She sleeps with her pet snake each night until her vet tells her the shocking truth

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35 thoughts on “She sleeps with her pet snake each night until her vet tells her the shocking truth

  1. This makes snakes look teribble and its a myth
    Do tou thinm a snake will come up to a mouse tell him hold up snugle with in for a week till hes hungry then eat it thats not how snakes work
    I have a pet snake and what i can see with his behavior is if it smells like food and is small and moves then ill eat it

  2. That's creepy, and the serpent was really measuring her for its next meal. I have always believed that any animal who is primitive and predatory is not suitable for a pet.

  3. No snake does this. Do people really think snakes have the mental capacity to do this? Even then the snake can see it can't eat a human and no snake is going to go off eating for the escuse of "making room for the human"

  4. …. Asleep with my yellow-belly pastel default. and it's just a myth about what they say about snakes laying by their owners to stretch out the bellies that's not the case.

    when a snake stretches out beside you what he's trying to do is measure you out it's not that he's trying to eat you because of your scent.
    it is that he or she believes that you are of a species and is willing to crawl all over you to show dominance.
    And yes pythons and anacondas cobras and water moccasins are the only snakes that actually live in clutch packs.
    meaning that there is always five or six babies that stay around one another

  5. I used to too; then Bob got bigger; and then—–Bobby got a l-i-ttle to comfy-cosey around the neckski…
    So Moma said no more for Bob to do choke-e-choke-e???

  6. It wouldve died trying to eat her. 7ft vs the average 5ft woman? Cant happen. Plus, snakes will always bite before they ever constrict. People need to educate themselves. No wonder snakes are so misunderstood ?

  7. Since she went to the vet, Would anyone care to tell me the name of the vet? No? Is it because no vet would ever say that (unless as a prank)? I thought so.

  8. This is a bigger lie than my mom telling me turning on the lights in the car is illegal. Snakes do not eat prey bigger than itself. If such snake exists, it is not the snake mentioned in the video. Snakes don't even size up their prey in the wild, let alone in captivity. This is just anti reptile keeping propaganda. Sure there are snakes big enough to kill people, but such cases are because of 1. If the snake is not a captive bred, they tend to be more aggressive because they come from the wild or 2. The owner was handling such an animal irresponsibly and is probably inexperienced with exotic animals, exponentially increasing the danger. A chance of injury or death could be said for most pets.

  9. It crushed all the bones before it swallow you, so yes it can eat human whole, theres lot lot of cases about phyton, boa etc eating human in Indonesia and asia.
    Those who say that pet snakes do not eat humans; maybe they are breeders and snake sellers who don't want to lose buyers.

  10. Whoever thinks it is not possible, watch these videos from india and Indonesia.

  11. OMG this is one of the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Let me assure anyone who believes this. Snakes DO NOT measure there food. The only time a snake is going to bite you for feeding purposes is if it strikes improperly missing it's food and accidentally biting your hand which if that does happen the snake will let go of you.

  12. Gotta love how people can make up stupid stories like this 🙂 common sense is for the weak. Snakes definitely size up pretty because live pretty sits and waits to be sized up and eaten 😉 and I'd be more worried of my snakes freezing to death or pooping in my bed than eating me.

  13. Lies. Snakes aren't trying to harm you. Stop spreading lies and negativity. Good reptile owners would not sleep with their reptiles because they can escape and get lost.

  14. Snakes don't size anything up. A snake will strike quick to get it's meal. I am so tired of hearing this story. One time I heard it twice in a day. It doesn't make sense that she would sleep with the snake everyday and it was sizing her up like it was patiently waiting day in and day out. One of my snakes is 12 ft and I doubt he could even eat a full grown adult. What's even dumber than this story is that people actually believe it.

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