Should I Put A Collar On My Cat?

could you tell me whether or
not I should put a collar on my cats people out here are either very for it or very against it. Okay I am in the Pro
cat collar category most cats will wear collars they really
will and they’re really really useful they do
things like they mark your cat as not a stray so your cat doesn’t get
picked up and taken away are taken to a shelter or things like that word up to
another home even if your cat is microchipped
microchip can migrate around sometimes they don’t get picked
up sometimes the information about you that the microchip company has get
outdated on some people have micro chip readers
there’s is just is to if the just we have a caller on in a tag is useful for a lot a reason is
the best way to get your cat back safely home to you when choosing a caller I break way
callers I don’t want a cat to get tangled up in something they can’t get
out so colors that are made to break away are actually really useful that’s what I
recommend even indoor cats people say my cat never goes outside
it’s the one time the your cat does go outside and they get lost that you’re gonna
really wish they had that caller so I’m all about the colors
highly recommend them what’s why is hot tub time machine the
best movie ever made I think it’s because they can go
back in time and sabotage all the other movies to be
not quite as good

3 thoughts on “Should I Put A Collar On My Cat?

  1. ASPCA did research on this topic and determined that non-breakaway collars don't cause the problems we accuse them of. No cats in the hundreds-o-cats sampling were injured by buckle collars. Cats who will tolerate collars do fine in buckle collars, cats who do not tolerate collars will act a fool in a buckle or breakaway collar and just lose the breakaway collar anyway.
    BeastieBands are a nice compromise of both worlds and they're dirt cheap on the Internet. They are not breakaway but if a cat gets tangled in one, they are more flexible than nylon buckle collars and easy to escape from.

  2. Additionally, in some locations – like where I live – it's the law. The city issues tags with license numbers, and requires rabies vaccines for both dogs and cats, indoor or out. Collars are mandatory here, and any animal found without one is presumed feral and treated as such – sent to the local pound, where they will most likely be euthanized.

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