Shopping for KITTEN TOYS with Izzy's Toy Time

Judy is going to town on this box she's like forget to toy with a box Oh would y'all get baby quake is already like wait what that's so neat a Judy Collins you love it ok let me see if I can get Judy Collins attention with this toy Judy Oh Judy oh there she goes she kissed so drag it on the floor honey and she'll follow it there you go what do you see this one hey guys what's that what's that are you seeing this I'm cuter they what's that just so cute you know what you have one too y'all got him – you guys are so sweet Judy what's that to you what's up they're so inquisitive oh that's good speaking of this one had his tail straight up her tail straight up and she was purring aren't y'all so excited ok we need to get this going oh you couldn't another one oh man y'all got some seriously cool toys Judy is going to town on this box she's like forget to toy with a box Oh Oh cute alright tossed one over maybe you're gonna have so much fun with guys I don't know about see Judy Collins I keep forgetting Judy Collins the other cat like they had brothers and sisters they're gonna adopt it and one of them was Joni Mitchell and I get the references but I can't remember Judy Collins I think we should name this one something else I think she looks like a little snow leopard we could do snowy isn't she beautiful daddy really likes quaky babe quake is quake purse like quake chirps she felt something so yeah I don't know so cute I think we should rename this one she's so cute hi they stink coming along great Kuwait quake made it on the bed and you make it to the dock come on girl hi see you I see you oh this thing's massive six feet tall guys Wow all right mega play let's go put it next to the window cuz I love the Sun right there alright the middle let's see who discovers it first oh my gosh who needs that thing when you have a box no cutie come here sweet girl both leading them vote what did you do that yeah she figured it out that's so great how do I get this Paul it's all I went like oh my gosh it's so cute see this figured it out it's like hang in there just trying to get comfortable are you stuck be silly middle come on Judy Collins okay snowy or something else can you figure it out you can go up birthday Oh her down she's gonna go down oh well she kind of made it oh I found the window that's how you can look out okay now you can come down there oh what's going on over there oh my goodness oh she wants to go down she wants to go down and chase quaky she wants to go outside really what's happening and you make it yes no you guys no all right we're gonna keep playing with these kitties literally all night long let's see you guys next time bye bye

25 thoughts on “Shopping for KITTEN TOYS with Izzy's Toy Time

  1. I think those 2 cute kitties will be as big as Kiki by the end of the year. Or probally bigger.

  2. What my parents did when we got cats we would put catnip in the cardboard because it would make the cats want to scratch it. But I would wait until they are older to try it.

  3. By the way its a temporary intro cuz the vocals of the intro is not yet made for the iwt. Soooooooo they used izzys toy time for now

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