Short Animal Stories for Kids | Lion & the Rabbit | Crane & The Crab

there once lived a huge hungry lion in a
vast jungle all the animals were afraid of him because he would kill many of
them everyday for food they had to find a way to stop him from killing all of
them discussing among themselves they went to the line oh we have come to ask you to hear us you are king and every King needs
subjects if you eat us all then you will not have any subjects left we will send
you an animal every day to your cave this way you will get food without
hunting for it the lion agreed to the plan he
threatened to kill all of them if they ever failed to provide him food and from
that day onwards one animal was sent to the lion scathe everyday this plan
seemed to work until it was a turn of the rabbits a small clever rabbit when
asked to go to the line wanted to save himself and the other animals he made a
plan he went to the lion and on seeing in the lion was angry you are too small
for my Beal i am going to teach the animals a lesson for cheating be I shall
kill them all oh great key you must not blame us there are six rabbit sent for your meal
but another line 80 other fire lion who is he where does he live he was a big lion and he wanted to eat
me too but I told him that you already came up for spoiling your meal he told The Lion the other line became
furious and insisted that he was the bravest line and the forest and that he
was the only King in the jungle he boasted that he will show this lion who
the real king laws on hearing this the lion was enraged his law took the jungle
greater this fool i shall have no peace until I kill him yes after you must show that either
lying or the real thing is he led the big line into the jungle he took him to a deep well and pointed
down the well saying that the other line lived down there the lion looked into the well and saw
his own reflection of the well he thought it was the other lion the lion
got even more enraged and trumped into the well to attack the other Lion he hit
. water in the well with a loud splash and drown the level little rabbit return
home and retold his adventure all the other animals in the jungle were happy
that their greatest enemy will scared you have been very clever my little
friend yeah you have brought courage back into
the younger once upon a time there lived a crane by
the side of a tank for the fifth he ate the fish in the tank and lived a happy
life as years passed by the train grew old and weak and he found it difficult
to catch all the fish he wanted for his food he was afraid that he would soon
die of starvation then the crane told of a plan he stood sadly by the tank and
did not try to catch even the fish that swam close by him the fish frogs and
crabs in the tank noticed how unhappy he was why do you look so sad uncle yes why you not catching fish says world
i have got terrible news the people are going to fill up the tank
with mud and growth plans in it and there would not be any fish for me to
eat anymore you are our friend and only you can
favor please take after the tank are too old and will lead to make many trips i
would also need rest between through the fish agreed with a sigh of relief the
train started making the troops he took a few fish first and instead of taking
them to the other tank it took them to a rock aight then leaving their bones on the
rock he rested actually felt hungry again and went back to the tank to take
a few more fish he then proceeded to eat them he kept
visiting the tank as often as he was hungry now among the fish still left in
the time there was a big Frank he too went to the crane for help oh ok save me also from that i would like to try to
grab me to follow chain of course my young friend come I shall take you to
the big tag yeah as the crane spread his wings and flew
with the crab the crab look down but he could not see the bigger deeper tank he
could not see water anywhere i go where does the big tank to which you are
taking me haha i am going to eat you up just like
i have eaten up all the other fish the frightened crab look down and he could
see heaps of fish bones on a rock he dug his shot pulls into the cranes
neck he dug them so deep that soon the crane was dead the crab went back to his
own tank and told the other fish what had happen thank you you that here grain and from
their day they lived happily ever after in a river one of his feet got stuck in
the damn machine mount of the river he tried a lot to get out of the Mart but
his efforts were in being

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