Shih Tzu Facts

The Shih Tzu's anscestors were very close
genetically to wolves. According to legend, a Shih Tzu would sleep
at the edge of the Chinese emperor's bed as Tzus were almost extinct!
In 1930, there were only 14 Shih Tzus left Shih Tzus do not shed as much as other breeds,
but still need daily brushing to maintain their coat.
Shih Tzus are strictly indoor dogs, but still need daily exercise.
Shih Tzus are great with other dogs and people, but can be stubborn or slower to train.
Shih Tzus do not do well hot humid weather. Shih Tzus live 12 to 16 years (some as long
as 20).

41 thoughts on “Shih Tzu Facts

  1. I did have a shih tzu when i was 3 but now that im 10 he's going to heaven thats why im watching this. For the memory of my dog. ???

  2. My shih tzu is also an indoor dog AND always clean +plus we trained him where to poop or piss its in the… No actually on a…. Matress.. We have alot of Matress, LIKE IF YOUR SAME AS ME

  3. My shih tzu is amazing, although they need quite a lot of grooming, they are very playful.I highly recommend you get a shih tzu for a family or a first pet.

  4. We just added a 3 month old Shih Tzu to the family. Hes adorable. Very calm, he doesnt barks as much as I thought he would. Any tips on potty training?

  5. A few years ago when my Shih Tzu was small, (still alive) she was very playful! When I did the ‘Bang’ trick she fell down and when I threw a ball she catches it! But now, she just turned 14 and she is very stubborn and lazy like a cat, but it’s really true that Shih Tzus sleep on the edge of your bed! Mine does!

  6. i watched a dog compilation because i really really want to have one then i found Shih Tzu very adorable then i watched this.
    i almost cry because i really want to have one but my parent don't want.. every year i talked to them but naaahh?

  7. They're not that hard to train a while ago I was teaching him how to shake and instead of him giving his paw he placed his butt on my hand???he's learning a little bit now lol

  8. I must have the smartest one in the world. She was not hard to train at all she never use the bathroom in the house and knows when I get out if the shower she automatically goes to her crate. She is very smart

  9. I had a shih tzu puppy once.They are four puppies my mom named since they were 6 weeks old.Sep.13 I saw my sister and my mom was crying,then I saw my favorite puppy and his name is JuJu .he fell in a chair and he had a tummy ache then he vomited he die.He was the only smallest puppies and the eldest one of the four of them.He passed away then we love him so much.

  10. getting paddy my shihtzu groomed on monday i think so we can bring him up meh nans for chrismas,she has a girk dog he goes crazy when seeing her….if u know what i mean.hes my profile

  11. facts about my pet shih tzu?
    1she hate ather dogs even that its her same breed lol
    2 she hate when your taking a picture at her?she looks away .
    3 my shih tzu loveeeeeeee!!!! eating mangga if you dont know what mangga means its color green or you can just google it 😀
    3 she sleeps for like 5 hours ? when she is bored
    4 she gets mad when im eating mangga and i forgot tu give her some
    5 she is maga hyper!!!! when im taking her at a walk she
    runs like a lion is chasing her hahahaha ??
    6 she is 4 years old
    7 her name is violet beacuse my favorite color is violet in english violet mean purple
    8 she hates taking a bath
    9 this is soooo weird soo my dog pops at her bowl and pees on it ??!?!?!??!
    10 she all ways gets her paws stuck at her cage did i spell cage rigth well you know what i mean i all ways help her but one time i all most got bit ??!?! so i just let her self pigure it out and i knew that she can du it by her self
    11 she haves 5 siblings she have a big bro name orio and three little sis idk ther name

  12. Is there anything beautiful that communists will not try and destroy? Hail Pinochet!, and god bless helicopter death squads!

  13. Lmao my shih tzu's ( i have 2 its father and his daughter.) DAMN THE TWO OF THEM WOULD GET THERE HEADS INTO THE GARBAGE AND DRAG ALL THE STUFF OUT. And the other one shits on the bed too. Very very stubborn.

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