Should You Remove Honeycomb From Your Home? | Pro Pacific Pest Control

Everyone knows that bees can disrupt
your day. Obviously, no one likes to be stung and for some people it’s more than
just a mild discomfort, it can actually be life-threatening. But
what if you have a hive in or near your home and you’re not allergic to
bees? Should you just leave it where it is or should you have the hive removed? Aside
from the innate danger of bee stings and potential
liability claims if someone gets stung from a hive on your property,
bees can cause a lot of damage to your house or garage- even if they don’t mean
to do it. So the damage may not be malicious, but if left unchecked you can
run into major home damage that you’ll be paying for in the future. So how
exactly can bees damage your home?As a hive grows it obviously gets bigger and
heavier. This additional weight and expanding mass can damage the structural
elements of your home. Things like walls, chimneys, and even your roof can all
succumb to hive damage. This growing hive places a high stress load on the
elements of your home and bees unfortunately don’t stop once they get
started. They’ll keep creating more and more honeycomb until the void that
they’ve chosen is completely full. All this extra honeycomb of course means
lots of honey. The honey not only adds to the weight of the hive but as the hive
grows larger, more and more honey can get soaked by your walls. And in warmer days
the walls can end up soaking melted wax, too. They’ll also begin to emanate a
strong odor that can attract other pests as well. Rodents and insects love the
sugary sweetness of all natural honey and will have no hesitation in setting
up shop near an ample supply. If allowed to linger long enough, you may not just
have a bee issue, you could have a rodent or roach infestation on top of that. If
you have a beehive in or near your home, keep it from
escalating to a larger problem by contacting us to have it removed. Our
skilled removal crew quickly and safely removes the bees, honeycomb, and all
traces of them from your home. Then, we reseal the void to prevent future
reinfestation. The entire process usually takes just a few hours. So, avoid the
sting of high-cost home repair and extensive renovation by removing the
troublesome hive today.

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