Shark Apex Vacuum Review: Best Pet Hair Vac?

this is the shark apex vacuum with lift-away 0m technology supposed to be a great pet hair vac I've been in the search for a great pet hair back for years is this one the nest contender let's find out in today's review today I want to talk about this shark vacuum the apex with lift-away 0m technology that's supposedly good for pet hair now I've been using this for a while I wasn't actually planning on reviewing it I was just trying to find a good pet hair back but because my results have been pretty good I thought I would share it with you guys it's not a sponsored post shark didn't pay me to do this I'm just sharing with you a product that I have that I think might be a benefit if you have pet hair problems and can't haven't found the perfect vacuum yet I'll show you the rest of the features but I really want to focus on the pet hair factor if you've watched my channel much you know I have two golden retrievers and those dogs have long hair that sheds and I think my dogs are about 1000 on vacuums over the last 13 years and this one seems to be so far the best vacuum I've had to deal with pet hair and I know those other vacuums out there and when it's all said and done maybe you can suggest one can try as well but for right now this is the best one I've tried and i'ma show you exactly why this is the shark ion flux I review this one back in 2017 it's a good vacuum but it's not really that great for pet hair because I'm advocacy having to open this up and literally cut the pet hair off with a razor so that's not really very user friendly as far as pet hair goes although the vacuums are similar they're both by shark as you can see they both have a duo cleaning technology which is a stiff bristle brush on the inside and a soft roller on the outside this actually helps pick up larger objects without pushing them forward but this roller here ends up getting completely covered in hair after a few passes whereas on the apex I get a little bit of hair but that's about as much as I can get on there that little bit is all I've seen on there after vacuuming my floor what I'm gonna do now is vacuum part of my room with the ion flex part of my room with the apex and show you the pet hair difference I've seen a lot of pet hair vacuum demonstrations and they take pet hair and they put it on the floor but pet hair owners know the hardest pet hair is the stuff that gets in the carpet deep down and saturated inside that's the pet hair the Frome it's not the pet hair you see it's a pair you don't see I usually vacuum my floor almost every day I haven't vacuumed in several days trying to help let it build up and I'm gonna show you right now exactly what happens first I'm going to do is show you the shark eye on flex which again I think is a very good vacuum I've used it ever since my review been very happy with it except for pet hair which becomes a problem it's cordless which is convenient you have this kind of cool feature for going underneath tables that's kind of nice a lot of cool things about it just do a couple passes on the floor and see what the pet hair problem is all right so I've done half of my room now and there is the pet hair keeping in mind this was completely cleaned off when I started and there it is again good vacuum but it doesn't handle pet hair too well now let's try this bad boy for the other half of my room and see how it compares this is a 30 foot cord by the way so ample cord space now if you recall from before I didn't even clean this out from the last time you can see this is actually on stuck to these bristles it's not wrapped around so once again just to compare there was a little bit on the bristles here significantly more on the ion flex so is definitely something that's working for this vacuum which one would you guys rather deal with to me I know what you went out I deal with this one I barely have to clean it this one I have to clean after every use I definitely think this is a better technology whatever they're doing inside under the hood it's working it's time for pet hair test number two and I've got Bailey here who's gonna help me out by contributing a fresh batch of pet hair right Bailey Bailey loves being brushed and she's gonna contribute a bunch of pet hair for me good girl with all that hair oh man I got pet hair myself here she was one of these lint rollers that I reviewed before you can see right up here Dollar Store in that 1960s era maybe hurricane for a wizard definitely so pet hair test number two I'm going to use two big piles of hair and see how the rollers do with these I don't know if this is realistic I don't even know how the apex is gonna do I know how the eye on Flex is gonna do because I've done this before the reason I want to compare the two vacuums is because they use the same technology except for the 0m technology all right completely unrealistic well maybe for some people it's unrealistic maybe for some people that's realistic think there might be slightly more hair on this one so I'm gonna use that one for the apex shark I am flex for the smaller pile I really have no idea what the results are gonna be I know that this one it's gonna get wrapped up on the roller this one not sure but let's find out right now here we go with the shark ion flicks all right it picked it up but let me guess it's kind of in the roller here now the apex really not very much just like before a little bit on these bristles but certainly less than the ion flicks and keep in mind there was more on the apex side than the ion flick side once again ion ion flicks apex there's a difference well that big piece right there that baby boy not much not much and I did clean these out these were completely clean I cleaned them out by hand before I started that test so that's just that pile of hair picked up I want to go over the attachments here we've got a couple attachments typically the standard you get the crevice tool you have one this one that converts to an upholstery tool and they work pretty much as you would expect but this is the attachment that as pet owners I think that it is worth mentioning this is the motorized pet tool stores in this configuration you push this button you're ready to go so then you get this bad boy right here motorized lots of power I can feel that grabbing onto the couch it has a lot of power to it it's even lighted it's even lighted Oh No the dogs been sitting on the couch again good thing I've gotten my motorized pet hair tool whoa did you see it just suck that up whoa now there isn't much on the roller so it but it will eventually get pet hair on here I had to clean this off once the power of this is far beyond the typical attachments you'll find because it's motorized there is one minor con of this vacuum and that is that there's not a lot of flexibility of the hose it doesn't take much I'm only five feet away and it's already starting to move it I've seen Dyson's and other vacuums where you can go halfway across the room this one doesn't have a lot of doesn't give you a lot of space minor complaint though but something to consider another kind of cool feature is the powered lift away we press this button and you actually disengage the entire bottom of the unit and you can carry it around comes completely off so you then have a handheld vac that you can carry around with you if you need more portability and that's actually kind of a cool feature all right so here's how it lifts away feature works release the wand and look I'm I'm mobile now I am mobile I'm gonna add an attachment so then you're not stuck to a floor vacuum when you want to do some hard-to-reach places you can just hold it in your hand then lift away it's pretty cool oops it's a pretty cool feature and pretty easy to reassemble as well all right what I've got here now is an old Dirt Devil sandwiched in between these two sharp vacuums both of these sharks have the duo clean technology the old Dirt Devil is obviously doesn't so I want to go show you a demonstration of how the duo clean supposedly helps when you're picking up large objects on the floor it doesn't kick them forward like a lot of vacuums do so let me show you I'm talking about okay well it did launch a couple those forward [Applause] the dirt devil definitely pushed quite a bit of that forward without picking it up now all three of them kicked some of the materials forward but the duo claim certainly did a better job the old school Dirt Devil it pushed a considerable amount of it forward I had to go over several times so the dual clean is better it's not perfect but it's certainly an improvement over older technology all right so to pull now I wanted to get all the junk out of their desk cup release boom notice also where does this hair is more straight a lot of times than the other vacuums it's more rolled up here it's actually just kind of straight here which is different pretty simple all right so if this was a sponsored post I would be saying this is the perfect vacuum go out buy it right now but it's not a sponsored post but I do happen to like this vacuum I would say the cons would be that it's kind of on the heavy side and the hose doesn't allow you a lot of room it's also kind of on the expensive side but that said I think the pros outweigh the cons the pros being that the motor is quiet the 0m technology is very good to keep them pet hair off the roller by the way there's other shark' pixs without 0m so make sure you look at that one I like the lift away mode as well and the motorized pet tool so overall I think this is a very good product have you used this product or something like it tell me what you think in the comments below please follow my social profiles for progress pictures videos as I go and please subscribe for more product reviews to meet James White the freaking of views thanks Billy you

24 thoughts on “Shark Apex Vacuum Review: Best Pet Hair Vac?

  1. Thank you James, that was very fast!!! I just messaged about a pet vac vid. And BOOM! What do you know you had one! Hahahahaha this helps alot

  2. Shark vacuums are garbage. It will probably last you a couple years then stop working for no apparent reason. I recommend you try a Riccar or Simplicity tandem air vacuum, they run about $1000-$1600 new but can be found on eBay for as little as $300. If you buy one of those I can guarantee that you will never buy another vacuum and your carpets will look like new after 6 weeks of use.

  3. just fyi: the link you have provided for amazon is over $100 above retail if you were to just buy it directly from shark. the only reason I know this is because there was a shark apex zero m AD at the beginning of your video that advertised it for only $299. 🙂

  4. Idk if you'll ever read this but if you want that gorgeous thing to last longer, you need to fold that cable away in a figure of 8, not a coil – same reason for extending extension leads all the way and compounded by the reason headphones break every damn week

  5. I have this vacuum I love it I have dogs plus my dog is messy like a child makes a mess. I love it how much it sucks up pet hair and everything. I have a Bissell vacuum it couldn't handle dogs hair and wouldn't pick up much of anything anymore…it worked good before I had dogs and had it for 4/5 yrs but the suction wasn't great when I first bought it but this shark… omgosh it's so awesome! I love it how well it cleans better than my Bissell did at the first try.

  6. I just recently got Apex one and it is awesome indeed. I got refurbished one for $199 though without zero m, no warranty, and a few scratches, but we do not have pets and it is nice quiet and powerful machine, everyone in our family love it. There is just one thing that i never really noticed with any other vacuums, but with all that awesome power that Apex has i guess, it takes some getting used to try to "fight" with vacuum constantly that keeps trying to run away from you, and one has to pull it back against its will, while the vacuum basically goes forward on its own.

  7. A lot of the issue with any battery powered tool/vacuum is you don’t have as much power/sucking and roller speed.

  8. Thank you for this video!! I bought this vacuum because your review and I love it! It’s been a few months now and I have 2 dogs and a cat and two kids under two so I use it quite often! Thank you!!

  9. Few yrs ago my mom had a dirt devil vacuum cleaner can't remember what it was but literally that thing would build up static from the carpet & shock you!! It was so crazy bc never have I owned or used a vacuum cleaner that did that. I've always been a Bissell owner but I'm pretty sure my next vacuum will be a Shark. Does the Apex do good with human hair? Like your wife's hair? I don't have 2 big beautiful golden retrievers in the house I just have a cat but I have long red hair & oh boy does it drive me crazy to have to clean the roller on the vacuum all the time! LOL

  10. I'm getting a shark Apex duo clean zero-m someday because I have 4 pets, 3 cats and 1 dog they shed a lot so I'm getting a Tru pet model because lots of tools

  11. I have three long haired Golden Retrievers and a Shark Navigator Lift-Away that I found in the trash. I unclogged it and cleaned it and it works perfectly. I have had it for well over a month and there is hardly any hair on the roller. Just a few strands and I vacuum almost every day and each time it picks up a wad of hair about the size of a softball. I don't know what is up with your roller other than they were trying to improve on a design that was already excellent and they ended up screwing it up. Somebody, somewhere once said, "If it works, don't fix it!"

  12. Thank you for the review! I love your pet-related reviews. I have three pets and I'm always looking for anything to help manage their fur and make my life slightly easier.

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