longest hairs and just pull those out you can use standing chairs for some breeds I like to do the metal stone to start off if I don't have profuse hair since just got a little bit here and eventually you're going to start to create a straight line right here and when we make this line perfectly straight and then take our comb and comb this down this is magically going to put our pro sternum right where it needs to be that's going to be your furthest point stick now so there's no guesswork there anymore you don't have to do all this stuff with fingers and fingers and fingers and that creates balance with structure bear so here what I want to do now is I want to show the angle of the shoulder so to show the angle of the shoulder press this down go 90 degrees here and this stuff's in the way so I'm going to come in with my metal stone and start to work this down that here I want this chest to pop so I'm going to take my finger my thumb and I'm going to take my thumb right into this spot you can fill the ProStart in here and my thumb is going to go right into this little pocket and lift this coat up when I lift this coat up I'm going to it allows me to get to these hairs that are inside that crevice when I let go of that what's going to happen to see how that pops and it really defines that right and then right before I call this a finished grooming session then I'm going to come in like this and just take a little bit of those tips there and blend those into my coat now that smooths that out it just takes it like a hot knife and butter but it's not cutting those garters it's just taking and that smooth that bright into that shoulder right there let's go ahead and take this I I wouldn't do this in one session but I'm going to go ahead and do this for you and get this whittled down and I think it's just so beautiful the way this is designed you can see the only things coming off is that undercoat it's not touching that guard hair at all one of the biggest problems with other tools is you have to really be skilled to use them otherwise it'll cut the code so this this is just basically just like almost like a comb and the only difference is is as I'm combing I'm putting my thumb here with a really super light touch and all it's doing is grabbing those problem hairs it's leaving all the good stuff where it needs to be so that this is your finishing tool you come in after you use the middle stone now some people will say well you know why don't I just go ahead and use this tool and not use the middle stone well the problem is with that is I want to use the middle stone to create that shape and then I'm just using this for a finish let's get this right here – okay so I haven't hit this yet so I'm going to come in with my metal stone because the metal stone is going to grab guard hairs also but I need that in places where this hair is starting to get too and then this other tool is just going to come in and grab the fine stuff Wow that's great yes now once I got it to the point where I say okay this is nice I'm going to get ready to put my final finish before I go into the ring I'm going to flip it over to the fine side and this is going to get even finer stuff here and that's going to give me my just absolute perfect finish there's no way to mess this stuff look at the new finish that you got oh that that crater look it up and this right in here this is going to take a little while to get this whittled down but you can see that it really puts a nice finish on that this this tool comes in right and left-handed and the way you can tell is if you look at the Eric saw us down here and if you have a darker side on the right side that's a right-handed tool but on the left-handed ones if you look at the Eric saw us this side over here is darker and it has the longer teeth that's a left-hander okay so yeah but this one obviously is University I think is right there like yeah okay so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna Whittle this down for you thank you that way you can just do finish it later on okay so I'm going with the direction of the hair and then I'm gonna go from rear to front and lift this up and we got lots of hair there now this is not what I would normally recommend for anybody to do but we got to get this dog in shape quickly so I'm going to take out more hair than I normally in session and all I'm doing is just grabbing those tips right there and woodling this down and the reason why I would not want to do this in one session like I'm doing here is because it would be so much nicer if like I said this was done over 16 18 weeks so you're just doing a little bit at a time and we could whittle this down so you have many layers of this nature okay so I'll start off with my medium side I'm going to start to get some of these whispies out of here and this as a finishing tool works so good because it's not going to cut those guard hairs all I'm doing is getting these little wispies that are sticking out and that's the stuff that's creating all the problems these brushes are really nice you can get them at Sally's Beauty Supply and they're only like 10 bucks as opposed to spending 30 bucks for a brush here yes ma'am this is the boar hair brush and this is the board 9 nope so now I'm using more of the tip because this these areas are no harder to get to and I'm just taking the tips of those little and you can see those with little wispies just coming right out okay now this is really thick cheer so I'm going to start working this out letting us into the shoulder this tool will definitely cut your time in half if you're having to get a big job done really quickly like somebody brings you a dog and says oh I need this ready for the ring in an hour but in this breed normally you're doing lots of strip in any way now one little secret that I use or a little tip that I use when I'm doing something like this is I use my knuckles as a guide so I have my tool in my hand my knuckles are like this right and then what I'll do is I can change my elevation from the dog she just kind of like rotate my hand like this a little bit so if I want it higher like if you're working on the breed where it's not so close to the skin I can use my knuckles for that or I can rotate my knuckles so I can get it down more consistent like this in that way I'm not making holes I'm using my knuckles as a guide and the only hairs I'm grabbing are the ones that are sticking up like that at that elevation and if I need to I can come in tighter and start to work these out and see how that's blending in there now a little more bulk for you and that's really laying down nice and so all you have to do if you've got a couple of weeks before the show is just keep going over that where I made your shake for you and you'll blend that in and it'll look like it naturally grows like that I'm gonna clean this up for you here too okay so I have a shoulder here yeah the cup lays back in here so to take any guesswork out of that I'm gonna brush this down I'm gonna go 90 degrees and that's going to show you everything that needs to come out so I'm just going to take the tips where people create a problem as they go in there and try to go in really deep and just pull hair but I'm just taking just the tips and then when I brush this down look at how that handle that shoulder is starting so we clean this up so now is like going like this 90 degrees again and I'm going to take just the tips and you can use this technique on so many different dogs I mean it's just it's all the same look right there but I'm creating an Iceman there's no holes right here this elevation is going to match that elevation when I do that when I brush this down then you're going to see a nice beautiful shoulder right here but if you try to do it like most people do with other tools is you're going to have a high spot a whole high spot of hole and you don't want that you want smooth transitions okay so now I'll bring this over and I'm going to use when a finishing tool on the medium side and I'm going to take out those whispies that are underneath so those beautiful guard hairs will just be nice and smooth and the other thing too about a lot of the tools is you can tell when the dogs are objecting to some of these tools pigs I'll bring this in still a little bit more work that needs to be done there but that's smooth it's starting to take that shape and then we're gonna let some hair grow in here and that'll be a nice smooth transition let me show you that trick again in here okay so I find where my pro sternum is at and I stick my thumb right next to that okay then I'm gonna take my thumb and lift that up and so now my pro sternum is still really right there but right below my thumb I'm going to take pulling that hair out and I'll pull that in towards the centerline of the dog and when I let go that what that's gonna do it's gonna make that pop so now that's going to show that Pro sternum good it's going to show the angle of the shoulder good and it looks like it naturally grows that way Wow right in here clean this up for you well I never knew what to do with that yeah and it makes it so easy is now there's no guesswork you brush it in the direction of work the way it grows go 90 degrees and that shows you every hair that needs to come out and then that'll lay down perfectly smooth by finishing tool and we're not scratching the skin you know it's just the tools doing all the final work that we need to do okay and after I do that I'm going to flip over to the fine side whittle that down just a little bit more and that's just kidding you know and now you can use these also for blending into these ears so there's no distinction I don't really like to see where you know like you got your clippers marked upper blade marks in there so if I come in with my over my leathers and with a real light thumb I'm going to use my metal stone first then with the medium very lightly almost again just more like a comb then I'll come in with my fine and then when they take my brush in here can't see it you can't even see where the short hair ends and the long hair starts it just makes a really nice smooth transition all right baby yeah okay what Oh another cool place okay let's get you to stand for a second all right so a lot of people have problems with these furnishings and so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go in the direction of the hair and then I'm going to come 90 degrees I'm going to take this metal stone and take just my tips anything yeah and like I said the 90 degree trick just really covers that now just like I did on that ear if I'm right-handed I'm looking at the Eric solace and I'm gonna take it I'm going to blend this into the longer hairs spring our setters and English cockers any of those brings their when I'm going into from short hair to long hair I'm just taking all this junk it's going into this transition to the longer hair is that Eric is that junk yep okay and then so when this dog moves the judge is not going to see flip flip flip okay so now if this is the right hand tool I'm going to not see the Eric solid part and I'm going to fine-tune this stuff here that's unsightly and that's going to blend this in towards the center line of that back way now look at how nice that wraps around yeah that looks like it naturally grows that way oh give me goose goose it's good yeah I'm gonna do that here now love these new tools the fine side brush.this back and there and you just keep doing that every single week and you're gonna do that back with this stuff too because here you can see a distinct transition so you'll come in first now people are gonna have one a tendency to do all this from up here you can do a little bit of that but what I really want to do is I want to come in from the bottom and take these longer ears and I'm only going to take a couple and that's going to get new hairs coming in he says we'll get there so then now I want this to be a smoother transition so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to start with my medium side and it's almost just like a comb I'm taking from that short to the long and I'm going to smooth out that transition brushes down well that looks and now I'm going to take the meat the fine side just like a comb and I'm going to blend this short and see that longer so see how that just looks like it naturally goes that way okay so get a shot of this right here get a shot of this right here and then let's look at this site you see that right there and then look at how this sticks out right there and what I want to do is I want to blend this hair when thus neck and shoulders together here so it looks like it naturally grows into this longer hair then I'm going to take my fine side and do the exact same thing once I work my way down and by no means is this finished yet but I don't want to hold you guys here and have you watched this whole video forever although how long we've been working on this done that very long hour ok so now I'm going to take this brush and you're gonna see how this coat just lays nice and beautiful and you see the angle of the shoulder and it's going into the feathering hair and also here I'm going to fix this little spot right here so I'm going to take this leg and the first thing I want to do is bring this 90 degrees in the direction where it grows I'm going to take the metal stone and take just tips the tendency is to want to do this but don't do that because then you'll be pulling the wrong hairs then I'm going to go ahead and brush in the direction of the way the hair grows and I want to get rid of this so it looks like it naturally blends in that way so remember start off looking at the logo Eric saw us and just like a comb I'm just kind of running this through going towards the centerline of this leg then I'm going to take the other side so I'm not looking at the logo up there you go and again towards the centerline of that way and this is going to make the best transitions you could possibly imagine and I'll brush this and that makes this look nice and natural like it just blends right into that leg perfect transitions show you another trick here you can see where the hair from the short part goes into the longer part of the ears so the first thing I'm gonna do I'm going to just like take my knuckles to create an elevation that I'm comfortable with I can lower this down raise this up but I'm going to drag my knuckles across like this and as I'm dragging my knuckles I'm going to take just the tips of these hairs that are sticking up then I'm going to come in again look at the logo first and just like a comb I'm going to comb these hairs to blend the short hair into the long hair but make a transition that's so smooth that looks like it naturally grows like that then I flip it over so I look at the non logo side you want to see two and this is my fine-tuned haha the tools do all the work look at that it looks like it you can't tell where the short hair ends and the long hair starts now that is a beautiful fetish right there okay let's look at the other side so here you can see where all that hair is sticking up like that and I actually did work on this side too so that's a little bit better than before and then let's pop back over you can see all this hair all this stuff in here you can't really see the angle of the shoulder right there and now let's go back and look at the other side again so now you can see how smooth and how that lays into the shoulder and it really didn't take a lot of effort to do that because the tool is designed to find all the hairs that need to come out all right okay you

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