Shelter Needs Help Adopting Cats And Dogs

also this evening the Powell County Animal Shelter is asking for help after being inundated with cats and dogs this past weekend just how many jackal and I has the story over 20 cats in 10 dogs have been turned into the Powell County Animal Shelter since Friday most of the animals were put in an animal control officers truck overnight all of those came in Monday morning actually before I even got here so I walked in and we were just flooded the shelter assistant Teresa stand-up cares for the animals everyday and with the amount of cats and dogs they have right now the shelter is overwhelmed especially when you have the puppies and the kittens because they make such a mess and you can spend the whole day just working on a few of the puppies and kittens because they just need so much attention Suda MS asking the community to help the shelter by adopting or fostering the cats or dogs so they don't have to be euthanized we would like to see maybe probably at least 20 more cats boys and dogs we would like to have 10 or 12 placed to help us get back to kind of normal if you would like to help but are unable to adopt or foster contact the animal shelter for any supplies they may need in Powell County Jacqueline nigh lex18 news

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