Should You Trim a Samoyed’s Coat | Should I Trim a Samoyed’s Coat

Should I trim, or not trim my Samoyed’s coat? Well these are questions that Yeti and I have
heard and we’d like to answer them today. Up next, on Yeti’s Place. So, this is Yeti the Samoyed and I’m Yeti’s
Mom. And we’d like to welcome everyone to our channel. If you’re new here, please be sure to subscribe. Click that bell notification so you won’t
miss anything. And to all of our viewers who keep coming
back, welcome back you guys. We really do appreciate that. My Yeti’s Place sweatshirt that Yeti told
me to get? You guys can also get one. The link is down below. So, trimming your Samoyed’s coat, is something
that is definitely not recommended. We live up in the Great White North, in the
northern USA and it gets cold up here in the wintertime. Yeti loves it, of course. And he wouldn’t like it very much if his coat
was shaved. Nor would he like the summers very much. So, the reason why Yeti would not like the
summers, shaved? Is because when his pink skin is exposed to
the sun, it burns really easily. Yeti had a bad bacterial infection that caused
him to shed a large amount of fur, down to his pink skin. And we had to be very careful having him outside
on walks. Pink skin that never, ever sees the light
of day, was in danger of getting sunburned. There was a big patch here and a big patch
back here. This was back in March of 2018 that he had
shed so much. March and April of 2018. And it didn’t start growing back until about
September. A Samoyed’s coat, helps insulate them, not
only from the cold, but it helps protect them from the harsh, summer sun. Kinda like how……what are you doing, licking
your Yeti’s Place sweatshirt? He must smell his treats on me somehow. So, it’s kind of like a cooler. You know, when you go to the beach in the
summertime. How it stays nice and chilled? Well, it stays nice and chilled because of
the insulated layer. Same with a Samoyed. Samoyeds are able to stay cool because of
this nice, thick, beautiful, thick and heavy, layer of insulation. Yeti….no more treats! I’m not going to keep feeding you treats! You must work on this. Work on this. Work on your bone. Work on this toy. In the wintertime, Yeti knows what Wisconsin
winters are like, in the northern USA, up by Canada. They get pretty cold. I wouldn’t want to have my Samoyed, hanging
out, outside, in that harsh, winter temperatures, without his thick, double coat. This thick, double coat, allows Yeti to be
outside, in the way below zero Fahrenheit temperatures, hanging out, in a snowbank,
buried in snow, panting. So, we had temperatures that were really cold. They were the second coldest temperatures
ever on record. It never got above 7 degrees Fahrenheit for
the highs, all winter long. That’s 3 months, where the average temperature,
the high average temperature, was 7 degrees Fahrenheit. It was cold. And then the lows, would be about 30….. 25 degrees, 35 degrees below zero. Fahrenheit. Our late Samoyed, Chewy, would be hanging
out outside, in the backyard, while we were blowing the snow. And Chewy would be panting back there. He was so warm! It was like 30 degrees below zero. He was panting! Now, I understand that due to this thick,
double coat, sometimes your Samoyed will get a few mats, behind their ears. You know, the area that you’re sitting there
rubbing all day and all night long for them, that they LOVE getting rubbed. They sometimes get mats back there. And sometimes, the mats are really difficult
to comb out. It is okay to go back, behind the ear and
just snip that mat out. And I recently had a video where I talked
about the fur, between Yeti’s pads of his feet. So, the fur between Yeti’s pads. The fur….right here. In between his pads of his feet, that grows. And in the wintertime, he will get ice balls,
if he’s walking through the snow, and if he gets in the ice, in between his pads of his
feet, on that long fur. So, what I do, is I just get in there with
really small scissors and I just trim that area that’s in between the pads of his feet. And then I also trim around the outer paws. The other thing about trimming a Samoyed’s
coat, your Samoyed won’t be as big and beautiful and poofy and pretty, soft and floofy as they
should be. If you get a Samoyed, please be sure to take
care of their coat. Be sure to brush them. Plus, who can resist the gorgeous, thick,
beautiful fur? So hopefully I’ve helped answer some questions
about should you trim your Samoyed’s coat, or not to trim your Samoyed’s coat. Well thank you so much you guys for joining
Yeti and I on today’s Yeti’s Place episode. Be sure to click that bell and be sure to
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10 thoughts on “Should You Trim a Samoyed’s Coat | Should I Trim a Samoyed’s Coat

  1. Samoyeds have such beautiful, thick, double coats of fur. What do you when the summer heat is blazing down? Do you shave them and what are the reasons for not shaving them?

  2. Hi yeti! Thanks for cheering me up today i have a really bad fever and am feeling really unwell. Hopefully watching you will make me feel better!

  3. Looks like Yeti will enjoy the weather in the next few days. Not sure where in WI you are, but down here in the NW suburbs of Chicago they're calling for a high of -12 F on Wednesday.

    Yeti, don't keep your Mom out too long! 🙂

  4. I have a very large dog myself, but I still think it would be extra fun to experience an avalanche of good doggo cuddles and kisses. Must attain more big boys.

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