Shooting rabbits at night – farm pest control

Welcome to Team Wild’s Varminators. This week
we are at a farm in North Staffordshire that’s been complaining about nuisance rabbits for
some time now and who better to clear a few bunnies than Nathan Whitehead and Pete Malkin.
They’re experienced hunters and jump at the chance. The moon is out and hopefully they’ll
be a few rabbits about. Right, we’re out tonight. We’ve been, had
a phone call to say there was a few rabbits getting about on some stubbles and stuff and
they want to clear them out before they start drilling again. We’re out with the .22 Rimfire,
an ideal gun for the job. It’s an Anschutz 1416 with a 3 to 12×50 scope on it. Moderated,
it’s like I said, it’s an ideal gun for the job. Gonna try to do its best for the night.
Hopefully we’ll try to crack a few off. Nathan jumps in the back of the truck and
they head out. But after almost forty-five minutes they’ve
seen absolutely nothing. We’ve been driving around now for three quarters
of an hour and we’ve seen one rabbit. Shot it, not on camera. One of them nights by the
seems of it. No wind, no nothing, but we’re going to carry on now and try our best to
find something to film. There’s nothing else we can do, it’s just one of the things we’re
shooting, it either happens or it doesn’t, and it isn’t. Suddenly out of nowhere, a rabbit darts out
of the hedge and straight into the lamp. Nathan steadies his .22 Rimfire. Slowly pulling on
the trigger and it bolts, it’s off, there’s nothing like a moving target in the pitch
black. Talk about a needle in a haystack. The rabbit stops and without a moment’s hesitation
Nathan pulls the MAT trigger and the pinpoint accuracy of the .22 Rimfire hits its mark,
dropping the rabbit instantly. That’s a sigh of relief and one for the pot. Nice head shot. Didn’t feel a thing. Hit him
just there. About thirty of forty yards. Another perfect, probably three quarters grown. Beautiful. Almost immediately there’s another. Nathan
taps on the roof to signal Pete to stop the truck. Pete sets the target with the lamp.
Nathan gets his rabbit in the crosshairs and takes down another clean rabbit. That rabbit
didn’t feel a thing. Shot on the neck. All good for the pot. It’s straight back on the truck and without
a moment’s hesitation there’s another but this shot is a little bit special. As you can hear from the delay from the impact
of the shot, that rabbit was a fair old distance off. If you can put the bullet in the right spot
with the Rimfire, there’s enough killing power there, up to 120, 130 yards. Moving on, the lads head off into the next
field and the search continues. Another rabbit shows itself. The rabbit bolts
but Nathan’s hot on its heels. This is where experience and patience pays off. Another
perfect kill. He reloads and without even moving the truck
target number five shows up. It drops fast. 100 percent record. Impressed, they move on. With five in the bag, they must be doing something
right. Pete scours the fields until they come to the gate. Hopefully we’ll see a few more
in this field. Just then as they leave the truck, Nathan spots one. There’s one just there, through the gate. But the noise of the truck scares it away
seconds just before Nathan gets a shot. That one, definitely got away. No, it’s back. Nathan’s
straight on it and catches another rabbit off-guard. Perfect headshot. He sends his
good dog Pete off to collect it. That’s kill number six, and it’s been well worth the visit
so far. Gonna have a little reload, before we carry
on any further. The amount of times that you pick up on a rabbit, press the button and
nothing happens. With the amount of rabbits we’ve seen tonight we don’t want to misfire. A little further up the field, Nathan spots
another. It’s just about to get away, when he hits
it with another superb shot. You’ve got to be quick with these rabbits because once they
get going they usual don’t stop. They’ve got enough rabbits to feed the streets at this
rate. It’s going to be one happy farmer. The rabbits are soon stacking up but they’re
not done yet. Pete stops the truck as he’s spotted one charging across the field, but
Pete thinks it’s too far away. Nathan is not one to be beat. He fires a round from the
.22 Rimfire with deadly accuracy, dropping that rabbit instantly. That’s got to be about 100 yards with the
Rimfire and it dropped it on the spot. That certainly made up for the one that got
away. It’s getting late and the lads now decide to call it a night. But on the way back, as always, dedicated
to the job at hand, Nathan drops another. Including the couple that were shot off camera,
that’s eleven kills. That’s not to be grumbled at. The rabbits certainly made them work for
it tonight but the .22 Rimfire and a bit of skill bagged plenty of rewards. We’ve had a good night tonight. Not as many
as expected but shows we’re doing a good job on the land. 100 percent kill rate, shot eleven.
Job well done, again. Everybody’s happy except the rabbits. Some nice ones for the pot. Just
need to belly them now, otherwise by tomorrow morning they’ll be stinking so we’ll drop
the belly out of them now and get them ready for eating. Now Pete’s a bit of a pro when it comes to
bellying rabbits which is important. You’ve got to get the bellies out of them as soon
as possible to prevent spoilage to the meat. Started off poor. Ended up good in the end. It only goes to show that we’re doing a decent
job on the ground keeping the rabbits to a manageable level. If you can’t find a lot,
then obviously you’re doing alright with them. Everything we’ve seen we’ve killed. Makes a change! No answer to that one, is there. Subscribe to Team Wild TV for all the best
hunting shows on YouTube.

54 thoughts on “Shooting rabbits at night – farm pest control

  1. Your narration is excellent. 100 yards is a reasonable range if you know your aim points, dunno why some people are unwilling to take shots past 70 .

  2. From my understanding it is very difficult to get firearms in the UK, if this is so, how are you all lucky enough to get them and what kind of restrictions are there on them. I ask because I am from the US and getting a firearm here is as simple as driving to the store.

  3. I think nathan sleeps with his 22 ,he handles it excellent, a good driver and fetcher is a bonus also,nice work gentlemen…..Dave

  4. Nice evening of shooting, precise ethical and humane. keeping the numbers of rabbits down is good for the farmer of course, but also for nature (less erosion) and for the rabbits that can have a more plentiful environment.

  5. Yup. Coypu, nutria, swamp rat, all the same thing. We have lots of 'em here in France, so take a look at my videos if you want to see what a .22 rimfire does to a different species!

  6. you should look into getting a 17 hmr they are like shooting a laser with a very far distance they travel before dropping. You can hit a Gatorade bottle at 150 yards no sweat

  7. This was a truly impressive kill rate. And very good video, it just goes to prove that things do move fast on a night shoot.

  8. We have to prove a just cause for having them. The caliber has to be sufficient for the job in hand ie I wouldn't be allowed a .375 H&H to shoot fox in my area but i would be allowed that caliber to hunt dangerous game in Africa…Hope that helps

  9. what was that torch you were using, you seemed to have a really good beam from a small torch? p.s. really enjoyed the video keep up the good work.

  10. It look's like you'd get a little more success using a "Green" light as opposed to "White", Personnally I use a TR-1 "GameSpotter" w/ a C4 green led, on my "tact 1022, w/ a ND-3 by Laser Genetics as my hand-held unit., Excellent success @ 100meters is not a problem. Cheer's, Andy.

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