Shelby ALMOST Stole my Sandwich | West Michigan Pet Expo Trip Day 1

well good wonderful beautiful morning audience you guys wanna go for a ride don't go for a ride do you wanna go for a ride this is like yeah open the door you got your collars on you got your harnesses on we got the Jeep packed we are on our way let's go all right Jeep I don't want to jinx yeah this is the first trip long trip we're making since he left us stranded don't do it again or I will replace you you got that you got that so we are on Cairo 612 and there's a lot of places back in here where they play army in the woods there's tanks and stuff maybe some more I memphis you have to get in the back she's like what you were talking I went up front areas so they're black and all those trails so nobody goes back there while they're practicing fire and things yeah alright so we are already on the road we are headed to the West Michigan's pet expo with the dogs today the expo starts tomorrow today is a day where we just get to and set up everything which alright we don't have a whole lot to set up over here that way we think miss Memphis it's like you get this super fun birthday weekend let's do it is cold besides the roads but okay she's looking for turkeys having it out there's big buildings up there can't super really see them in the camera but trust me they're there we gotta get off of this exit take the exit on the right now we're working alright so we made it we get to be in here buy the food we're gonna set up our little table this is where we're gonna be for the whole weekend what do you think I know Daniel be right back he's going grab stuff he's coming back there like we've been in the car for four and a half hours we want to go do something so the dogs at the West Michigan Pet Expo have their own locker room if it's quick let's show them that show me a locker room check this out so if they get tired and need a break we can come chill out in here for a little bit there's even a fridge in here we can get some some drinks and Dom in there get our own shower oh let's go check up the shower let's go once they got shower this is like no good we get our own backgrounds look at this get your own shower you can take a bath in here probably not though come on come on what do you think Shelby she's like whoa what is this okay I'm going I'm gonna take a bath Shelly you gonna take a bath and hope I'm out I'm out okay they can they can do their makeup all right we're all set up we're gonna go find our hotel I think you crazy girls so we made it to the hotel and looks girlfriend came to visit but it's red squirrel friend we don't see very many red squirrels up by our house he's just chillin in the tree super cute he's staring at the dogs oh my gosh its nature it's like 50 degrees outside yeah it's so nice out so we figured we'd we were gonna go drive around Grand Rapids we found this little park we thought we can walk the dogs around you know at some of their pent-up energy for me it's still gonna come all right bridge Hey look it there's a huge traffic jam downtown I'm glad we didn't go that way there's downtown Grand Rapids we decided to go for a car cruise and check it out it's a pretty cool town Shelby is not happy about something we're not sure what go find somewhere to take so there's some new buildings and old buildings in downtown Grand Rapids we're gonna head back towards our hotel this is where I said oh this is that bridge that they have shut down yeah well it's not a bridge that goes up there is closed yeah made back to the room I just went picked up food check out this room guys yeah to clean beds but this is the coolest part maybe it'll be light out we'll show you tomorrow there's like a little sliding glass door and there's a whole fenced-in Terrace area out there not that they're gonna be off leash or anything out there but there's like a whole little girl ground floor so yeah watch them she's behind me yep check that out so we get a whole little Terrace area makes it easy for letting the dogs out at night right mm-hmm that was like I would go out there now write the second alright let's eat some dinner Wow is it your beggars look yeah that must be am i smelling really good hi shall we we got you some nibbles oh it does look good she's like I can take them mama give me my sandwich in them behind look at Memphis they have no man I do well consider in your mad she's like mom is my dinner too quick hey using her all right Sammy you got it you gotta wait miss you go wait – yeah yeah I paused to go to the bathroom cutie get your pie anything no give me it all no you got wait you'll get up me what heck what did you find a little piece of Turkey okay that's enough I put the camera down I mean well Shelby after a day of being unsettled you sure have settled in at the hotel is that all you want for the rest of your life is that hotel life she did switch beds and besides she's gonna steal that bed she's gonna share it with Memphis though Jamie and I are debating on having breakfast delivered in the morning that's kind of a neat thing thank you first Oh yeah no this is two eggs enemy it's really not it's no worse than if we go out to eat yeah for praises yeah well gee Nora so there's pumping here yeah that'll be here I guess I'll have to figure that out so we're gonna figure that out but we're gonna call it a night and get ready for tomorrow so we hope you guys enjoyed today's video thanks for watching stay positive dream big we'll see you again soon good night audience good night miss yo B feel a little better feel more settled now she did good on the ride then she was unsettled for a little bit but no I know I'm talking to you that's totally different I know what you're doing now goodnight audience if you love our Huskies come along for the ride all you have to do is hit subscribe follow as we share our lives with their dogs and join our adventures on snow dog loves

31 thoughts on “Shelby ALMOST Stole my Sandwich | West Michigan Pet Expo Trip Day 1

  1. the girls sure are ready 🙂 . Its good to see you all made it down safe and sound and they get there own locker room now thats top notch.
    That sure is a diferent hotel room compared to the other ones you been at and shelby is ready for that sandwich :).

    thanks for a lovely expo video. Stay Frosty, Stay Positve. The Danish Viking.

  2. hihi so funny to see memphis and shelby looking at the sandwich and then a glimpse at eachother.. they would totally share the sandwich LOL Love to the girls, hugs to you all !

  3. It’s crazy seeing my hometown in one of your videos! I go to Gvsu and the bridge is closed so it has us rerouted though downtown unfortunately. It was fun meeting you guys 🙂

  4. Michigan is so beautiful! I wish I lived there.
    Shelby trying to steel the sandwich was so cute! Memphis’s little face!
    I love your dogs❤️

  5. ? Shelby almost stole your Sandwich she was soooo close of taking it ?? An Memphis just waits patiently ? sooooo cute ???

  6. I definitely would have laughed if Miss Shelby would have stolen your sandwich . Maybe next time she'll get it .

  7. So the trick to get Shelby to eat is to make it look like a sandwich and then tease her with it like Jessica or Jaime might eat it. ?

  8. That's one quick nose Shelby has, good thing you're just as fast Jess. And thank you Jamie for capturing this XD

  9. Memphis wants to look out the front to see where she's going, how nice to have your own locker room and showers, nice park to go walkies, nice hotel room, Shelby and Memphis can have one bed, or Shelby can sleep with Jamie and Memphis with Jessica or vis versa, we want some dinner too they say, yum those couple pieces were so good, Thank You for the video love watching the videos Good Night.

  10. Shelby tried to steal the sandwich like "finders keepers!!!" While Memphis is making the "I'm a poor hungry puppy" face

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