8 thoughts on “Should Exotic Emotional Support Animals Be Allowed On Planes?

  1. Well why not… the USSA has gone Full Retard already! F the TSA and the Government! I not sure where to take a piss anymore… maybe it can get the answer from the NSA, NGA and every other SPY Agency!

  2. I think that issues are on the rise with population growth, and may be ‘unfortunate’ but we don’t live in a vacuum and haven’t met the test for ‘statistically significant’

    basically it’s a human condition issue same as school shootings and shark attacks and car wrecks

    It depends who funds the airlines and who owns the sky with regard to ‘Quality Control of a Franchise at a Distance’….enfranchisement and upholding a Standard Operating Procedure to varying degrees on a sliding scale or not

    ~ Mark Watney, Space Pirate ?

  3. I’d be more concerned with Wild People flying than with domesticated animals flying. People are more dangerous than animals, especially on Spirit Airlines.

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