Shocking Twist While Observing Octopus Behavior

Exploring the Fascinating Minds of Octopuses The original plan was to observe how 2 aggressive octopuses would behave when placed in the same tank, separated by a protective glass divider. That’s Manny on the left, and Lily on the right. Two of the most aggressive octopuses under Octolab’s care. We expected full on aggression at both ends of the tank. All precautions were taken to ensure the safety of our octopuses. and then it happened…. Manny was falling for Lily! We realized things took a turn when he started flashing his gorgeous colors and displaying the underside of his tentacles to identify himself as male. There is a very narrow gap between the divider and the aquarium glass. Just enough for an arm to squeeze through oops…I should have knocked Manny is being cautious. When mating, male octopuses are at risk of being strangled and eaten by the females. Success!

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  1. So, yes this is a beautiful love story. But back to aggression lol. How would you separate two aggressive octopuses in a fight? You couldn't make any progress untangling their arms lol? Could one octopus kill another?

  2. So now what? Will she have babies? If so is there a chance she will survive? If you took the eggs what would happen? Will he die also? Have octopi been mated in captivity before? So many questions…

  3. I just want to say: Manny has better game than I do! Last time I flashed my colours and showed my underside I got slapped! lolol

  4. Please answer this question for me- I understand that the females, after laying their eggs, will not ear, but rather spend 24/7 blowing fresh water over the eggs- failing to leave even to hunt for her food, and therefore won't eat. If she lays eggs in her aquarium, will she eat If she has food given to her? Have divers in the open sea ever offered food to females tending their eggs to prevent their death? I've wondered often about this. If octopus numbers in the wild are low, could man help out by feeding these sweet mamas?

  5. • 3:45 – But how does he know that? ?
    • 4:04 – Is that post-coital cuttle-ing? ?
    • So… this'll be demonetized. I feel so dirty. :-

  6. That's some fine Octo mating dance going on there!
    Mother nature ~ just when we think we have her figured out~this happens. Beautiful. ?

  7. Chums this is unbelievable. I had no idea from the title what was going to happen. I didn't know females strangle the males sometimes. That's awful. Manny started out so aggressive the. He was like hey look at me !! Then you guys put the love making music on that made me laugh. Love this

  8. let's not anthropomorphize the mating. the male didn't "fall in love" with the female.

    I googled: "Why do male octopus die after mating?
    As with most creatures, the octopus's main purpose in life is to reproduce. … Both the male and female octopuses die soon after mating. The male dies a few months afterwards, while female dies shortly after the eggs hatch. For octopuses, mating is a pretty subdued affair."

  9. For an octopus, this is about as 'safe' as it can get when it comes to 'safe sex'.

    He did all the right things, in the right order…

    Checklist (from 'Octomating for Noobs' by Squidly Knowsalot):
    "There comes a time in every male octopuses life, when you will be compelled by a genetic curse to
    attempt to 'dance with the devil in the pale moonlight'.
    Despite the danger involved, the majority of your brain will cease to function and you will have no choice but to make this attempt. If you follow these 6 simple steps, your chances of success, and survival, will be dramatically increased."

    Step 1) Do the Flashy-Flashy thing to show interest, and beckon her with all of your best 'come hither' glowy-ness.
    Manny: "Turn on da blinkers! CHECK!"

    Step 2) Position yourself to avoid the Grabby-Grabbies of your target, lest you loose an arm, or worse, your life. (reminder.. you might wanna hold onto something.. this can go South real quick!)
    Manny: "Yup.. I got this! (Thanks OctoLab for the nifty flat vertical safety transparent mating rock!)"

    Step 3) Stroke the target gently to lull her into a daze. Don't get to emotional.. this is primarily for safety reasons.
    Manny: "Tickle, tickle, feather-stroke.. tickle, tickle, feather-stroke. OK… she not snoring or anything, but at least she's not trying to strangle me.. Next?"

    Step 4) Insert your hectocotylus arm into her ligula. (Just a's not where you think.)
    Manny: "You coulda just said 'Put the rocket in the pocket', but ok.."

    5) Deposit sperm, then attempt escape
    Manny: " Empty the tank, retract the hose, haul ink!..Got it! "
    Manny rolls lots of dice for dexterity, strength, and agility, then adds his slime bonus modifier

    Manny escapes and starts singing, "We are the champions.. no time for losers.. we are the champions.. of the world!!"

    6) Now that the 'OctoPanFar' ritual has been completed, you will find yourself able to resume your normal aggressive behaviors.
    Be sure to let her know you're not going to put up with any of her 'clinging' nonsense.
    Manny: " Das right! I said git! You're just lucky this see-through rock is between us! I'm big, I'm mean, and I'm.. hey wait.. where you going? I was only playing… Psych!! Now scedattle! Scoot!! Vamoose! "

    Note from attorney Inkward Suckerfoot, Aquatic Legal Council :
    Squidly Knowsalot is not an expert in anything. He was, in fact, forcibly removed from his position as 'Teacher of Important Stuff' at The Vulgaris Academy after it was discovered he had a pen, two hooks, and fins.

    His 'checklist', along with anything else in his book, should not be relied upon for anything other than practicing alone in front of a mirror, and even that might be risky. That said, I have been retained by Mr Knowsalot as his legal representative and am hereby reminding everyone to read the disclaimer in back of the book stating that Squidly Knowsalot may not be held responsible for loss of life or limb as a result of using any of the information in his book.

  10. Give me a break. What a cheap blatant attempt of audience psychological manipulation of your viewers. First, exciting dangerous sounding music seemingly to predict a hostile battle when the two first meet. Then lovingly sweet music when it seems that they won't fight to the death but fall in love…or lust whatever these creatures do. Then soft jazz to show after sex relaxation. I half expected the male to light up the octopus equivalent of a cigarette. The music was far better than the boring video so I turned off the picture just to enjoy the music. Much more interesting that way. If your video has to depend on only the music to be interesting then you have failed miserably in producing a clip worth watching.

  11. So, the 2 most aggressive octopuses who regularly train their minds in a lab are gonna produce offspring and nobody is terrified that this is the beginning of a new super race of octopus?

  12. So, Lilly is now pregnant? I think this will be VERY interesting! Of course, it may be the end of the world as we know it. But at least it beats blowing ourselves up.

  13. Geez these animals are fascinating!
    Was the octopus on the left actually patting the others head? I can just see the pale tentacle carcaressing the girls head, under her eye. That's so human-like, animals really blow my mind, I wish every person could see a bit of themselves in animals then people would treat them better

  14. It's very sad that the females die after giving birth. Beautiful as she is but its natural that this does happen to the females

  15. ? … well… if the best sex of octo-life is fàtal – they should really have been allowed full unrestricted contact. …… To have your only ever full reproductive sex via a glory-hole is kinda a real bummer. Getting strangled and eaten may be good for him toooo

  16. Do you publish your findings anywhere? These videos are very interesting and I've seen some behaviors in them that I've never read or heard about anywhere.

  17. So who didn't see the " boy meets girl" ending coming. Would've made more sense for both to be males or females to see how the aggressive behavior would play out.

  18. I couldn't get over the shrimp with a death wish….Oh sure, he was kind of gentle till he had his way with her and then it was just slam, bam, thank you get lost

  19. Apparently, if it has eight limbs and a vagina, it will attempt to kill and eat you if you are a dude trying to score. Why nature? Toxic octofeminity?

  20. Was I just tricked into watching octo-porn on my lunch break? If so, what does it say about me that once I figured out I was watching porn, I continued watching until the end? Lol!

  21. Other than entertaining us, what is in this series for the octopi? And don’t bother saying sex. Letting them mate doesn’t seem responsible, especially with resultant babies.

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