Should You Buy a Puppy from a Petshop?

so you’ve decided that you want a new
dog and obviously one of the questions to ask is should you buy a puppy from a
pet shop with so many options that are available to you you should definitely
think again keep watching to find out 10 reasons why you should not buy a puppy
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10 reasons not to buy a puppy from a pet shop and bonus at the end now at number
one is a fact that no responsible or ethical breeder would send their puppies
to a pet store for sale regardless of what you might have been told by the pet
shop employees pet shops typically like to have their puppies from a very young
age and the younger they are the cuter they are so the faster they’re likely to
sell now a responsible breeder would not remove their puppies from their mother
before six weeks of age preferably eight weeks they would also hate to see their
puppies shut up in small cages often with little stimulation a responsible
breeder would much rather interview any potential owners themselves to make sure
that they’re suitable and actually able to look after the puppy properly now a
number two is the fact that you I’m not rescuing them now this is a common and
understandable sentiment from people who know that they are not being looked
after properly but really you are actually buying them by giving money to
the pet shop you’re giving money to the puppy mills that breed them in 90% of
cases now this in itself keeps puppy mills in business and so allows them to
continue producing puppies and terrible circumstances and environments by buying
one of these puppies you might be saving that individual but you’re also allowing
many more to suffer and this is not just the puppies but also their mothers and
their fathers now number three is the fact that you might be told that a puppy
comes from a licensed breeder but that doesn’t actually mean what you think it
might it simply means that the person breeding the puppy has completed the
required paper work in most cases and that allows them
to function as a business it does not say anything about the conditions that
the mother’s father’s or puppies are kept in or how they are treated so at
number four of why you should not buy a puppy from a pet shop is that before
being displayed in the pet shop they’re generally kept in crowded
squalid conditions that are ideal breeding grounds for diseases like parvovirus which is deadly it may be that unknown to you the pup is already on
antibiotics to make them appear healthy it might though be that it is only a
couple of days after being taken home that your pup shows signs of being
unwell and this is because many diseases have what we call an incubation period
where they appear normal for a few days after catching the illness in the case
of parvovirus this incubation period is typically around three to seven days so
my fifth reason is that puppies are generally removed from their mother too
early which I’ve already touched on so even if they aren’t unwell when you take
them home having been taken off their mother at a very young age it means that
their nutritional demands might not have been properly met and it also means that
they are likely to have received only a small amount of their mother’s immunity
this leaves them more susceptible to illness until their immune system is
mature a period which could take many weeks or even a couple of months
depending on their age if a puppy from a responsible breeder becomes ill soon
after rehoming then in a lot of cases they will actually pick up the cost of
treatment they want what’s best for the puppy and they also want to protect
their reputation which is very important to them so number six is that pet shop
conditions are seldom ideal they might be kept in small cages they might be
isolated from any other puppies they might be the only puppy in the pet shop
or they might not receive proper mental stimulation they might be forced to
toilet in this tiny area and left with it for a long time overnight until they
are made more presentable before the store opens in the morning again it is
tempting to rescue a puppy from these from these situations but the reality is
is that all this does is encourage the pet shop to keep selling more puppies
and so the cycle is just repeated so why not to buy a puppy from a pet shop
reason number seven is as well as physical disease a puppy mill and pet
shop puppy is more likely to suffer from mental disease
now poor socialization and the conditions of that early life make
underlying behavioral problems a real concern now this is not to be ignored as
behavioral problems are the biggest cause of rehoming or euthanasia in dogs
under the age of three now if you don’t know about socialization then make sure
that you check out my other video linked below all about how to socialize your
puppy safely it really is vital for any puppy and any
new owner to come up with a plan for this so at number eight is the fact that
you’ll have no knowledge about the mother or the father to know what type
of dog they might become it’s hard to know the exact breed of a puppy and this
means that a puppy could be sold as a certain breed that costs more and turned
out to be some kind of mix now for the puppy this in itself is no bad thing as
mixed breeds are actually often a bit more healthy assuming of course they
survive all of the other problems we have discussed but it’s not what you
paid a lot of money for I also know that good breeders whose puppies relate to
develop a problem which may be genetic and unexpected may contribute to or even
pay for the costs associated with that condition while it’s not guaranteed that
this will happen it’s definitely not going to happen in a pet shop puppy so
at number nine is the fact that toilet training can be more difficult as more
often than not they’ve become used to defecating anywhere due to their
experience of being trapped in a really small cage there was no option to
toilets away from their bed or away from their food and so they haven’t started
to learn that this is what they should do now this could be stressful both for
you and for your new puppy as they’re also likely to be a little bit mentally
fragile and not cope well with you becoming stressed out they will learn it
will just take longer now finally and very importantly my tenth reason not to
buy a puppy from a pet shop is the fact that there are millions of shelter dogs
and rescue center dogs out there that need homes these are all ages and all
breeds so why not then consider truly rescuing a dog in need without
supporting puppy mills pet shop puppies not really cheaper they will likely have
increased health costs outweighing any saving in purchase price even if they
are healthy and avoid all of the problems I’ve discussed then any saving
compared to buying from a responsible breeder or
adopting from a shelter is still tiny compared to the cost of owning a dog in
choosing to share your life with a dog you are accepting responsibility for
providing everything that they need from food and toys bedding to training and
socialization classes and of course vet course and that includes preventative
health care as well as if they get sick or suffer an injury because of this any
saving in purchase price is insignificant compared to the lifetime
care you’ll need to provide for your new dog so those are my top ten reasons for
why you should avoid getting a pet shop puppy as promised though here’s our
number 11 it might just be illegal now Lucy’s law in the UK is brand new
legislation that is brilliant it will require all sellers to show potential
buyers the puppies alongside their mothers before the sale takes place and
the aim of this is to stop puppy farms and prevent the shocking cases of animal
cruelty that are exposed every year I can only hope that more countries pass
similar laws to Lucy’s law and the result is that puppy mills and puppy
farms everywhere go out of business so remember to watch my next video all
about where and how to buy a healthy puppy and remember to subscribe and let
me know in the comments down below what puppy you’re hoping to get or even what
puppy you do get why I’d love to hear from you so until next time i’m dr. alex
from our pets health because they’re family

3 thoughts on “Should You Buy a Puppy from a Petshop?

  1. What kind of puppy are you looking for and has this made you think twice about getting one from a petshop? Let me know!

  2. I support responsible breeders and that is where I got my current 18 month old Mini American Shepherd from.

    I had a friend I tried to discourage from buying from a pet shop. She did it anyway and then realized WHY I told them not to.

    I think here in the USA some states have banned pet stores from selling puppies and only allow them to have rescue dogs.

    There's Petland here that's a disgrace. In a neighboring city is a location with a HORRIBLE reputation. They may charge thousands of dollars (I've seen 3-5k+) for dogs that have been bought sick and purely for profit to them.

    I tell people all the time I got my dog from a reputable show breeder (with dogs successful in dog sports, too) with top dogs in the breed and did not pay nearly that much AT ALL for a dog that has had breed appropriate health tested parents and raises them to have the best chance at a successful start with their new owners (less fearful, already pre-potty trained, already pre-crate trained, etc) and bred for good, solid temperaments and health and with a contract. Those who spent too much are surprised to hear how much I paid and it's a normal price among responsible breeders who don't do it for profit!

    Reputable rescue is an option I encourage for those who don't want to go with a reputable breeder but I still encourage researching the rescue and the breed(s) that they are looking for because dogs are a big commitment no matter what!

  3. About a month ago I got a dog from a shelter, she is a sweetheart and she's about a year and a half old. She gets a bit aggressive though especially towards men, is there anything my family and I can do to help her through that? Any special steps we can take to help her trust my boyfriend more? She does okay with him but she gets a little crazy when he first comes home from work, or when he does funny walks, or moves to quickly. Is it just going to take time for her or is there something we can do to build that trust?

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