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you properly hip-hop so hip-hop max is the best k9 on the force I'm gonna take it a fight at a crime but to crack this case a baby panda was stolen and they're using the dog there was a front for animal smuggler hmm I'm working undercover he'll have to be Best in Show whoa Ziggler's official zip toilet water mm-hmm he can't do it alone I'm deputizing both to you a team of crime fighter with license to bust so he's calling all birds too easy and fashionistas sashay away on May 18 duty calls breathe cooking with gas from the director of Beverly Hills Chihuahua the Smurfs and speedy little is that bikini wax what now this is what being a movie star is all about shoo dogs

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  1. What the hell is this what is this movie from 1998 no this is from 2018 show dogs no reason to exist no what so ever this movie honestly kind of felt do you need from the moment the director was an ounce and of course when the premises talking animals in live-action you have to know if it's destined for failure. And it's cringe as hell!!!!!!!?????????????

  2. The rottweiler in this movie is actually my rottweiler's uncle. I think he was a brother to my dog's father (Fritz).

  3. I seen that movie its not so good because of those you know those bad scenes but I have the movie I watch it but its cutted hmmmmmmm something is going on with hollywood

  4. I watched this movie yesterday, I LOVED IT!
    if you ACTUALLY watched the movie, then you would hear Chloe from Beverly Hills Chiuwawa say that nobody makes talking dogs movies anymore.
    FACTS! stop hating on this movie. Who cares if you hate it, this movie is for kids, not adults. So stop.

  5. And this is why a rather watch Disney live action adaptation than this abomination. (Paddington Bear is the only good non Disney remake adaptation I like)

  6. ugh, u know ur no longer a movie star when ur headlining an anthropomorphic any-animal! Sad to see u go, Arnett

  7. Ok, let me make this thing one clear. Who ever saw "The emoji movie". Who would rather watch that then this crap? ME!

  8. I just watched this today and to be honest with you, I found the baby panda cute and I love the little runway btw that Las Vegas looks cool XD never been there.

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