Sheriff Updown the Rabbit | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cosmic Kids. I’m Jaime and this is your place for
yoga, stories, and fun. It’s easy. Just copy the moves I do
and enjoy the adventure. Now, we always start
in the same way and that’s by sitting
on our bottoms crossing our legs and bringing our hands
together at our hearts and saying our
secret yoga codeword which is Namaste Ready? After three One Two Three Namaste There! Now we’re ready to begin. So let’s find out who our
story is about today. We’ll look through
the cosmonoculars. Bringing your thumbs
and fingers together have a look through. Oh! look at that. Such lovely colours and shapes all the swirls going
round and round. Can you see it? Yes! It’s a rabbit. It’s Sheriff Updown the Rabbit. Yey! Oh! What’s Sheriff Updown doing? He’s doing yoga. He’s doing surfer pose. Oh! This is very exciting. We’re going to Texas to meet
Sheriff Updown the Rabbit. Now, we have to be fit to
keep up with Sheriff Updown so let’s do a special exercise. We stand up and we sing a little song Stand up with your
hands on your hips squat down, bend your
knees down low, reach up with your
arms to the clouds and fall down to the ground. Stand and squat
and reach and fold Stand and squat
and reach and fold Stand and squat
and reach and fold Now our body is ready. Yey! Now let’s practice
our bunny hops. Ready? Coming all the way down press your hands down spread your fingers we’re going to lift our bottoms
up and step back. Now, can we bounce
forward and back. Ready? Boing! Boing! one Boing! Boing! Two Boing! Boing! three Boing! Boing! four Phew!! Well done, everyone! That’s got us nicely warmed up. We sit with our
legs out long Haaah! and we have
a little rest. Brrring! Brrring! That’s the telephone. Let’s answer it. Lifting up the receiver we say, Hello! Cosmic Kids here.
How can we help you? Oh! Hi, Sheriff Updown, Yeah, we can come to
Buffalo Creek in Texas. Yes! Oh! Bad guys, right. Well Cosmic Kids to the rescue. Okay, yep, see you
in a minute. Bye! We put the
phone down and… Brrring! Brrring!
Brrring! Brrring! That’s the phone again. Let’s answer the
other one this time. Hello! Cosmic Kids.
How can we help you? Oh! Hi, Sheriff Updown Okay, the Lone Star Saloon,
Buffalo Creek yeah, we’ll remember yeah, we’ll see you there,
okay, bye! We’re going to the Lone Star Saloon,
Buffalo Creek, Texas. Yey! There’s only one way
to get there though and that’s on horseback. We’re going on Ned the Horse. Coming up on to one knee step your foot forward lift your arms up
above your head. We ride on the
back of Ned. Taat-tat-tuk! Taat-tat-tuk!
Taat-tu-tu-tak! Then we change
our legs over because it’s quite
a long journey and we ride into the sunset
all the way to Texas. Taat-tat-tuk! Taat-tat-tuk!
Taat-tu-tu-tak! When we arrive we’re in Buffalo Creek
outside the Lone Star saloon Standing with our
legs and arms wide making a lone star shape We go inside the saloon
opening the door. Coming down to your knees take one leg
out to the side and lift your arm
up to the sky extending your other arm down. We open up the
swing doors with a… Yee-haa! then we close
the door behind us. Coming back to
two knees again take the other leg out
to the other side and lift your other arm up Yee-haa! Inside there’s
Sheriff Updown the Rabbit. He does a little bunny
hop towards us. Coming up onto your tiptoes place both hands down and do a little hop
into the air. Ready? One Two Three Hoppity hoppity hop! He then bows all
the way forward with his big long ears
coming up over his head and he says Howdy-doody! Oh! Sheriff Updown
it’s so exciting to be here. He invites us to sit
at the bar with him. We sit on a barstool. Sitting up we bend our knees and we rest our
arms on the bar looking up and down. We get a lovely
glass of lemonade which we drink through
a straw going… Mmm! It’s so refreshing. Sheriff Updown tells us that there
are some real bad guys in town and he’s got some
trouble on his hands. All of a sudden coming into
the bar is an old wizard bending all the way forwards he hobbles in looking very old and he says,
I’m Wizard Whatdoyouknow and I bought an
important gift for all of y’all Hoo! What’s the important gift? I brought you the zappy happy which will turn the bad guys
into good happy guys. Are you ready? We are ready Wizard Whatdoyouknow. So we sit down
and we cross our legs just like Wizard Whatdoyouknow. He closes his eyes and he rests his hands
on his knees he goes all peaceful and then he says Ommmmmm He opens his eyes
and he says… Zappy Happy! Zappy Happy! let them use the zappy happy. Then he asks us a question. He says, now, are you familiar
with the pose of the surfer? We know surfer pose, don’t we? Yeah. We show him. We stand up we put one foot forward one foot back bend our knees take our arms out wide and show him how good
we are at being surfers. Then we jump the other way to show him we can do
it the other side as well. Boing! Ha! Ha! Ha! He says go and test out the
zappy happy on the dead trees outside you’ll turn those dead trees
that look very sad into really happy lively trees. Oh! This is great. The zappy happy is white light that comes out of the
end of our fingertips and we don’t have
to use guns anymore we just turn bad things
into happy things. Yey! So we go outside where
the dead trees look very sad one foot on top
of the other your hands together grow your dead
sad tree up make your branches go limp Hmm! Let’s see if we can
use our zappy happy to turn these dead limp trees
into lively happy ones. We step one foot forward one foot back take our arms wide and… Zoooom! The white light
hits the tree and the tree goes
from looking sad bringing your other
foot on top now your hands together growing up tall into looking happy. Wow! We’ve never seen
happier trees in our lives. This is great. We go back into the bar but as we do Wizard Whatdoyouknow
disappears in a puff of smoke. Coming all the way
down onto your tiptoes after three we’ll do a big jump. One Two Three Puff! Oh! my goodness,
that was magic. Now, bring on the bad guys. We’ve got the zappy happy. Sheriff Updown tells us that the baddest guy in town
is Rex the Tex Alligator. Lying on your side stretch your arms long
and your legs long Oooh! he’s got a
really big mouth with some really
big giant teeth. Hoooh! He’s pretty scary. Rex the Tex Alligator got his name because when he gets mad
he looks a bit like a T-Rex dinosaur. Standing with your legs wide holding onto your ankles here we go. Clomp! Clomp! Clomp!
Clomp! Clomp! He’s a really big
stompy dinosaur when he gets angry,
Rex the Tex. We hope we don’t
have to meet him. All of a sudden coming into the bar is one of Rex the Tex Alligator’s
worst bandit friends. It’s Crook the Coyote. Coming down onto your hands tucking your toes back lifting your bottom
to the sky coming into your
dog pose he folds all the
way forward and stretches his
chest up to the sky with a big howly scowly face. Owwwh! Little Updown
comes onto his knees and hops forward Boing! He looks at Crook Coyote
and says… Mighty big frown
you’ve got there, Crook. Crook Coyote stretches
his claws forward lifting his bottom to
the sky and says, What’s it to you? Little Updown sits up
and says Well, maybe I can
help you remove it. We can’t believe he’s talking
to Crook Coyote like this. Crook Coyote starts to stand taking his paw to his gun but before we know
what’s going on our friend Sheriff Updown
jumps into the zappy happy and shoots him
with the white light. Zoooom! No bangs, no bullets just white light which hits Crook Coyote
square in the heart. He stands like a mountain and then a ginormous smile
appears across his face Haaahhhhhh! He then starts wagging his tail
like a really happy dog. Hands down take your feet behind you lift up one of your legs and give it a wag Huh! Huh! Huh!
Huh! Huh! Huh! He sits up like a little begging dog and he says I love you. I’m going to
be a good boy. I’ll go fetch your slippers. Haaha! Haaha
Haaha Haaha Wow! we can’t believe it the zappy happy works. This is amazing. The next day we go in
Sheriff Updown’s pickup truck. Sitting with our
legs out long we drive up the creek down the creek around the bend
around the bend Then we spot three more of
Rex the Tex Alligator’s worse bandits they’re thieves We can see them. There’s brain shake rattle snake. Coming onto your tummies hands underneath your shoulders he slithers through town. Phrrrr! Hissssss! He’s followed by
Spike the Spiny Lizard tuck your toes come on to all fours and step one of your feet around
to the outside of your hand then you can skulk
close to the ground like Spike the Spider Lizard. Then also behind
Spike the Spiny Lizard is Horace The Hairy Spider. Step your other foot forward and wiggle that one
around to the other side. Take your hands around
to the outside of your feet and sit yourself
down like a spider. Oh! Look,
it’s Horace the Hairy Spider. They all three of them
go into the bank house. Standing up arms above your head stretching up tall. They say stick ‘em up and everyone in the bank
does what they’re told. Putting their arms
like cactus trees the three villains start
collecting loot and money. Folding all the way forward and collecting as much as
they can into their sacks. Shh! We tip toe
behind them. Shh! Shh!
Shh! Shh! We get into this
zappy happy pose. One foot forward
one foot back arms wide after three One Two Three Zooooom! All three of them
start slithering. Onto your tummies into smiles Haaaaah! they go back to the
back desk and say let us bake you
some cookies We’re so sorry for
stealing all your money you have it back now. Bye. Wow! we can’t believe they’ve
turned from bad guys into good guys. This is amazing. We head back to the
Lone Star Saloon for a very welcome
glass of lemonade. Sitting at the bar bend your knees resting your arms
on the bar we drink that lemonade using
our tongue as a straw this time Sluuuurrrp! Hmm! All of a sudden stomping
into the bar very angrily is Rex the Tex Alligator. Taking hold of
your ankles and Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!
Stomp! Stomp! Sheriff Updown
as cool as a cucumber still sitting at the bar he looks at
Rex the Tex Alligator and smiles He says,
Good Afternoon, Rex. Can I offer you a delicious
glass of lemonade? Rex the Tex Alligator stands
up and bashes his chest Noooooooo! He says, I’ll challenge
you to a duel on the main. Huuh! A duel that means
a fight with guns. But we’re not going
to use guns, are we? No. We’ve got the zappy happy. So, out we go, onto main feeling pretty cool
about things but Rex the Tex Alligator
is not alone he’s brought with him
Scheagle the Bald Eagle. Wrapping one leg
around the other take your arms out wide scissor your arms and wave
your underneath arm and swizzle your arms around Haaw! Haaw! he’s a pretty bad eagle and with him is
Bronco the Bucking Donkey. Coming all the way down take your hands down and then you’re going to kick
your legs up like a bucking donkey Yee-haw! Oh my goodness me there’s also Rowdy the Bomber Bobcat. Coming all the way down. Whaaaw! Whaaaw! These are fierce guys and finally there’s
Billy the Ghostface Vampire Bat Standing up turn to the back take your legs wide crisscross your fingers
behind your back fold all the way forward and look between
your legs going… Haaahaaha! Billy Haaahaaha! Huh! standing all the way up again turning around this isn’t fair. There’s too many of them. There’s only a few of us. Huddle up we huddle up right we’re going to be fine as long as we
take a deep breath [Breathe In] [Breathe Out] we will be calm we will be collected we will be cool and we will use
our zappy happy. All of a sudden we hear Need any help Cosmic Kids? Sheriff Updown? Why, yes, we do. And out of the bar
comes Crook Coyote putting your hands down your feet down lifting up looking up towards
your belly button. Crook Coyote means
that we can be even. It’s time for the duel. We stand back-to-back
with our enemy. We get ready to take
a pace forward we take a big ginormous
step forward we turn we point and we shoot
the zappy happy Zoooo! It hits Rex the Tex Alligator and his whole gang
in the heart. Huh! They stand like mountains before great big smiles
come across their faces and then they start running
in slow motion towards us. They give us
a great big hug Awww! And from that day forward Sheriff Updown has only
ever known Buffalo Creek to be a peaceful
happy place. He has taught all of them Wizard Whatdoyouknow’s
special trick. We cross our legs
and sit on down. We use cosmonocular
fingers on our knees. We take a big
deep breath in [Breathe In] and we go Ommmmmm! When we open our eyes after doing that special
Wizard Whatdoyouknow Om we feel lovely and calm and really peaceful like all of that zappy happy
is inside us. This is amazing. We’ve had such a lovely time
here with lovely Sheriff Updown but now it’s time
to go home. We hop onto our lovely
friend Ned the Horse. Coming onto one knee lifting your arms
above your head here we go Tatta-Tuk! Tatta-Tuk!
Tatta-Tuk! Tatta-Tuk! our friend Ned suggests that we lie back on
his lovely back to relax. We lie back and we get ourselves comfortable. Aah! We take some big deep breaths [Breathe In] [Breathe Out] as we breathe in we notice
that our tummy goes up and as we breathe out
our tummy goes down [Breathe Out] Up [Breathe In] Down [Breathe Out] Up [Breathe In] Down [Breathe Out] What an amazing story. We feel after we do
these lovely breaths the sense of calm feeling peaceful full of love, light
and happiness We have got that zappy happy
inside each and every one of us and it’s wonderful to be able
to share it wherever we go with whoever we meet to spread that love and happiness
everywhere throughout the universe enjoying this peace. We feel it’s time to wake up so we wiggle our fingers
and our toes we bring one in
and give it a kiss two knees in
give it a kiss and we roll over
onto our side to come up to sitting with our legs crossed and our hands
together at our heart and we finish our story
just like we started with our secret
yoga codeword which is Namaste. Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste Well done, everyone! That was amazing. We went all the way to Texas
and met Sheriff Updown. You were great and your zappy happy
was awesome. I hope you enjoyed
your adventure today and come back soon for
another Cosmic Kids adventure. Bye-bye.

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  1. Cool good job maybe im can do this one at school I will go ask my teacher if we can 🙂 I hope my teacher dose 🙂

  2. My 4 year old son found these videos on his own and has been doing the poses all on his own initiative. He seems to really like it!

  3. I have one question and 1 suggestion! First, why can't I pin this to Pinterest anymore? I do cosmic kids yoga with my kindergarten class. I save all the episodes and stretch videos on a Pinterest board. I want to keep doing that, but Pinterest isn't an option anymore? Suggestions? And secondly, it would be VERY helpful if the episodes could be numbered for easy organizing on our part. Thanks and keep them coming! I've got other kindergarten teachers at my school on board, also! ?

  4. Hi Jaime and @cosmickidsyoga! It would be GREAT if you added TEXT to your videos that showed the pose name as you perform the poses with kids, that way the kids/parents/teachers can become familiar with the pose names. I hope you make the change soon!

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