Sharjah Birds and Animals Market – Peacocks, Sugar Gliders, Rabbits, Parrots

Sharjah Birds & Animals Market On Fridays the market is open to all people to come and sell their pets or other annimals they have. Pigeons are the most common. There are numerous varieties one can choose from. Trained parrots of various kinds can be bought here. African Grey parrot Finches, cockatiels, parrots, canaries, peacocks are all sold here. Sugar Gliders or Flying Squirrels Young bird chicks are also sold. Chickens for consumption as well as exotic hen breeds are sold. Ducks Peacocks Rabbits It is a fun experience for children and family. So plan a visit this Friday and have fun!

29 thoughts on “Sharjah Birds and Animals Market – Peacocks, Sugar Gliders, Rabbits, Parrots

  1. filthy cages , no shade or fresh water , never saw a bowl of water in any of the cages , this is pretty bad.whoops tell a lie just saw some water woohooo still not good though.

  2. Guys dont feel so bad for the birds this is all temporary once they are sold they go into a better place if not sold they are taken back and into a better place

  3. Good morning my name is sharfuddin Shaikh I like you videos I love birds and animals I want to job Plz help me my contacts no 9867213638my passport OK plz help me

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