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( music playing )Hi, I’m Pip. I’m a penguin. I’m his best flamingo
friend Freddy. We’re junior flyers
at T.O.T.S. – We deliver baby animals…
– To their forever families. Our friend Casey’s a koala, and she cares for
all the babies at T.O.T.S. before we deliver them. She knows a ton
about baby animals. Today she’s going to
tell us about… Both: Baby ponies! Casey:
Special delivery!
Ready to meet
an adorable baby?
Meet Lilly the pony.Lilly is one
of the newest arrivals
at Disney’s Tri-Circle-D Ranchat Walt Disney World Resort.Lilly is a Shetland pony,which is the smallest
of all horse breeds.
Another name for
a baby pony is a foal.
Isn’t this tiny foal Lilly
extra adorable?
Amazingly, only about
one hour after being born,
foals are already able
to stand up
and begin exploring the world.Lilly quickly got used to
standing on her own,
and it wasn’t long before
she was running
and discovering the meadow
with her mom Lady.
Lilly’s mom will teach herhow to be
a great Shetland pony,
and Lilly will get to do
lots of playing,
eating, and frolicking
in the sunshine.
Just like all baby animals,Lilly requires
very special care.
In fact, an entire team
helps care for Lilly,
her mom, and all the other
ponies at the ranch.
Hi, I’m Stephanie,
a ranch hand here at Disney’s
Tri-Circle-D Ranch.I work with Lilly each day
on training behaviors
that are important
for her care.
For example, I’m teaching Lilly
how to walk on a lead rope.
It takes a lot of practice
and patience.
I help provide basic care
like brushing her coat
and bathing her to make sure
she’s nice and clean.
The coolest part
about caring for ponies
is their personality.Every one
is a little different.
My biggest piece of adviceis to love the job that you doand love the animals
you’re caring for.

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  1. Not to discourage any of you, but this isn't exactly what I had in mind when I thought "series of shorts for T.O.T.S.". I was kind of expecting something involving KC doing a series of short vlogs showing her, you know, taking care of the babies that were featured in the episodes. Like trying to clean Wyatt, or trying to get Benny out for a snack, or even trying to hunt down Cam for nap time or trying to catch Chase so she could, you know, give the little speedster a diaper change. You know, things like those. Personally, I think what I said sounds like a better idea for a "shorts" series for a show like this.

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