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cookies world this sure is fun being here at the zoo you can say that again look at the Rhino whoa I wonder what's in that pin over there come on come on wait a minute I noticed a yes we wonder what's in here who does wild pets I can't say anything whatever it is must be behind the rock press your box up against the glass maybe you can see better can't see anything they won't be careful there be careful there what's wrong you want to get too close to the glass now that's uh that's striper in there he's an exclusive exclusive spider to the zoo his eyes are glowing red he'll attack we think it's shatterproof glass or else he can come right out through the glass and get you when he's green he's gonna want to crawl and explore be careful huh you enjoy your time at the zoo no oh cool your netid Streicher spider pretty cool spider his eyes are green yes eyes are green didn't hear the zookeeper that means he just wants to explore that's when his eyes turned red you need to be afraid oh okay good thing that spider is my glass cuz I'm getting scared Wow zookeeper mate office zookeeper tomato office striker resumes I repeat striker is loose I'm in trouble whoa cookie fans check it out look at this super cool Wow pet spider oh my goodness it's a big jumbo spider that looks and acts like a real spider – the webbing and fly catching you he's super soft and fuzzy his eyes light up and glow and he actually moves like a real spider his mood also changes and you can tell how he's feeling based off of his eyes when his eyes glow blue it's okay just means he's just going to creep a little bit he's already done exploring he's kind of calmed down he's used to his habitat when his eyes glow green huh he wants to explore and wants to go on an adventure all over the place and just creep around his environment when his eyes glow red oh no you do not want to be around cuz that's attack mode spider are you okay are you okay hey are you okay huh okay careful come on come on little spider come on out of the corner well well Wow jump over the tree so it looks like these shopkins are all okay because our spider has blue glowing eyes so he's gonna be okay he's just kind of checking out his environment it's gonna be fine what's he doing whoa oh no he's going towards the shopkins okay never mind no he's not well he's creeping away he's creeping away wait he's coming back Oh No straight for the shopkins oh okay color is eyes okay his eyes are green it's okay it's okay I'm thinking maybe we should get out of here oh I was gonna buy a souvenir at the gift shop I want a spider shirt are you serious whoo he's creeping along well I believe the cool pattern on his back oh no attack oh no oh I love that pattern on his back to the red and the yellow the little spots he also has yellow spots all over his legs – whoa whoa whoa he's next to the shopkins book I guess he's not done exploring yet well okay now it's time to reach any Ketcham well well let's go ketchup our eyes are right now he's gonna go crazy you what color his eyes now they're blue they're blue let's catch a boat okay oh now he's trying to grape oh yeah he'll he's wiggling oh okay let's put it right to us habitat there you go Wow so here she will stay now inside of his page yeah let's go ahead and close that up like that we'll lock it down so we can't get out again wow that is super cool I love this little carrying case to would take him anywhere you want yeah good man so I hope you enjoyed this super fun wild pets video these guys are so cool whooping I'm telling you that attack boat scary do you have no idea what its gonna do but you do know going to echo yeah so super duper awesome this particular spider is exclusive to this little habitat playset they come with a super cool little rock right here don't forget to subscribe for more creepy crawly fun wild pet and I will see really cookies how well were you paying attention to the video what color did the spiders eyes glow when he's ready to attack but your answer below in the comment section bye cookie pants

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  1. Omg! Cookie You are spoiling us with these AWESOME Videos!! Ahh I love U CookiSwirlC! I'll scream if U would reply!!?☺️?

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