'Show Dogs' cuts controversial movie scenes

a talking police dog goes undercover with his human partner to save an adorable baby panda a baby panda was stolen and they're using the dog show as a front for animal smuggling it sounds like the makings of a fun and innocent kids movie but parents and advocacy groups warn underneath the childish jokes and slapstick humor directed at kids bikini wax what Oh show dogs portrayed the disturbing and dangerous message it seems like it would be appropriate for my family so we went to see the movie and sat there and enjoyed the vast majority of the movie it wasn't until we got to the part that has been raising so much controversy that I had my little mom red flags going in fact the first to raise a red flag mom bloggers terena Maldonado's post quickly went viral spreading like wildfire from mom to mom on social media Maldonado is talking about the multiple scenes in the film when Max a police dogs genitals are touched max is voiced by Ludacris in the film he's first coached by his FBI partner played by Will Arnett that he must allow the touching in order for him to succeed later he's touched by dog show judges even though he's clearly uncomfortable which has made some viewers also uncomfortable well my gut kind of sunk a little I thought what in the world I kind of didn't know what to think it was it's kind of dumbfounding was that really on a movie right now that my kids are watching in these scenes max is told to go to a Zen place while the inspection occurs the National Center on sexual exploitation says the scenes send a quote troubling message that grooms children for sexual abuse in quote show dogs production company global road Entertainment apologized to parents as a survivor of child abuse Maldonado wants this movie to be a teaching moment for kids I would want kids to know that when it comes to their body if anything makes them uncomfortable regardless of who or why it is okay for them to remove themselves from that situation it may serve as a teachable moment for parents as well whether at the theater or streaming them at home without watching movies for yourself it's hard to know what message your kids are getting

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  1. y'all seriously need to calm down. they don't actually show the genitals, so it's not that big of a deal. it's not promoting pedophilia, it's a dog show. it's a DOG SHOW. someday, your kids may go to a dog show and see this. what are you going to do then? it's not supporting anything bad. it's trying to be humorous for kids. it was in the commercials, so if you're not fine with it, you didn't have to let them watch it. simple.

  2. While yeah this does happen at real dog shows there have been records of multiple dogs being abused and several dog shows had to shut down because of that but that's a story for another time. Kids and parents may not know what happens at those shows, because let's be honest how many kids would actually want to go and be entertained by those sorts of things unless it's their own dog? This movie shows this in a terrible way because the way they portrayed it seems to justify sexual abuse and child grooming by going to their "happy place" and that is definitely not a message you want your kids to take in. And although they made it a tiny bit better in the edited version, im kinda disgusted that no one on that movie team said, "hey let's maybe not include this", but what am I saying there is a dabbing CGI dog for heveans sake.

  3. Wow people shelter there kids too much it happens in real dog shows I had a movie where a guy got turned into a cyborg and let go of a high ledge and the movie was PG and no one had a problem with it I didn’t jump of a cliff well that movie was made in 2005 not 2018 so I can see why

  4. It's okay to let your children play games where they violently attacked prostitutes and openly campaign to kill each other, but you touch a dog's balls and moms everywhere are in an uproar.

  5. Man yall would lose your shit with the doctor Doolittle scene with the dogs ass lol everyone is so sensitive nowadays

  6. Shut the f**** b** as you don't know what to do next this , show was about dogs bitches, and not about kids you stupid cunts, you don't know nothing else to do but complain and get offended , all want to be politically correct so shut the fuk up, already …you Democrats are stupid …. that's f**** movie was about dogs not kids you stupid cunts go take care of your man before a fag goes take care of your man cunts

  7. So happy to hear scenes were removed. That is unacceptable. Ludacris cancelled his Memphis in May performance for this film opp and it is a joke and I have no respect for him now.

  8. But the snowflakes think it is ok when drag queens/Trannys tel boys it's great to pretend to be girls and dress like tiny prostitutes don't believe me look it up!

  9. As much as i understand the concern here, i can't take this video seriously when that soccer mom looks like something out of a circus. Dear lord.

  10. Lmao Its of course it was a mom of all people to whine about a scene that literally happens in real life. I doubt real dogs are comfortable with humans touching their genitals at shows yet you see no one crying. No kid is going to subtly take this message as child grooming all I see is a bunch of whiny bitches.

  11. People that complain about this kind of shit are just complete idiots. I mean, really? That is what they do in dog shows. Stop finding things to complain about just so you can ruin the film for everyone else.

  12. It's a dog. Plus, they actually do that in dog shows. It was just for comedy, and wasn't meant to be taken seriously. This controversy is pretty stupid in my opinion. I've read a few comments that say this film needed to be rated PG-13 ?

  13. I watched it a bunch of times you can't tell me what to do my parents do you say nothing about it so shut up and stop talking about my movie or I can shut your YouTube video down with my sister she can shut anything down

  14. Hey! This talking dog film has something they do at actual dog shows in real life so we need to cut it out because my kid is a nice sweet little boy and can't be seeing that stuff!! ?

  15. Oh my god people are so sensitive. My god. Stop being children about humor. Guess what there’s a video on YouTube of a baby sticking it’s finger up a dogs butt. Guess what else? That genital touching happens in dog shows. Soooooooooooo.

  16. I don't get it this happened in real dog shows that s what they are doing, I don't think that they are making a message to the children.

  17. Parents need to stop shielding their kids so much! Its a joke that will go WAY over there heads and they probably won't even think twice about it.

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